frozen in a sentence

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Frost is frozen dew.

The lake was frozen.

He was frozen to death.

The pond has frozen over.

The pond was frozen hard.

I was frozen to the bone.

They were frozen to death.

I call architecture frozen music.

I’m suffering from a frozen shoulder.

The water in the basin has frozen solid.

I saw the white trail of his frozen breath.

She was nearly frozen to death in the snow.

Many housewives make good use of frozen food.

She was aware of the danger of the frozen road.

The lake was frozen, so we walked across the ice.

The hikers were all but frozen when they were found.

I always buy fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones.

I like to suck on frozen ice cream bars in the summer.

The deer stood frozen in the beam of our car’s headlights.

The children took their ice skates and made for the frozen pond.

The child’s mittens were frozen stiff by the time the snowball fight ended.

To avoid spoiling, fish caught far out at sea are immediately cooled or even frozen.

I hung the laundry out to dry last night and by morning it had frozen hard as a rock.

She made a delicious drink using a banana, orange juice, milk, and frozen blueberries.

We put the ice cream and frozen strawberries in the blender to make a delicious smoothie.

We liquified the ice cream and frozen strawberries in the blender to produce a delicious smoothie.

Global warming is threatening polar bears by causing temperatures to rise in their frozen habitat.

We mixed some fruit juice, frozen berries and a couple of bottles of bubbly to make a nice punch for the party.


Krishnamurti once stated that religion is the frozen thought of men, out of which they build temples.

In the summertime, Anne blends a frozen banana with orange juice and fresh strawberries to produce a refreshing drink.

Anne mixed orange juice, fresh bananas and frozen strawberries in the blender to make a deliciously refreshing summer drink.

Fifty years after the letter was mailed, it finally reached its destination, after being found in a frozen mailbag on a plane which had crashed in the mountains.

Price said they had to contend with frozen equipment and icy ground.

But if I open sores are frozen in a compromise that would give seven.

But it’s difficult to find footprints in the frozen ground, he added.

She used a frozen embryo with her own egg and donor sperm to conceive.

The frozen beverage looks like a Slurpee and goes down just as easily.

Ms Purdham wants to use sperm frozen from before she had a sex change.

409293 It’s difficult to find footprints in the frozen ground, he added.

The area is lined with troughs that resemble frozen mud cracks on Earth.

You may as well just tape a bunch of frozen diapers around your rib cage.

TCWR also welcomes frozen meat that’s been culled from people’s freezers.

When a couple undergoes IVF, extra embryos are often frozen for later use.

Menzel is now best known for voicing Elsa in the blockbuster hit “frozen.”

Right now, the ground’s frozen and I haven’t seen any markers for anything.

It happened so quickly that some appeared like frozen figures from Pompeii.

Per each half-cup serving, frozen yogurt contains roughly 17 grams of sugar.

Turned out the pre-eminent Seattle seafood restaurant was stocking it frozen.

If I have to watch frozen one more time I will scream. 17: That toy is broken.

Sushi made from frozen raw tuna is linked to 62 cases of Salmonella this year.

Kristen Bell (“frozen,” “Veronica Mars”) hosts. 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30, on ABC.

682377 The arms were not embalmed, and were kept frozen until they were tested.

That deal froze out Mattel, which sells the dolls based on “frozen” characters.

The Justice Department said the assets can be frozen even if they are untainted.

Both girls shared a love for the movie “frozen” and enjoyed dressing up as Elsa.

300 calories, 8g of fat per serving Comments: “It tastes like a frozen burrito.”

Under the tax deal, however, its annual property tax bill is frozen at $500,000.

Haggis from MacEwans Meats is frozen after being prepared to help keep it fresh.

Delzio says that they’ll soon be serving frozen drinks and “sharable, lit bowls.”

I also want to have frozen yogurt loaded with Reese’s Cups every once in a while.

808361 The team is taking the path less traveled to make the frozen zoo a reality.

HP has certainly frozen the 3D printing market to some degree, but has to deliver.

Sothis is not a frozen conflict and we are not going to turn our back on Ukraine.”

The sequel, “frozen 2,” will have the same directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Cook Trading, Sittingbourne This family-owned frozen meals business began in 1997.

Axe also said frozen water pipes is a possibility to guard against in this weather.

752819 The nearly completely frozen lakes were captured by NOAA satellites Tuesday.

673200 That was frozen in October 2013 pending the enactment of democratic reforMs.
As the ocean warms, frozen methane deep beneath its surface is melted and released.

As for that image of Londoners frolicking at “frost fairs” on the frozen-over Thames?

Keogh, his hair a frozen mass of icicles, called out to them to find out the problem.

Democrats complain that they have been frozen out of some of the committee interviews.

“Last winter it was frozen and I couldn’t get into it as often as I could get into it.

Copy this code to your website or blog She prayed and played dead, frozen to the floor.

Experts: Putin doesn’t want a frozen conflict It certainly would not be a new approach.

This “frozen“-inspired engagement ring Bling-bling fit for the Snow Queen of Arendelle.

In the next couple of weeks it plans to test under frozen water in the Summerside area.

But under the deal, struck in 2005, its annual property tax bill is frozen at $500,000.

That’s on top of 125 calls from residents about frozen pipes, blocked sewers and leaks.

A glacier in Finse, Norway, stands in for the frozen planet Hoth in the Star Wars canon.

In the meantime, the frozen tundra of northern Sweden still feels like no place on Earth.

The head reportedly came from a bag of frozen Green Giant broccoli – a product of Mexico.

Running water will not freeze and the cost is far less than a frozen, busted pipe repair.

Masaru Shimizu remembers being given a few dozen frozen mandarin oranges by the military.

Until finally you hang suspended him alive but dimly aware we imprisoned in a frozen body.

A task force in Malaysia set up to probe the money transfers has frozen six bank accounts.

They said she had arrived at her job next door at Freddy’s frozen Custard and quickly left.

Otherwise, agency budgets will largely be frozen by the return of automatic spending curbs.

Also, Iran will be granted access to its frozen assets abroad, mostly money from oil sales.

Originally published November 10, 2015 at 5:58 pm Sing-a-Long Elsa from the movie “frozen.”

What purpose might that serve, if Moscow is indeed content to settle for a frozen conflict?

By any chance, do you happen to know where they go, the ducks, when it gets all frozen over?”

834472 They reveal a planet not frozen in place but with a complex landscape still developing.

The Skaggs’ also have frozen embryos from their donor, in case they want to grow their family.

Its life begins as a water droplet that has frozen around a dust particle floating in the sky.

At this rate, people will be stuffing their mattresses with frozen T-bones instead of dollars.

Previously, frozen foods were based in Omaha while other consumer products were in Naperville.

All veterans and current servicemembers will receive a free 6 oz. frozen yogurt on Veterans Day.

Idina Menzel brought her “frozen” character Princess Elsa to life when she dyed her hair blonde.

Islands such as these are typically built in the winter when the surface of the ocean is frozen.

According to Gothamist, they are “rimed crystals-snowflakes with cloud droplets frozen on them.”

Recreation fees, frozen since Watson was elected mayor in 2010, are expected to remain that way.

This prompted Barber foods to recall 1.7 million pounds of frozen, raw, stuffed chicken products.

That Jeremy Lin guy came and went as quickly as your local (likely now closed) frozen yogurt shop.

In total, the EU has frozen the assets of 150 individuals, but the amounts are usually very small.

65614 Any time you’re encouraging people to drink your beer frozen, it’s not really beer anymore.”

The plane in that crash, also a Navajo, had slammed into a frozen lake during its landing approach.

Those cells were treated with chemicals to preserve genetic material and frozen for return to Earth.

But if you had frozen pipes last year, the city isn’t advising you to start running your water, yet.

Gabriel Rich carved Disney-favourite frozen characters like Elsa, Anna and Olaf completely out of ice.

A whiff of air frozen in ice for 1 million years provides a new snapshot of Earth’s ancestral climate.

Cash in a joint account is not frozen when one party dies.

It took ages to cross the line with the Pegasus players frozen in disbelief.