floor in a sentence

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Learn how to use floor in a sentence – Example sentences:

How to Fix the Floor The floor must be abraded and recoated .

Floor surfaces take continuing wear, abrasion , and impact.

Wax the floor.

The floor gave way.

Don’t sit on the floor.

Look down at the floor.

I felt the floor shake.

He fell flat on the floor.

Run pipes under the floor.

He fell down on the floor.

The floor had a good shine.

I made him sweep the floor.

I live on the bottom floor.

I spilled egg on the floor.

The servant swept the floor.

The floor is made of boards.

He looked down on the floor.

He was sitting on the floor.

He was standing on the floor.

The floor must be very clean.

They live on the floor beneath.

Is there anything on the floor?

The library is on the th floor.

My home is on the eighth floor.

He dashed the cup on the floor.

The dishes crashed to the floor.

She fell in a heap to the floor.

The floor was covered with dust.

My office is on the fifth floor.

She went down to the fifth floor.

He dashed the glass to the floor.

The floor was running with water.

She always sweeps the floor clean.

His office is on the eighth floor.

Footprints were left on the floor.

He put his foot through the floor.

He dropped his books on the floor.

He laid himself flat on the floor.

They laid the carpet on the floor.

The floor was swimming with blood.

Our library is on the third floor.

He lay at full length on the floor.

The library is on the second floor.

I took the lift to the third floor.

My apartment is on the fourth floor.

He swung her across the dance floor.

He took the elevator to the th floor.

Don’t track mud over my freshly washed floor!She fell down senseless on the floor.

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