fishermen in a sentence

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They disguised themselves as fishermen and escaped in a boat.

fishermen always exaggerate the size of a fish they almost caught.

fishermen are prone to exaggerate the size of a fish that got away.

The fishermen put out floats to mark the location of their crab traps.

Many dolphins die unnecessarily after getting caught in fishermen‘s nets.

Many dolphins die unnecessarily after getting tangled in fishermen‘s nets.

There are a few seals that come into the harbor, and get fed by tourists or fishermen.

The stormy weather is hampering efforts to rescue two fishermen from their sinking boat.

fishermen slaughter thousands of dolphins after they are caught in nets meant to catch tuna.

The rescue helicopter has located the fishermen who were on the boat that sunk off the coast.

The shore was dotted with colorful fishermen‘s cottages, and the harbor was full of their boats.

The harbor was filled with the boats of fishermen protesting the government’s ban on salmon fishing.

There is only a slim chance that the fishermen lost at sea could survive this long in the cold water.

The search for the missing fishermen is expected to resume tomorrow morning, providing the weather clears up.

We need to protect it for the crabbers, for the fishermen,” Day said.

Gary Libby is a fishermen who sits on the Northern Shrimp Advisory Panel.

778837 The region is largely populated by fishermen and livestock traders.

In Nova Scotia, the levy would raise $1.8 million annually from fishermen.

P.E.I. fishermen‘s Association president Craig Avery says it is welcome news.

But fishermen have said the Israeli navy opens fire before they reach that limit.

He says local fishermen are even heading out in the waters to see the vessel off.

fishermen, in particular, in the Fukushima region are opposed to any water dumping.

fishermen found four people who had been on the boat, including a woman and a child.

fishermen will appreciate the dedicated boat trailer parking with charging stations.

Paddy Gray, another lobster fisherman, believes fishermen are ready to be convinced.

Prices have been high and the fishermen have been very happy with what they received.

Evran said when the fishermen first spotted the boy they they thought he had drowned.

Oyster and scallop fishermen are waiting to hear from DFO on when the season may open.

Two of the injured fishermen remain in hospital, while the others have been discharged.

908832 “We invite all bass fishermen from across the Southeast for the 2015 tournament.

We are not asking for volunteers down here, but we are asking for additional fishermen.”

Nick Korniloff, Perry’s stepfather, said both boys were experienced boaters and fishermen.

One Norse legend talks of the Kraken, a deep sea creature that was the curse of fishermen.

fishermen‘s Wharf Lobster suppers in North Rustico is also a popular Mother’s Day location.

The crowd of buyers, known locally as “langana,” barter with the fishermen still on the water.

fishermen board a Thai military plane in Ambon, Indonesia on April 9 during their repatriation.

The fishermen stay on land, many farmers no longer tend their fields and the schools are closed.

The conditions also prevented anxious hunters and fishermen from getting their boats in the water.

The fishermen would be required to turn in the weapons at police stations once they return to land.

fishermen in the area feel removing the MV Miner will help them protect their lobster’s reputation.

fishermen typically dive to harvest Maine’s urchins by hand or take them with gear dragged by boats.

The head of the fishermen‘s union, Luis Carlos Brum, agreed that conditions have worsened over time.

The elder of the two Chinese fishermen, who steered the boat, is a 44-year-old man surnamed Zheng (?).

In the 21st century, most work either as settled agriculturalists or nomadic fishermen.