flask in a sentence

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flask meaning:

n.) A small bottle-shaped vessel for holding fluids;

n.) A narrow-necked vessel of metal or glass, used for various purposes; as of sheet metal, to carry gunpowder in;

flask sentence:

We took a flask of tea with us.

He took out a metal flask from the bag.

The flask was at his lips again.

Place an ice cube on bottom of flask.

I lost my flask of hot coffee.

You cannot carry a hip flask.

I drank the last few drops of water from my flask.

She filled the flask with coffee.

Iron flasks have been traditionally used to trade olive oil.

Tim made sandwiches and filled two flasks with tea.

The flask is guaranteed unbreakable and contains absolutely no fragile glass.

He cursed, took a flask from his pocket and drank

Keep the mixture in a vacuum flask for 6-8 hours.

There’s some sandwiches here and a flask of coffee.

The graduations are marked on the side of the flask.

She made sandwiches, filled a flask and put sugar in.

The flask is completely watertight, even when laid on its side.

She had a habit of taking an occasional nip from a flask of cognac.

When he climbed in the snow he always carried a silver flask of brandy for emergencies.

In the cold season when you want to drink something hot I recommend this sort of thermos flask.

The juggler juggled three flasks.

George put it in a thermos flask and brought it into the club room.

Steel flasks to their right contain liquid anesthetics.

I love the idea of a simple flask for water for the trip.