freeze in a sentence

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Averages don’t matter so much if you cook or freeze on the edges.

Here’s a look at two freeze frame moments from Griffin’s poster.

If enacted, the rules could shutter hundreds of such plants and freeze construction of future plants.

In those sections the snow didn’t freeze and conditions in the lower section would not allow a training run.”””

It’s certainly as fun-and more productive-than watching boiling water freeze in this weather.

That’s why the Illinois Governor and many lawmakers want to freeze property tax rates for 2 years.

The Big Freeze affected not only North America, but also Europe.

The Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader had a hiring freeze.

The seats generate heat in the area surrounding the benches, so even standing nearby can help fight the freeze.

The seven individuals will be subject to a freeze on any assets they hold in the U.S. and a ban on travel.

The UK has also been pushing the UN to freeze asset flows from those financing the IS military campaign.

When the mercury drops below -30 everything including hoses, hydraulics and breathing apparatuses freeze up.

“You’ve just got to keep moving or you freeze,’’ Natos says, bouncing up and down on his feet.

†?All the trade of Spencer Hawes to the Cleveland Cavaliers did was give Kyrie Irving another teammate to freeze out.

2. Continue cutting income tax, raise the personal allowance and freeze fuel duty.

29 September 2014 Last updated at 17:23 Article written by Mark Easton Home editor Welfare Freeze: Who Would Be Hit?

A dictatorship can seemingly freeze these kinds of conflicts for decades, even as they worsen beneath the surface.

Adams said the company was under pressure at the time because Lake Melville was starting to freeze.

After a hard freeze, the gardens will change overnight.

Among his first actions was an immediate state hiring freeze.

An asset freeze will continue for two months, however, to give EU governments time to provide more proof.

And, in extreme cold, the tiny droplets freeze before they near the ground, leaving a cloud of ice crystals.

Any precipitation that falls will freeze on contact.

At that height you’re going to freeze to death,” Besser added.

Attorneys are asking for the freeze to be lifted.

But after naming the Commerce Department and Education Department, Perry lapsed into a momentary brain freeze.

Carvalho initiated a pay freeze in 2008 for top-level employees which officials saved the county $1.4 million.

Cities that may receive their first freeze on Sunday night include Atlanta; Memphis, Tennessee; and Montgomery, Alabama.

Combined with the “Seattle Freeze,” it was all just too much for her.

Could there be an end to deep freeze that has held Manitoba in its clutches for more than three weeks?

Councilmember Tom Rasmussen last year briefly considered proposing a freeze on micro-apartment construction.

Craig expects Wingate to issue a preliminary injunction that could freeze executions until the case is complete.

Day 2: Portion out into your storage containers the cold meats (and onions, if sauteed) and freeze until needed.

Deep freeze fitness 8 photos Deep freeze fitness – Athletes who use cryotherapy must be prepared for a big chill.

Deep freeze headed for Toronto Quebec Extreme cold, winter storm, freezing rain, snowfall, snow squall and blowing snow.

Don’t leave your dog to freeze in your car.

Drones getting too close for comfort, pilot/drone operator says What’s the intended market for an anti-drone freeze ray?

Elsewhere, his take on Mr. Freeze quickly became canon, turning what was once a campy villain into a tragic figure.

Environment Canada has issued a flash freeze warning for Monday along with a wind chill warning for much of the GTA.

For this reason, a lot of people freeze bread.

Freedom has retreated into bankruptcy court as a way to freeze liability lawsuits seeking to hold it responsible.

Freeze 6 tablespoons butter until it’s very cold but not rock solid.

Freeze added he needs to gather more facts and talk more with Nkemdiche before making a decision about any punishment.

Freeze their accounts or send their families back to Juba,” said Kenyan Senator Bonny Khalwale.

Freeze” and she is “Auntie Freeze”) before beginning her weather report in front of the green screen.

French growers say they face their most daunting crisis since a big freeze in 1956 decimated olive groves.

Frostbite, when extremities freeze, could lead to amputations.

Fundamentally, our product is as fresh as the product you make in your own kitchen and then freeze, he said.

Gov. Kasich followed up on the renewables freeze by signing legislation that dealt a crippling blow to wind farms.

Gowan was just happy he could work Southwest contender Ride On Curlin last Wednesday before the freeze hit.

He calls Hiro a coward, and begins to freeze the sword.

He can also instantly freeze liquids at the single touch.

He knows exactly what he has at stake, Freeze said.

He pointed it at Hattori, and yelled “Freeze.”

He seemed to freeze when the television cameras were rolling.

Her power is icy wind from her breath to freeze victims.

How to protect your phone January 29, 2014 — Updated 1737 GMT (0137 HKT) What is phone freeze?

I am not a “sit in the cold and freeze your ass off” kind of gal.

Ideas such a settlement freeze and a release of additional Palestinian prisoners by Israel have been floated.

If he’s punishing us for our “Sins” I really wonder what most of the rest of the US did to deserve their deep freeze!

If she is married, she can use her husband’s sperm to freeze embryos, which survive freezing more reliably.

If the freeze is too severe, no juice can be extracted.

If their vehicle was to stop or get stuck, they could very well freeze to death before someone got there to help them.

If you feel your skin crawling or an instinctual inner freeze, just be gentle with that.

Illinois State Police · Immediately freeze all vehicle purchases.

I’m certain our confidence is probably not the same as it was a month ago, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said.

In those conditions, exposed skin could freeze in less than five minutes.

It calls for an immediate end to all military operations and a freeze of forces at the “place they are in.”

It’s cold at night, and we freeze, she says.

Ken Smith, president of CUPE’s First Air Component, says agreeing to a wage freeze should have been enough.

Many communities in this area have lakes that freeze over and look inviting but can be dangerous.

Matt plans to freeze it till Saturday.

Mississippi football coach Hugh Freeze says he supports removing the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag.

Mohave County is under a hard freeze warning overnight.

Obama urges Iran to freeze nuclear program for a decade 03.03.

OK, let’s just freeze the action right there.

Ole Miss won at home last year, and coach Hugh Freeze says he’s confident his team can do it again – at Tuscaloosa.

Or eat it once or twice and freeze the rest for another day.

Part of the spending freeze includes restrictions on out-of-state travel.

Pensioners and disabled people will be excluded from the freeze.

Perry said that not committing to a tuition fee freeze for all students contradicts plans for population growth.

Pour into a popsicle mold and freeze for 8 hours.

Q: There has been a partial freeze on military aid do you anticipate that lifting once you become president?

Qaunaq says in the winter season, broken ice would freeze again quickly, allowing people safe passage on the ice.

Respondents to the survey thought news of an IPO slowdown or freeze would be the most welcomed on Monday.

She added that if you buy large quantities of meat, you can always divide them and freeze them for later.

She said the cold air caused her pipes to freeze, but she’s worried the cold will do more harm to the cats.

So once we freeze the nerve, it stops transmitting the pain and you’re feeling much better, Dr. Dasa said.

So the freeze proposal may seem even-handed, but it’s actually unrealistic and will not work in practice,” said Wang.

So, the freeze protection system went into place.

Soleimani has been subjected to an international travel ban and asset freeze by the U.N. Security Council since 2007.

Some passengers freeze or melt down in an emergency.

Some people freeze up at times, but luckily I haven’t had that happen.”

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