friendly in a sentence

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“A friend of mine lost a child, her child died, and everyone was at her house,” she says.

A good friend of mine, Jen Lee Koss, and her business partner, Kena Taranjape are two of those women.

Allow me please to send you these flowers, given to me yesterday by a loving friend.

Among the cracks he made: Toad left a big footprint with a cork, or as a friend said, he left a great trail.”””

Andrea Barber retired from acting shortly after playing DJ’s best friend, Kimmy Gibbler.

At times like this, you really need a friend who can give you a bit of good-natured perspective.

Brown was unarmed when Wilson encountered him walking in the street with a friend.

Brilliant Composer James Horner, friend & collaborator on 7 movies has tragically died in a plane crash.

Can I use your phone to call a friend?”

Childhood trauma plays out with Anna’s mysterious new friend, and the film strikes deeper notes.

‘did your friend shoot first and open fire?’ get the away from me man, i’m telling you!”

Howie- Another one of Antsy’s best friend.

Duncan left the medical facility after being given antibiotics and a pain reliever, his friend said.

Ellie Speirs:My vicious pitbull, Jessy, with her best friend.

Everyone is a best friend, a special relation, an age-old ally.

Follow Brett Molina on Twitter: A link has been sent to your friend’s email address.

For me it stings because he’s a friend.”

Fisher is now a close friend of Frampton’s.

Friend Sue Clements wrote a few qualities she observed in Cleffie using the letters of her name.

He called 911 and pulled his friend from the water and started performing CPR until help arrived.

He looked sad,”” Rowe said about Pynn, adding that he had seen his friend die.”

He got a pilot friend to add ink drawings of the Zero.

He’s been a great friend of New York City and America, as have the Israeli people.

He’s like a brother,”” his friend Dustin Bottone said.”

Hernandez is a former tight-end for the New England Patriots who is accused of killing his friend Odin L. Lloyd.

He told her he was going to visit an old friend.

He’s been my best friend for 28 years.”

He spent almost an hour taking Sammey to those temples, before she recognized the area around her friend’s home.

He spent a lot of his time waiting on the finish with Kizzire, a longtime friend from Birmingham, Alabama.

He would literally do anything to make other people happy, said Stringer’s friend, Brodie Minter.”

He wants to show that life is great, no matter how many problems you can have,”” friend Perla Sananes said.”

He was her older brothers’ best friend.

I added Paul Franklin on pedal steel and my friend Mike Himelstein wrote the lyrics.

I am no friend of organized religion, but this guys is really getting my attention.

“I am still devastated because Beau is my best friend; basically he is like a child to me.

If your friend circle isn’t a reflection of who you want to be, it may be time to find new friends.

I get to marry my best friend, and she doesn’t mind that I have a really bad gas problem.”””

I met him through a friend of mine who was teaching band at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania.

“I’m friend-raising,” he said again.

In came Sam Kass, a longtime Chicago friend of the family and chef for hire.

In high school she lost a close friend to suicide.

In the past, Rodman has referred to Kim Jong Un as his friend.”””

Is it defined in the bill what friend”” means?”

I sold it cheap to a friend who only used wifi with it.

I recall going to a friend’s house which was equipped with a satellite dish in order to watch the fight for free.

I told my friend that if we had been in Congo, we could have got a cart pusher to do it for us.”

It’s been a close personal friend.

It’s kind of a foreign topic to them, said Friend, the Republican majority floor leader in the Indiana House.”

It’s also that time of the year when that one friend of yours goes into hibernation until April.

I’ve lived in America since age 14 (am 33 now) and I’ve NEVER had an American friend.

“It was a mother, her twins, and a friend’s daughter.

It was delicious, the friend reported.

I would have been distraught had my trusted friend been missing.

I’ve said goodbye to my very best friend of 12 years.

Meeting the Maasai Mamas moved Lovato to create the Limited Edition Demi Lovato Rafiki Friend Chain.

Maybe there is a “better way to help out,” wrote the friend, Ifrah Farooq, back in Texas, but Khan was insistent.

Murray was on her way to meet Rob and his friend when she was stopped at a police road block.

My best (male) friend said: ‘I’ve never asked a woman outright if I can kiss her.

My friend had been granted 32 more years than this kid dared dream of living.

My friend had recently been proposed to, and her husband-to-be had two children.

My friend has promised to help me in any way he can to prevent my relatives from taking over my property.”

My friend Jon wanted me to ask you, “What’s up with those blue guys?”

My friend, like many people, lamented how ‘corporate greed’ has destroyed the world.

My friend lost his leg when a tree landed on him but he didn’t get a news story.

My friend posts pictures of him with her daughter on his visits to childrens and it’s not just a photo shoot.

My friend Ralph and I were talking one day I told him about it.

My friend recently brought his car in to a dealer to have it looked at.

My friend was missing and we found him today..

My friend, we’ll call him Pat, had not been working for this particular manager very long.

My friend, who belongs to a rural area, could bring all of his family to Pyongyang.

My friend worked the night shift at the old QFC, then she was switched to the morning shift in the bakery.

My office is right next to my best friend from college’s office.

My so called friend didn’t call me back.”””

My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week.

Neighbors say DeArmas’ father is a friend to all the kids in the neighborhood.

My friend gave me some advice about this one.

My friend Lucas also has a facial disfigurement.

My friend Mark Heckmann is a fan of using the phrase for personal time management and I like it too.

My friend Meredith Shevitz and I know all too well how hard life can be thanks to Type 1 diabetes.

My friend’s words were angry and bitter.

My friend took a little girl and helped her to escape.

My friend was sulking over her drink.

My mom’s best friend was gonna go with me.

My sister says I should suck it up and go because that’s what friends do, and this friend would do that for me.

NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin, a friend of Marshall, called it Cutler’s “old habits.”

No charges were filed against Cummings’ friend.

Now imagine you’re with someone you care about, perhaps a close friend, or maybe a child.

“One guy was just walking over to visit a friend,” he said.

Old friend with a grudge In 1998, at the age of 15, Bakkatha moved to a small town in northern France.

“Our players are upset for their friend and teammate.

People go on Facebook for all kinds of reasons; to find a long lost friend, maybe.

Reality kicked in when a friend called him to say he had just seen the photos on the website for Cosmopolitan.

Right when I was thinking about it, I got a call from a friend who said that woman had passed,”” Monifa said.”

Robert Kardashian, a close friend of Simpson, renewed his lapsed law license to participate in the trial.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Today is a 7 — Take a trip with a friend.

She got the hint”” after her friend gave a driver’s education book as a birthday gift.”

She has been my best friend since the first grade, but now everything is gone.

She has been struggling to speak, but with the help of a friend she was able to explain the chain of events.

She counted the youngest victim as a friend, a brother.

She shared the writings to counter a growing perception of her friend as a deserter, the Post reported.

She’s my best friend in the world!

“She’s my best friend,” Logan said.

She was my best friend and a kindred spirit.

She was my friend and he killed her.”

Shingoose said her best friend Kelly, a mother of three, was stabbed to death when she was nine-months pregnant.

Smerechanski’s friend was wearing a camera on his helmet, which captured the confrontation that followed.

So here, my friend did it on the other side with my instructions, but I had not seen it.

So this organ builder down in Saxony, a friend of Bach’s, had to send over to Cornwall to get his tin.

So, we are delighted to announce that his good friend, Keith Anderson, will be coming to perform in his place.

“Sure, a friend might get mad, but you are potentially saving their life and that is more important.”

Take a male friend with you because it can stop some catcalling.

Taylor Swift praises Ariana Grande for sisterhood”” remarks Just finding out I lost a great friend today.”

The boys claimed they were going to show the weapons to the friend.

The cadavers go to a friend’s maggot farm, where they are turned into chicken feed.

The Columbian reports Grubbs was crossing the highway to meet a friend at a coffee shop.

The family will receive friend from 6 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, October 22, at the funeral home.

The flag told the other Allied powers this ship was a friend.

The gun will be my supporter, my friend and my strength.”

The friend told police Dewitt appeared to be in distress.

The latest from CNN Health Why your doctor won’t ‘friend’ you on Facebook Is early breast cancer overtreated?

The next day, Juan received a call from a friend who informed him that all his poems had been taken down.

The problem centers on the founder of Pasona, Yasuyuki Nambu, who is a friend of Aska.

The son wanted to start a grow operation with a friend.

They have taken A link has been sent to your friend’s email address.

They enjoyed a reception at Ringwould village hall with about 60 guests and had a cake made by a friend.

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