flight in a sentence

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Learn how to use flight in a sentence – Example sentences:

A flight of 27 concrete steps descends by the south abutment .

And there is, on the other side, an attractive “flight” into a spiritual world, related to or presented as “worship of angels”; it was purportedly accompanied with special graces as “visions” which St. Paul however calls “insisting on self-abasement …puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind” (v. 18).

I was on Flight from Tokyo.

The flight took us ten hours.

I’m sorry, the flight is full.

I don’t want to miss my flight.

He studied the flight of birds.

A thick fog delayed our flight.

Can I reserve a flight to Osaka?

I’d like to reconfirm my flight.

Is there a flight in the morning?

Is there a flight in the evening?

My flight will depart in an hour.

How long will the flight time be?

Sorry, the flight is already full.

They were pioneers of space flight.

Is there a flight in the afternoon?

It looks like the flight was delayed.

The flight was delayed by bad weather.

Their flight was discovered yesterday.

I long for a job as a flight attendant.

Can I get a connecting flight to Osaka?

Is it possible to get on the next flight?

What time does Flight from Tokyo arrive?

What time will the flight arrive in Tokyo?

Flight number is JL, on August for Tokyo.

What’s the flight’s scheduled arrival time?

The last flight for Osaka has been canceled.

How long is the flight from Tokyo to Hawaii?

We had a rough flight because of turbulence.

I wonder if he can reserve the flight for me.

She was quite nervous about her first flight.

There is a direct flight from Tokyo to London.

My seat is on flight on Monday at a.


The weather seemed favorable for the test flight.

The thief took flight when the policeman saw him.

May I sneak in?

My flight is leaving soon.

The flight was canceled due to a severe thunderstorm.

Do you have a cheap flight ticket on a domestic line?

Don’t you wish to make a flight in a hot air balloon?

There is a canceled seat available on the next flight.

Flight across the continent was still a daring venture.

My flight was canceled and I can’t leave until tomorrow.

Have they announced the arrival of flight 561 from Honolulu yet?The only flight available is a red eye flight next week.

I missed my flight.

Can I get on the next flight?

I have arranged a flight for you leaving tomorrow at noon.

They might have to cancel the flight because of the typhoon.

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