forth in a sentence

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And I as JOP will put forth all my energies and efforts to ensure the quality of our community.

“At training and so forth what he does is really good.

For example, some consumers report being bounced back and forth between Starbucks and their card-issuing bank.

He hasn’t put forth any other position that I would consider valuable.

I am also glad they came forth and spoke up.

I gave myself an afternoon to see if anything would come out and it just poured forth,”” he said.”

Indeed it is a sad reality that Obama has set forth.

In our seeking forth for justice, let us not overlook the terror long lurking inside our own doors.

It is the Liberal Party of Canada’s opinion that no bill should go forth without that duty to consult.”””

It’s not completely airtight because you have to have a way to open them up and so forth.

It was a back-and-forth shootout that saw the Bulldogs eventually pull away for 41-24 region win.

“It was a very tight game that went back and forth.

Just be honest and put those arguments forth to voters.

Possession of towns just 30 miles north of Raqqa, however, has gone back and forth between both sides.

Strutting back and forth, Clinton declared that it was fabulous to be back”” in the state.”

The judge’s decision should set forth with specificity the reasons”” for sealing a case, the rules say.”

These experts put forth a number of SDN vulnerabilities.

These kids go back and forth between both of your homes.

There were no charges, only the accusations of misinformed incumbent board members set forth in a civil lawsuit.

They were running back and forth and screaming.”

We give it some resolution in the film, but playing it back and forth is what makes the drama in the show.”

We battled back and forth all weekend.”

‘‘That’s a real skill, and belies all the arguments about being dictatorial and so forth.

“But I did like the rapport and the professionalism that went back and forth.”

“But my blogging will not bring forth the necessary numbers.

“I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to the back and forth,” he told the business network.

“I kept going back and forth,” Kagan said.

“It could go back-and-forth before the court with the attorneys on and on and on,” she said.

“It gives forth noises that can better be imagined than described,” it promised.

“She’s a great listener and absorbs everything I put forth like a sponge,” he said.

“They flow back and forth across that border to sustain themselves.

“They’re walking two different paths in this world and they’re going back and forth.

“We tried to write into the law ample time to provide temporary rules and so forth,” Arp said.

“When I saw all of those numbers, I just started pacing back and forth.”

A few large gulls coasted back and forth, low across the beach.

A lot of stuff is moving back and forth from east to west.

A roller coaster with emotions going back and forth.

A rub to the back down will cause the body to move forth.

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, there will, in fact, be real back and forth between the states.

After a back-and-forth first half, Iowa State pushed its lead to 51-39 and seemed poised for a blowout win.

After a short back-and-forth of emails – from November to December 2013 -the line on the other end went silent.

After about 10 minutes of back-and-forth with a growing number of guards, he was escorted off the property.

After much back and forth, the passage was left in, and it’s become one of the special’s most famous moments.

After some back-and-forth, the driver begins to (illegally) flee the (admittedly scary) scene of the initial accident.

All ob¬jec¬tions to the pe¬ti¬tion must be in writ¬ing, set¬ting forth the grounds of any such ob¬jec-tions.

All the back and forth with IMF would be lost.”

Among the “10 characteristics for Lego” set forth in 1963 by the founder’s son, Godtfred, is: “For girls and for boys.”

An initiative to set up the tribunal had previously been put forth by Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ukraine.

And coach Malzahn will say some stuff and it’s constant back and forth, and that meshes together perfectly.

And Google (GOOG) was not the first company to bring forth an algorithm-based search technology.

And the observer could watch the ball going back and forth.

As she prayed to God for mercy, Ishmael’s heel hit the ground and the well of Zam Zam sprang forth to nourish them.

As the image shows, lift the hips up and roll back and forth, keeping the legs straight.

As usual the MSM is playing fuzzy with facts to put forth seemingly contradictory stories to sell viewing time.

As we ascend, we see the faint glow of other miners’ headlamps beneath us, flitting back and forth like fireflies.

Back and forth the teams went, but in the end, the Heat simply found a way.

Back and forth they went, word after word, with neither willing to concede.

Back home, Miller recalls June 6 was a nice day, “a warm day and so forth.”

Baltimore regained the lead in the bottom half, but it would not last in the back-and-forth duel.

Before long, they were texting back and forth.

Blessings and favours flow forth from his holy tomb.

But I can’t tell you what it was about, as I sleepily bobbed back and forth throughout the whole thing.

But just in case, better sign up for the forth time.

But the people who really opened the West were basically the railroads with mining, farming and so forth.

Christopher Plummer, who played Captain von Trapp, went back and forth between film and theater after “Music.”

Click here to see the back and forth between Levine and Gladwell.

Clinton and her potential challengers have not set forth a course to do that.

Cullen says the current boards spend a lot of time passing information back and forth on recruitment issues.

Decades later when they again came forth little had changed.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, so let us help you find your way around Dallas/Forth Worth.

Four successive presidents have set forth this goal, and at last we are on track.

From his seat at the defense table, Holmes begins to methodically swivel back and forth in his black office chair.

Give credit to both teams with that game going back and forth.

God sets forth the consequences of good and bad decisions.

Going back and forth has been exhausting but energizing.

He jogged back and forth across a downtown Pittsburgh street to greet people who met him with cheers of “Run Joe Run.”

He said: Go forth from hence, degraded, banished.

He set forth a goal of again having “the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.”

He talked about the travel back and forth, medical issues.

He wants to be able to travel back and forth as a Chinese citizen, and to be able to freely express his opinion.

He was in a car but rides his Harley back and forth to Lemoore for work.

He’ll grab three sets of keys at a time from the dispatcher, running back and forth from sidewalk to lot.

Henderson controlled the center of the cage, but the striking was back-and-forth in nature.

Her need to explain our “Christian faults” and so on and so forth is a prominent feature in her comments.

Here Agni blazeth forth without intermission.

His task has been to carry senators back and forth from the Capitol to their office buildings.

How do you actually know it’s being honored, and so forth.

How do you manage moving back and forth between these two countries, these two cultures?

How has the closure of the Forth Bridge affected you?

I basically spent the first 25 minutes vomiting forth information about Stephen Hawking to Stephen Hawking.

I had my (walking) stick going back and forth trying to get them off me.”

I haven’t called anyone names or referred to them as alcoholics, having dementia, and so forth.

I made a lot of trips back and forth to home.”

I plan on continuing to jump back and forth over the next week or so, but I can’t see myself making the switch.

I think it goes back and forth, but I think you need to have a very long history.

If his character is to drink while watching the baby and so forth she knew who she was leaving this baby with.

If I were at home watching this back and forth, I’d be inclined to turn it off, said Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

If staff wanted to put it forth again, they would have to write another proposal.

If we cannot get a full repeal, we will try to bring forth a number of bills that target the worst parts of the law.”

If you believe deeply in yourself (and your relationship) you will find the courage to put forth your demands.

If you have a sick child and you’re at the hospital and traveling back and forth, the whole family is exhausted.

In a post on its Twitter feed, NYRA said: “We operate under the rules set forth by (at)NYSGamingCommission.”

In Supermensch, he sets forth his candid take on fame.

In traffic I constantly scanned turning my head back and forth and always assumed that I was invisible.

Instead, they are shuttling refugees and military equipment back and forth across the border.

Israel has indicated that it may not go forth with a planned prisoner release if the talks do not continue.

It is one of the best places to start at the policy level, which directs funding and so forth.

It is the forth, and longest, event in the Ski to Sea race.

It was a quick back-and-forth with a big lesson, but it came from a trained teacher who had rehearsed what to say.

It was an ugly campaign, marred by back-and-forth slurs.

It was just a very integrated, very interactive back-and-forth kind of a process, the State Department official said.

It was train, advise, assist, so forth.”

It’s a back-and-forth with a bracing lesson: Whatever the art form, there is no one answer.

It’s confirmation of the way we’ve chosen to go forth.

It’s easier to venture forth for the next month, with Venus in Capricorn.

It’s tricky flying back and forth between both tours, said Karlsson.

Kirby said small numbers of Russian troops have gone back and forth to forward operating bases near the border.

Members of the LDS Church have gone back and forth about how to refer to them and their church.

More back-and-forth discussions, and it’s less formal.

Most of the candidates had at least one good line or an engaging back and forth with another candidate.

No lead was safe in a back-and-forth game between rivals that got physical before kickoff.

OMB set forth guidelines that must be followed by agencies.

On a break in the Tory-Ford back-and-forth, Chow interjected that it was only she who was not name-calling.

Once you start looking at email, the whole day cascades into email responses and replying back and forth, she says.

One digit in a beat being a half note and so forth.

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