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Buck says the company holds frequent information seminars and develops lifelong relationships with clients.

De Blasio has also logged some frequent flyer miles trying to become a player in national politics.

He was also a frequent contributor to the Sheriff’s Office, including $2,500 to Glanz’s re-election.

However, frequent tipster @evleaks claims to have a press image of the new smartphone..

I can only guess that certain politicians frequent watching these programs and then rest their arguments on this.

Jim’s pay had been docked, due to his frequent tardiness.

Markey, from Massachusetts, is a committee member and frequent critic of the oil industry.

Refugee shelters were a frequent target.

Sometimes, this means the ER has to close, which is a frequent problem in smaller hospitals like Shelburne.

The trend of early pregnancy and birth complications during fighting is a frequent one, she says.

They chose this weekend to crack down since more people are travelling and traffic crashes are more frequent.

They want me to retrieve their expired frequent-flier miles (they’ve expired – look it up in the dictionary).

This a national trend and certainly anxiety and depression are two of the most frequent presentations.”

We are also going to get more frequent and severe heat waves, particularly in the cities.

Whatever you do, Consumer Reports says don’t hoard frequent-flyer miles.

‘ This gives rise to the frequent * Do you have the book?

“Having frequent, as well as high-quality sales, is incredibly important for the strategic message it sends.”

“That was my favourite part,” the easy-going frequent flier said.

· The College has a Chief Internal Auditor and frequent internal audits are being done across the institution.

A frequent blogger, he lives in Seattle.

A frequent reader of Better Homes and Gardens from the newsstand and online, she also has membership in Allrecipes.

A new illustration from frequent Vanity Fair contributor André Carrilho puts that into perspective.

A person camping nearby found a woman’s hiking sandal downriver from a small beach the hiker was known to frequent.

Accessibility Metro bus services are frequent.

Accidents involving Mi-8 aircraft are frequent in Russia, which has been criticised for its poor air safety record.

Aircraft noise, crashes and crime are among the frequent complaints.

Amid the heat and frequent power cuts, many residents sat on their front porches, chatting with neighbors.

Among other frequent complaints are line-cutting, smoking where it is banned, littering and fouling public toilets.

Among the guests, one of the most frequent phrases of the night was “un peu.”

And the threats, which he could have carried out at any time, became more frequent and more intimidating.

And you may notice some seemingly unrelated to pregnancy symptoms, like a stuffy nose, snoring or frequent nosebleeds.

Another frequent subject of complaints was bag-handling.

Anyone looking to drop a few pounds better be grazing on frequent meals and snacks throughout the day right?

Apothecia are frequent and soralia may be present.

As a frequent talk show guest and one-time “Saturday Night Live” host, his celebrity transcended the news division.

As a frequent traveler while working for a tech company, Seipler had a thought one night at a Minneapolis hotel.

As climate change brings increasingly frequent droughts, the plant’s versatility and resilience could help fight hunger.

As part of that project, he is scaling up a program of frequent clergy ride-alongs that he ran in the Eastern district.

As time went on, the bouts of anxiety became less frequent.

Ask about discounts when you are a member of a group like AAA, warehouse clubs, frequent flyer programs, or AARP.

At 50 percent full, it will send you more frequent reminders, and at 70 percent, more frequent reminders still.

Because of frequent changes in tax law, information provided here may be obsolete.

Bernard said that the men are from the Claremont district but frequent places like Flankers and Norwood in St James.

Biggar is on a Flyboard, a futuristic water sport that draws frequent stares.

Both sides complain of frequent maritime incursions by the other, and there have been numerous but limited clashes.

But he was a frequent presence at Nashville concerts and industry events.

But in recent years, human rights groups have made frequent allegations of abuse stemming from the kafala system.

But it’s also a time for winter’s most frequent misery – the common cold and the cough that often goes along with it.

But the index form and most frequent find is the cup.

But, again, the most frequent was the presence of feces on the product – 19 such instances.

Casey and Jean Kasem were frequent participants in the Hollywood social circuit.

Charisse Jones @charissejones USA TODAY Is it worth it to use frequent-flier points for upgrades?

Check the Support Kevin & Tyler site for frequent updates, to donate, and all the latest.

Conservative supporters, by contrast, described themselves as “consistent, conventional, frequent”.

Customers, like those who frequent StarbucksGossip.

Director Mike Nichols was a frequent collaborator.

Does he worry he’ll eventually encounter issues related to the frequent head trauma?

Donetsk, the main rebel-held city, also is suffering through fighting, including frequent shelling.

Dr. Psenka is a frequent lecturer and member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Early Thursday morning a system moved through the St. Louis area that brought heavy rain and frequent lightening.

Encke takes a trip around the sun every 3.3 years, which makes it a frequent flyer when it comes to comets near us.

Err on the side of frequent, open dialogue, regular phone meetings, and at least occasional face-to-face meetings.

ESPN said it was cutting sponsored DraftKings elements from within its news shows but not the frequent commercials.

Fields, for example, cashed in frequent flyer miles, both her own and an adviser’s, for her last-minute plane ticket.

Fly Guy: How to dodge costly airline change fees Is frequent-flier status everything it used to be?

Food shortages grow more frequent, as do riots in Paris.

For instance, United Airlines recently reduced the number of bags some elite frequent fliers can check for free.

For most Sikhs, much of the backlash has been frequent stares or comments and occasional online insults.

For the first time in years, the frequent flyers aren’t being arrested constantly downtown.

Frequent “meetings of the minds” provide direction, build rapport and solidify mission alignment.

Frequent claims are red flags for insurers; some won’t renew policyholders with more than two claims in three years.

Frequent disruptions on the Rome metro are due to it not being properly maintained for 10 years, Esposito says.

Frequent guest on news networks, especially Fox.

Frequent human contact kills the reefs over time.

Frequent services operated from Hammersmith to Greenwich.

Frequent street protests have been staged against the US forces.

Frequent travelers on this route know the spot I’m referring to, which is now adorned by a flashy casino.

Frequent updates are a good thing for users as they quash inevitable bugs and add new features.

Frequent violence has dramatically limited academic achievement in these neighborhoods.

Galveston County continued to receive frequent heavy rains.

Gradl says cases of rape or sexual violence involving a twin are “more frequent than we expected”.

Granlund was a frequent target of the rough stuff.

Grazing can include picking, but it extends to frequent trips to the kitchen for a nibble of this or a bite of that.

Guitar cases, tote bags and shearling coats are increasingly frequent accessories on pedestrians.

Harsh is believed to frequent the Empire area of Coos Bay and to frequent the casinos, the sheriff’s office said.

He has been known to frequent the area around Danforth and Broadview avenues and could be armed and dangerous.

He has weighed frequent local police requests for tower dumps and Stingray surveillance.

He is a frequent guest on FOX Business Network.

He is a frequent speaker, and author of well over 100 articles and eight books.

He is an associate professor of English at Tulane University and a frequent contributor to Culture Desk.

He notes many frequent-flier enthusiasts give generally positive marks to US Airways’ Dividend Miles.

He provides frequent commentary on public policy and communicates the works of the government.

He suggested shoveling slowly and taking frequent breaks.

He was also a frequent guest on Wayne and Shuster during the 1950s.

Helmand is a militant stronghold and has been the site of frequent fighting since the Taliban was toppled in 2001.

His frequent visits to Singapore in recent years have led to growing speculation over the state of his health.

His laugh was frequent and contagious.

Hobica said most travelers don’t complain about it – unless they’re frequent fliers on the hunt for reward tickets.

Holder was a frequent target of Republicans who viewed his department as too political to act objectively.

However, in practice, emasculation was frequent.

However, this practice is less frequent nowadays.

I can’t afford all the stunning furniture in there,” said Lazar, who has been a frequent client for the past few months.

In an area rocked by frequent earthquakes, he says another can hit at any time, leaving him worried for his family.

In fact, the wiretapping is so frequent that BT keeps squads of employees embedded inside GCHQ.

In mental health services this scenario is all too frequent.

In recent weeks, he has been a frequent visitor in Kiev.

India’s poor farmers already struggle with frequent flooding, drought and soils degraded by agrochemical overuse.

Inoki, 70, is a frequent visitor to North Korea.

It also emailed its frequent fliers, reminding them of its rules on carry-on size.

It has become less frequent, in part due to costs.

It has looked very much to me like we’re already in ground combat on frequent trips I’ve made there.

It has seen frequent fighting between various insurgent groups and the Syrian military and its militia allies.

It was a frequent occurrence, it happened with some regularity.”

It was the frequent residence of a number of emperors.

Kattabomman held frequent consultations with the Marudhus.

Kim Jong Il in his later years underwent frequent check-ups at the secretive Ponghwa Clinic in central Pyongyang.

Launches are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system.

Like any 18-24 year old, youth who frequent The Landing are entering an adult world in an era of rising inequality.

Liver dumplings are frequent additions to soup.

Locally, heavy rain, frequent lightning and wind gusts of 25 plus mph will be possible with any storms that develop.

Los Angeles’ neon signs beckoned frequent traveler Brian Daniel during his visit in 2007.

Lounger is a social meeting app that lets you connect with other frequent flyers waiting at airports across the country.

Mabus’ most frequent destination – 12 stops – was Afghanistan, where thousands of Marines have served.

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