friendship in a sentence

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And have no fear: Harris’ friendly Customer Care agents are happy to answer any growing questions year-round.

And, the preferred environmentally-friendly pesticides might not be strong enough to kill them.

Banks are not notoriously friendly in these down cycles.”

Both the New Democrats and the Liberals have been moving towards mobile-friendly, get-out-the-vote tools.

Concierge Katie Brown bought a toy unicorn and drafted a cheeky but friendly note to go with it.

Duchess Kate’s Thrifty Fashion ChoicesSee some of Duchess Kate’s most budget-friendly..

For several hours the U.S. cruiser and Soviet submarine remained on friendly terms in close proximity.

Gillis says he hopes the study will result in a more vibrant and business-friendly downtown – and Clarke agrees.

I know my immediate neighbors and everyone is friendly.”””

Is it a good crowd — cosmopolitan, friendly and, yes, good looking? 3. Music.

I wouldn’t put a cash bet on them being as friendly on Repatriation.

Keep it for yourself, or load it up with kid-friendly apps and games and hand it down to your children.

Leave the meat on your plate, but take these six other veg-friendly tips to heart.

Like Kotsenburg, Davis is unbelievably affable and friendly.

One year later, he scored his first goal for Germany, in a friendly against Russia.

Our friendly and experienced mortgage consultants are always available to service your mortgage needs.

She has a very sweet disposition and is very friendly with all the staff members.”””

Some Ukrainians believe that even in his home base Yanukovych won’t find friendly faces.

Taylor said the NFL has made great strides in making the league more Gay-friendly.

That is a VERY pedestrian friendly area, so it was his bad judgment to not wait at the cross-walk.

The most budget-friendly option is ceramic tile, she says.

There’s no such thing as a friendly, is there?”””

He was very unusual, but friendly with Susan.

These eco-friendly plans encourage us to preserve green space, take care of the environment and each other.

They said she is always friendly and deferential.

This is designed to be a long-term agreement where the befriender offers friendly conversation and companionship.

This is the new, family-friendly Lang Lang.

We are, as I am constantly being told and it is self-evidently true, a friendly and unstuffy college.

We scoured the Internet for family-friendly games that can turn one night unplugged into a family tradition.

We want dog-friendly candidates,”” she said.”

We want to be local, friendly, and affordable.

With files from Irene Preklet Read some of the reaction below, or click here for a mobile-friendly version.

said Sid Davis, a home renovator and author of Your Eco-Friendly Home: Buying, Building or Remodeling Green.”

$$$ Up to 50 cpm Plus Bonuses $$$ 401k + Family Friendly.

“All it does is increase fees for lawyers and make friendly discussions more difficult, which also increases fees.”

“All we can hope is that they’ll blend in and adopt the friendly island spirit,” Hughes said.

“He must have just snapped,” said neighbour Joe D’Andrea, who described Reeves as a friendly, “stand-up” guy.

“I like being able to be friendly and meet new people.”

“I think Russia was supposed to be a nice, friendly country.

“I’m fair, friendly, accessible and accountable.

“Mt Hawthorn is a young family area and we will be more family friendly by sectioning off the sportsbar.

“Old Town has been taking steps … to be business-friendly and receptive to developers on that site,” Harriman said.

“People here are just as you would expect them to be in a small town -friendly, caring and generally close-knit.

“The nature is beautiful and the people are friendly,” she said.

“This is way beyond gardeners who are growing bee-friendly plants in their gardens.

“We had the patience to speak to everyone in a friendly way.

“What we have is a friendly, warm and caring personality.

4. Put out a world-wide RFP for building these toilets with locally-available and eco-friendly materials.

5 ideas for a greener Christmas If you think a merry Christmas can’t be environmentally friendly too, think again.

A friendly sight in winter: Trumpeter swans spotted in a Minnesota corn field.

A friendly tipster clued us in on the change, and when contacted for comment, a Verizon spokesperson confirmed the news.

A friendly tipster clued us in on the mistake.

A German government spokesperson has confirmed that Chancellor Angela Merkel will attend the friendly on Tuesday.

A printing company might talk about how variable data printing is both eco-friendly and great for business.

A Republican-backed effort led to management-friendly amendments to the law in 1947.

A single probiotic tablet or capsule contains millions of friendly bacteria.

A special operation of Cameroonian armed forces and security services of friendly countries freed the man, he said.

A tall, sandy-haired man who looks slightly too young to be named Frank, he is friendly and upbeat.

A three-year supply of diapers and a free child-friendly future vacation.

A user-friendly reservation system allows quick, easy booking 24/7.

ACADIANA: Acadiana keeps things incredibly budget friendly by setting their entire bar menu to $5 during happy hour.

Add More Videos or Photos You’ve contributed successfully to: South Korea loses 1-0 to Tunisia in friendly Thanks!

Additionally, the new RAM standard also helps out with energy consumption, being more battery-friendly than LPDDR3.

Afghan officials blamed their deaths on a friendly-fire airstrike.

After 1291 both states maintained friendly relations.

After playing in pitcher-friendly Petco Park, Hundley’s numbers figure to get a boost from playing at altitude.

Ah the joy of non child friendly decorations.

Alan is friendly but not currently supporting the Conservatives, saying he doesn’t like their record on the environment.

All people live together with friendly & happily.

All you have to bring is water-friendly clothing, some sunscreen, and your camera – just don’t drop it.

Although, most pitbulls I’ve encountered have been very friendly.

Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited service offers plenty of kid-friendly apps, books and video for a set monthly price.

Amphi Backpackers is a budget-friendly option.

An outstretched hand might seem like a friendly gesture.

And another big trend is homeowners seeking out environmentally friendly and sustainable items more than ever before.

And for centuries, Russian leaders have viewed a friendly Ukraine as vital to Moscow’s defense.

And in a bid to weed out noisy kids, we gave points to the least family-friendly of the lot.

And it implies that budget-friendly student consulting isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

And lows Feb 2003: Became the youngest player to play for England when he appeared in a friendly against Australia.

And Russia’s Kremlin-friendly media also regularly refer to the “fascist government” in Kyiv.

And, of course, they come in for the bartender-that knowledgeable and friendly person who’s at home in a crowd.

Andrews was friendly with Byrne’s eldest brother.

Another supposedly dog-friendly space was advertised at $2,200 per month.

Anyone with an interest in extremist views can surely find ways of circumventing child-friendly filters.

As you might expect from the market-friendly news, investors put the market back in rally-mode.

Aside from helping the community “grow green”, Fidelity prides itself on using the latest eco-friendly products.

At a recent friendly at Candlestick Park, they seemed more prepared than the USMNT.

At the same time, they don’t want to see relations between the United States and Iran get any too friendly.

Auburn Summer Sounds and Cinema Two Fridays in August, with 7 p.m. family-friendly concert preceding movie.

Auto companies have good reason to be bullish on eco-friendly cars — just ask Tesla.

Backstage after her show, Victoria Beckham was friendly, excited and charming.

Before you enlist the local high school football team or your friendly neighbourhood 4×4 enthusiast, think again.

Before you would cup with your friends and do the handshake with the guys you’re not that friendly with.

Bejvl’s grandmother, Ruvena Bejvl, told NBC News that her 22-year-old grandson was “very friendly” and dependable.

Better government representation for women will hopefully help Canadians develop better family-friendly supports in law.

Big sites will have to break up the buildings and put in pedestrian-friendly areas.

Blackstone describes a garden in her North Seattle neighborhood that is particularly creature friendly.

Blame the dearth of bikes also on Lima, one of the world’s least friendly cities for cyclists.

Both boys said how very welcoming and friendly the people were.

Brown’s funeral will be at 10 a.m. local time at Friendly Temple Missionary Church in St. Louis.

Burger King agreed in August to buy Tim Hortons in a friendly deal worth more than US$11 billion in stock and cash.

But a friendly mortar round landed near him, resulting in a concussion.

But he told the New Statesman they had recently had a “friendly chat”.

But hey, GE, until 2013, owned NBC and hence MSNBC, and who can argue with the power of friendly media?

But not all of those ads are environmentally friendly.

But the two leaders are on friendly terms, even if they’re not particularly close.

But the urban workforce is not often a friendly place for young, unskilled and under-trained Chinese women.

But their neighbours have been friendly, generous and empathetic.

But then “Fire & Rescue” didn’t do much better during family-friendly matinee hours of Saturday, earning $6.6 million.

But you don’t have to wait until June to celebrate, Chicago is full of awesome LGBTQ-friendly events all year long.

By the time they leave, they are smiling, friendly, and wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

By way of a premature eulogy, as said by another fan on Yelp, Dave’s is: A bar where the staff is genuinely friendly.

By Wednesday afternoon, the town was rerouting traffic for the friendly annual “Back to the Bricks” celebration.

Check out some of the greenest, coolest clothes in our slide show looking at the latest in earth-friendly fashion.

City planners describe it as environmentally benign and transit-friendly and say it promotes affordable housing.

Civic groups and media have also been quite friendly to him.

CNET noted that Samsung “spent a lot of time tweaking the layout of its app to make it more user-friendly.”

Come sun yourself under the friendly palms, admire the azaleas and hibiscus, this is the cure for the Winter blues.

Consider: IBM gets access to cloud friendly companies for its analytics, mobile and cognitive computing wares.

CRUZ: Via the friendly folks at Facebook, his announcement video was viewed over 700,000 times on his Facebook page.

Currently, rates have fallen even as the Federal Reserve has tapered its market-friendly bond-buying program.

Daredevils can descend beneath the waves in safe and eco-friendly alternative to cage diving with Great Whites.

Democratic campaign rhetoric this year bristles with female-friendly ideas.

Despite feeling nervous about returning, he found people to be friendly and – above all – forgiving.

Discover how Metropolitan Gourmet is great for the whole family at the 2015 Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo!

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