fitness in a sentence

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Learn how to use fitness in a sentence – Example sentences:

No one doubts her fitness for the post.

Nobody doubts his fitness for the position.

She exercises every day at a fitness club.

EldadYou can improve your overall fitness by going for regular walks.

You can apply for a physical fitness test regardless of your age.

Fitness advocates preach the value of regular, vigorous exercise.

The physical fitness courses are required for everyone.

soweli_ElepantoHe follows a fitness regime which has him running at least 3 miles a day.

My doctor has put me on a special fitness regime to help me get back to good health.

Daniella has just joined a fitness club that caters exclusively to overweight women.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s fitness video sold over two million copies within a month of its release.

Along with a positive attitude and a healthy diet, your fitness level plays a major role in how you feel.

Fitness freaks are holding a fair in the conference center and the public is invited to come and learn the latest news from the world of healthy living.

Plitt also went by the name Greg and was a well-known fitness model.

Strength training, according to the recent research and fitness pros.

The unifying theme is “social fitness,” with an emphasis on intensity.

Will companies be tempted to make wearing fitness trackers compulsory?

And of course there’s the main Fitness app, which I’ll get to shortly.

Learn more about New Ways to Connect A smarter way to look at fitness.

Here is where you get to write (or rewrite) your fitness business plan.

Writer Vicki Wilson read a punch of her own: competitive fitness geeks.

Video showed McIlroy hitting a driver as he attempts to regain fitness.

Staying fit This fitness machine is attached to a short-arm centrifuge.

Healbe GoBe review: Can a fitness band really track your calorie intake?

Brian Flatt stimulates people to make well and structured fitness goals.

It’s taking away from the potential fitness aspect of the game, he said.

Holiday Fitness Traffic Control just radioed in. Time to pull up and fly.

About one in ten people in the US now do some sort of fitness monitoring.

For financial fitness, it’s better to lay off looking at how you’re doing.

That may translate into good news for investors looking at fitness stocks.

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66208A pedometer and accelerometer help keep track of your fitness goals.

You also don’t have to embrace Apple’s fitness model if you don’t want to.

But not being an athlete, I still don’t think I really need a fitness band.

The idea behind the silicon is to be the one-stop wearable fitness resource.

This map shows the routes of each track in the Mayor’s Run/Walk for Fitness.

I think there’s the fitness side of it and the technical side,” said Ashley.

Garmin said new products should help the fitness business in the second half.

He claims full fitness and has a new swing guru in the unheralded Chris Como.

He’s got real natural fitness and he’ll come into the squad for Monday night.

Hotel amenities include a concierge desk, business center, and fitness center.

Withings isn’t the only company attempting to improve fitness tracker fashion.

Building a virtual human with your data How far will tech fitness products run?

WiggleKids Inc., Swansea, Massachusetts, fitness studio for children and adults.

After keeping its members on the go for 10 years, Anytime Fitness is on the move.

This allows them to take on more high-risk clients than other fitness facilities.

Readers can send their questions about health and fitness to Jim at

611803She became involved in her profession after a lifelong interest in fitness.

It has been hurt by the popularity of fitness trackers and free food-tracking apps.

This entrepreneur is the first rapper to turn his headphones into a fitness tracker.

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