form in a sentence

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Learn how to use form in a sentence – Example sentences:

Accounts payable is responsible for the sample employee cash advance form payment of properly authorized invoices.

At night, lighting accentuates different aspects of the form.

The board shall determine the standard form for the abstracted certificates.

Skácel continued his superb form with a 32nd-minute 30-yard volley against Hamilton Academical on 20 November 2010.

Green at the main – Form the order of sailing abreast .

Originally published in an abridged form in 1892.

The following is a abridged form of Volume Four 1 .

It is later revealed that Rick is able to change between A-Bomb and his normal form.

In the second episode, he mutates into his A-Bomb form but retains his original personality.

As an aftermath of the abolishment , sixth form colleges are no longer needed.

RIGORE is the ablative form of the Latin word “rigor”.

The locative plural has already merged with the -eis form of the ablative .

According to human insight, saint Peter certainly had some excuse for being slow in per mitting God to prostrate Himself before an earthly and sinful man as he was and to allow Him, whom he had so recently acknowledged and adored as his Creator, to per form such an unheard of act of self-abasement .

Another polite form of speech in “polite” Samoan includes terms and phrases of self-abasement that are used by the speaker in order to show respect and flatter the listener.

But the celebration of the Friend, which sometimes takes the form of an apparent self-abasement by the Poet, has not been to everyone’s liking.

Men form a society.

Anger is a form of madness.

Heat is a form of energy.

EldadI got an ink blot on this form.

I filled in my name on the form.

I have enclosed your order form.

The plural form of louse is lice.

Please fax me the application form.

Attack is the best form of defense.

She wrote the date in numeric form.

Democracy is one form of government.

What form of transport will we take?

A married couple should form a union.

To walk is a healthy form of exercise.

He expressed it in the form of fiction.

Please be sure to sign and seal the form.

Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.

Certain kinds of birds form lifelong bonds.

May I have an application form in Japanese?

Teachers help to form the minds of children.

Will you put your questions in written form?

Glue the photograph to your application form.

Please fill out the Customs Declaration Form.

Some consider language as a form of knowledge.

The Prime Minister was unable to form a Cabinet.

Photography is now considered a new form of art.

Mail order is the main form of direct marketing.

I am able to obtain a registration form for free.

Matter changes its form according to temperature.

The workers have banded together to form a union.

Indicate size, color, and style on the order form.

You are in excellent form for a woman of your age.

Representative democracy is one form of government.

He expressed his feelings in the form of a painting.

Be sure to fill out the registration form in person.

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