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A CBS News/New York Times analysis released earlier this month found Shaheen ahead, 47 to 41 percent.

About a month later, Yaeko found her sister’s school bag near the place where Mitsuko was working that day.

A congressman tells The Post that a security alarm was disabled because staff nearby found it too noisy.

A coroner’s report found that he had died of asphyxiation and ruled it a homicide.

A concentration of seven UNESCO World Heritage sites can be found here within the foothills of the Himalayas.

Adventure becomes them Benincasa has found that many of the women start small and then want to do more.

After graduating with a master’s degree, he found a position as a part-time UBC writing instructor.

After leaving in 1980, she found further fame on the sitcoms Kate & Allie”” and “”3rd Rock from the Sun.”””

After watching a few of those Prepper shows I found that many of the people portrait on it are down right nuts.

A further search by Interpol found at least eight additional identities for the man.

A further search of the home found Reichardt dead of unnatural causes in another room.

Alcohol was found inside the cab of the pick up truck, and is suspected to be a factor in the investigation.

A: I’ve finished about 80 percent, but I’ve found a colleague to help me finish off the remaining tasks.

All four were found between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m. in the Bernal Heights and Portola neighborhoods.

All they found was some marijuana.

All of the videos can already be found elsewhere, but Comcast is creating a curated destination for them.

Almost none at all, they found – something the White House strongly disputes.

Amesbury said 11 pre-latte burials were found with red or yellow ochre, a type of pigment made from clay earth.

An 18-year-old boy who was found wandering dazed after the crash was hospitalized and has since been released.

Angela de Sousa believes she then saw the shooter chasing someone down Bannatyne, which she found terrifying.

An investigative piece by CNN showed that Cabello lied about alleged weapons found at a retired general’s home.

An officer for the school district found that the night custodian had safely stored my purse.

An officer found a possible weapon at the scene but said it is most likely not the weapon they are looking for.

An officer found a stolen Ford Expedition at SE 127th Avenue and Stark Street around midnight Monday.

An officer later found the 15-year-old hiding.

Any debris found could give investigators some clues as to what happened to the jetliner.

A poll last week found 42% of American Catholics support same-sex marriage, specifically.

A report also found growing numbers of Islamist extremists returning from terror training camps in Syria.

Around 75 munitions and a huge amount of asbestos was found slung on the rural road.

A recent Freedom of Information request by the Daily Telegraph found in general medicine it fell five-fold.

A San Diego court commissioner ruled on Thursday he had found no proof the device was operating at the time.

A semi-automatic pistol was found at the scene.

Asil Hamid, 23, who returned with her husband and her three children, found her parents’ house blackened by fire.

Astronomers found the presence of several exoplanets in the system.

At 2 p.m. Jan. 3, the black car was found at a vacation condominium.

A trace amount of marijuana was also found in Ford’s system, according to a toxicology report.

Authorities ultimately found evidence of only one shot, Thompson said.

A weapon not allowed to be used for civilian purposes and ammunition was found in his dwelling later.

B2M has previously also been found in elevated levels in the cerebral spinal fluid of dementia patients.

Back in New Orleans, he found that few doctors had returned, so it was hard to find suitable rehabilitation.

Bird flu was also found on farms in Germany earlier this month.

BlackBerry has found itself a new adversary: TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest.

Black children were far more likely than white children to die in car crashes, the report found.

Both Anor goals came from outside the penalty after he found time and space.

Both firms found no irregularities.

But he said he checked the internet on his phone and found he had 48 hours to get her to a morgue.

But each time Rose thrust at the Texan, he found a way to respond and Rose got no closer to him than three shots.

But if your kids ever found themselves restrained by a teacher, you wouldn’t care to be notified.

But I’m not different from anyone else / I’m glad I found you.”””

But, I pulled the numbers from YPD and found another side.

But its chief executive Shahien Taj admitted Nida might not want to be found.

But no will was found in the casket.

But this year’s version found that the cumulative amount had ballooned to $181 million.

But they found a soft-tissue tumour the size of a satsuma.

But we found ways to work together on everything from..

But when police and the bomb squad investigated the contents of the bag, they found only rolled up towels.

But where can responsibility be found today?

Carruth was found guilty of conspiring to murder his girlfriend, Cherica Adams, who was carrying his child.

CNN has found no reliable polling on the chicken dispute.

Contamination was also found at New Brighton Beach near the Second Narrows Bridge, which will need more cleaning.

Despite being content to admire it from afar, I found myself moving ever closer.

Darren Wilson, at least, had found a sense of purpose.

Dauphinais was found murdered in her Calgary home on April 29, 2002 and the case remains unsolved.

During inventory, two pipes commonly used for Marijuana were found.

During its research, the team found JLA reduced depressive symptoms.

Egyptians tried and found the insecurity so unbearable that they brought back the army’s iron fist.

Entrances to the tunnel had already been found at a nearby house.

Eventually, I found that actually he’d been using the identity of a child who had been eight years old.

Energy healing sessions can be found at Tree Frog Farm, which makes flower essences and aromatherapy products.

Everything we love about our coast is found here.

Fifteen years later, more relics were found in another pit 25 miles away in Jinsha.

Frankly,”” Robillard adds, “”what we found online was distressing and potentially harmful.”””

From Jenny and Donnie to Amanda and Justin, see more celebs who found new love in 2013.

Getting the hang of it a bit more, I still found myself yearning for more power.

Have you found the perfect color?

Hannah Graham, 18, disappeared in September and was found dead in Albemarle County a few weeks later.

Have you found a cool Google Now trick?

Have you found all the secrets it holds.”””

He helped found Proscenium, a free online journal for playwrights.

Her books on encouragement can be found on Amazon.

He roamed; he found space and he scored a hat-trick.

He majored in history, but found that what he really enjoyed was designing shirts in his college dorm room.

He said the building was evacuated and searched and no other danger was found.

Here’s what she found: 5.55 million accounts are marked female (about 15 per cent of all profiles).

He’s found fertile ground in South America.

He’s got two young grandchildren and just found out another is on the way.

He’s played in every game for Seattle the last three seasons, but he found incredible success this year.

He said drugs and a weapon were found at the scene.

He was arrested after 39-year-old Steven Gibson Sr. was found dead in the family’s home in March 2013.

He was arrested at the home where the bodies were found.

His neck was swollen, and a rope and bloodied towel were found.

His remains were found burned beyond recognition about a week later on a Waterloo-area farm owned by Millard.

He went looking and found chicken in Argentina.”

His mother, Karen Montgomery, says the family did what it had promised: Found Shane and brought him home.

Human blood which was connected to the deceased through DNA analysis was found in the trunk of the car.

HURRICANE, Washington County – An 11-month-old Hurricane girl died Friday after she was found in a hot car.

I also probably never would have found joy without seeing this photo.

I always found it easier to comment on the compatibility of other couples than judge it for myself.

I brushed the back of his hair to console him, and that’s when I found that he had no skull.”””

I dabbled in different forms throughout the years and eventually found my way into writing longer works.

I did a research on the theme and found mainly persons will agree with your blog.

I did a search on the theme and found most persons will consent with your blog.

Hydro spokesperson Scott Powell said they found two mussels at the Selkirk generating station six weeks ago.

I am led to believe the tail section has been found,”” tweeted AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes.”

I found myself calling the people around me drunks and druggies til I read the original story.

I found myself under the weight of another student, who fell over me.”

I found out what kind of man and father I was because of my divorce.

I found phone numbers that got me directly to IRS agents.

I found several Clyde Kings but no Claude,”” Smullin said.”

I first found this restaurant after living in Switzerland for a while, and it felt like going back to Europe.

I found him work as a carpentry apprentice.

I found I could easily slide the Tread on and off my wrist without actually unbuckling the clasp.

I found it funny but I thought it was a bit extreme.

I found it got my head and my heart in the right place.

I found it in a two-pack that weighed 16 ounces.

I found this definition online: Matwaala is literally Hindi for someone who is drunk, inebriated.”

If you linger on one post for five times longer than another, it’s likely that you found it engaging.

If you pull out a few straws, are you going to get disappointed because you haven’t found the needle yet?

I looked on the net for the difficulty and found most individuals can approve together with your blog.

I looked on the web for the difficulty and found most people will associate with together with your website.

I haven’t found anything bad since I’ve been here.

I know what type of hitters we got and they found a way.”

In 1949, Seeger helped found another key folk group, the Weavers.

In 37 caps for Nigeria, he’s found the net only five times.

In addition, deputies found a pry bar and bolt cutters inside the vacant home.

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