fresh in a sentence

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A layer of dust thick enough to write in is frequently seen on furniture.

Andrea Oschetti is a Hong Kong-based freelance travel writer who frequently travels the world.

And, then communicating with them frequently.

Change passwords frequently and make sure you don’t choose something that would be easy to guess.

Cook, stirring frequently, until leeks are golden, about five minutes.

Diet changes and targeted enzymes from your doctor frequently solve this.

He frequently attends Church of England services, but is not a believer.

He frequently had sex with his students, claiming that it would help them on their path to enlightenment.

He frequently said he couldn’t recall specific facts or details.

His eyes blink a little too frequently.

In fact, the numbers show it’s happening even more frequently than usual.

It’s not frequently I come across a website with hypnotic articles like yours.

I’ve frequently lectured in Israel at universities.

I write about energy and environment issues, frequently focusing on global warming.

Many people travel with their dogs quite frequently, myself included.

The appropriate level of force at a department where police-citizen encounters frequently turned deadly.

The boys shopped at McLellan’s frequently, and had been navigating the segregated lunch counter for years.

These layers are not frequently seen in the Chuckanut area, said Tucker.

The separatists have broken them frequently.

These types of levies are used frequently in the United States under the title of tax-increment financing (TIF).

Twitter is one of dozens of Internet companies that frequently reports on government requests for information.

Workers also frequently complain about middle men who do the actual hiring on behalf of big corporations.

We’re getting much more severe weather events more frequently and it’s causing a lot more damage.

@correct Especially if you frequently read KATU!

“Frequently, in campaigns, when we say ‘contrast,’ it’s a euphemism for a frontal attack,” Grisolano explained.

“Luckily, this doesn’t happen that frequently.”

“They made that point frequently and consistently.

8 frequently hidden health conditions What is diabetes insipidus?

A frequently asked questions and answers story provided eight facts parents should know.

A vocal contingent of Toronto FC fans took in the announcement, frequently breaking into chants.

A: IPOs can be volatile and frequently don’t fare too well in their first year.

A: People who need narcotics for chronic pain frequently have a difficult time with constipation.

Across the city, campaign posters have to be replaced frequently as they are often pelted with paint.

Add the squash and tempeh, stirring frequently to avoid burning, until the squash softens, about six minutes.

Al-Baghdadi is believed to frequently travel between Syria and Iraq.

Alloparenting behaviour is frequently observed.

Among high school boys, 2 percent tanned indoors frequently.

Amy Sancetta, AP Lebron and his St. Vincent – St. Mary’s team frequently played on national television.

An earlier airstrike also hit a warehouse in the Shijaiyah district, which has been frequently targeted by Israel.

And although Al doesn’t cold call people he frequently gets an earful from angry consumers calling him.

And of course, debt collectors frequently use illegal, harassing tactics to berate consumers into handing over cash.

And stock markets frequently drop when rates rise.

And the U.S. box office which the media so frequently focuses on, is a shrinking piece of the growing overall pie.

And they do it very frequently for short periods of time, sometimes a few weeks or a few months for petitioners.

And Walker has said they frequently exchange text messages.

Apple will update the developer preview more frequently than it does the public beta.

As such he frequently acts in a soldierly manner.

Ashton is also supportive of Stage’s regular exercise routine, which the model blogs and posts about frequently.

At the time, asteroids were bombarding Earth 10 times more frequently than before or after.

Because doing so requires much more change, and the other OSs change just as dramatically and frequently.

Bermuda, an island chain and affluent insurance hub in the Atlantic Ocean, frequently sees strong tropical storms.

Bijoy Mishra travels frequently to India and enjoys taking photographs of the livelihood of the locals in Mumbai.

Blink frequently to minimize the chances of developing dry eye when using a computer or digital device.

Bomb attacks frequently strike Baghdad.

Both songs were frequently aired on Radio channels.

Brown bats frequently dwell in man-made structures.

But children have frequently been among the victims of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

But even those from outside the neighborhood are coming less frequently because it’s so difficult to find parking.

But local TV news outranks Facebook as the most-frequently-named source.

But that’s a lot less expensive than a texting plan, especially for users who frequently send messages internationally.

But the flip side has frequently made its presence felt.

But they also reveal a waspish, bitter man frequently disillusioned with film and theatre.

But they’d assume that I was just doing this for attention, or more frequently they didn’t want to deal with it.

But while its employees frequently operate undercover, they do not conduct operations the way CIA officers do.

By Pete Thamel Dayton relies on a rotation of 12 players who change in and out of the game frequently.

By salvaging these otherwise unusable spaces, unique homes are created frequently for a lot less than buying new.

Carter referred frequently to the U.S. military as the “finest fighting force the world has ever known.”

Casting critics are often opinionated and just as frequently wrong.

Change your passwords frequently, and use better ones.

Charges of “illegal fundraising” are frequently used to shut businesses that authorities deem politically inconvenient.

Check pot and stir frequently, as the dal has a tendency to boil over in the beginning.

China is frequently accused by the U.S. of being engaged in widespread hacking attacks, charges Beijing denies.

Christie took aim at tuition costs, a concern that has come up frequently during his travels to early-voting states.

Click here to learn more from our frequently asked questions.

Click here to learn more from our frequently asked questions.

Closing the facility is brought up frequently.

Cuomo has frequently blocked the mayor’s agenda.

Dagre now frequently posts pictures of himself on myspace.

Dogs are louder and make noise more frequently than roosters do.

Dr. Khan is an enthusiastic individual; she frequently trains in martial arts and enjoys painting during her spare time.

Earl frequently came to work late, so Red fired him.

Efforts to explore how frequently officers use force were stymied by poor record-keeping and incomplete data.

Egypt is such an exotic and frequently spoken about place that sometimes you can’t imagine yourself there.

Eligible men were frequently discharged at Camp Parks.

Etzioni frequently appears as a commentator in the media.

Federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz said she has frequently spoken to victims’ families, including the Richards.

FIN4’s phishing emails frequently play up shareholder and public disclosure concerns.

Fidell, 69, is called on frequently by the press for analysis of thorny questions of military justice.

Finally, I’m frequently struck by the tendency of many managers to avoid difficult conversations.

First-person narration is used somewhat frequently.

For avid TV viewers only TiVo and SlingTV are expensive if you don’t watch a lot of TV or travel frequently.

For shoppers that frequently visit the store, the morning’s incident was unheard of.

For what it’s worth, I don’t frequently text other women.

Francis has frequently spoken out against the “evil” of drug addiction.

Frequently an oil mixed with a water-based solution.

Frequently filmed: Horatio Hornblower series * * TV movie.

Frequently men seek perversion, violence, and the destruction of themselves and all around them.

Frequently pilots and crew members bail out while the engines are still running, says Harmer.

Frequently she’d squat in the yard with a book of matches.

Frequently used by Manji for climbing things.

Frequently, authorities have overlapping jurisdictions over different aspects of Internet services.

Frequently, extra warp-thread is wound around the weights.

Frequently, the Charleston Police Department has meetings with members of the community.

From there, planes carrying up to 300 kilos (660 pounds) of cocaine are taking off frequently, authorities say.

Fundraisers are frequently held at the ballpark, often attracting a who’s-who of Washington influence peddlers.

Gift cards, credits and loyalty points – lots of loyalty points – frequently follow.

Given how frequently and significantly Steam discounts games, you could make up the cost within a year or two.

Government forces control the west of the city and frequently bomb rebel-held neighbourhoods in the east from the air.

Gradually add in the sugar 2 cups at a time, scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl frequently.

Hagopian said medications that address mood, impulsiveness and other conditions also frequently are used.

Hamas has clung to its arms in years of battles with Israel and has frequently pledged to conquer it.

Haydn was often a guest of Burney and frequently played chamber music at his home.

He also frequently posted on the fan forums.

He also worked with the Genovese crime family frequently.

He and Izumi are frequently cast in the same productions.

He and Stepan Fedorov frequently come into conflict.

He frequently drives himself around town in his Cadillac sedan.

He frequently fought on the undercard of Ray’s bouts.

He frequently wears dark sunglasses, even indoors.

He has written frequently on Ukraine since the 1980s for many media outlets.

He said Stone would talk frequently about the custody dispute.

He speaks frequently on cloud, SOA, data, and..

He still has brothers and sisters living in Syria, and they frequently talk via Skype.

He was annoyed and pained by the school boys who frequently caught terrapins and put hot coals on their backs.

He was based in Spain, and would frequently meet with South American criminals, Spanish authorities said.

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