food in a sentence

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Learn how to use food in a sentence – Example sentences:

A number of Chassidic Jews accosted us begging for food and help.

Food was excellent as were the accommodations .

This is why banning junk food advertising for kids is an absurdity .

The food is all natural and abundantly available.

Telugu food is rich in spices and chillies are abundantly used.

A healthy farm produces food in abundance .

This reduces food accumulation between the framework and the abutment teeth.

But any oil absorbing food will help stop the burning.

The expedient suggested was abstinence from the food offered.

A true fast is complete abstinence from food of any kind.

The abridged accumulating will be attainable in 500 food civic additional online.

He demanded abolition of all residual restrictions on food imports.

The ignorance is aided and abetted by our food production system.

An ablution before and after a meal invokes Allah’s blessings on food.

The food is cold.

They had no food.

He asked for food.

We ran out of food.

We have ample food.

I threw up my food.

Chew your food well.

We ran short of food.

I like Japanese food.

She gave us some food.

He likes Italian food.

All the food was gone.

Pay heed to your food.

They are short of food.

Do we have enough food?

Don’t pick at your food.

All our food was rotten.

We have enough food now.

There is plenty of food.

Food works on our health.

The food is getting cold.

I provided him with food.

What food don’t you like?

What happened to our food?

Do you like Japanese food?

We eat many kinds of food.

Food is essential to life.

We have run short of food.

We have food in abundance.

I furnished him with food.

They supplied us with food.

He provided them with food.

Eat whatever food you like.

Food is necessary for life.

They became food for fishes.

The food disagreed with him.

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