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Abu Zubaydah became completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth.”””

“A few nights they were 100 percent (full).”

A full 50% are dissatisfied and another 25% express anger.

All that, plus last night’s Scottish Cup action and a full weather forecast from Kawser Quamer.

Almost 40 percent have pre-diabetes, meaning elevated blood sugar levels that could lead to full-fledged disease.

Also fortunately, space travel is full of redundancies.

And allowing women full equality in the church is long overdue, as well.

And as impressive as his first season was, full-season Class A ball is still a long way from the bigs.

And it is now time, he says, to take the next step toward full independence.

And the number of part-time workers who would rather work full time is lower than a year ago.

And when he picks up a case he sometimes adds bottles, so that he getting a full dozen.”””

And wouldn’t you know, by noon the lot was full.

An election must now be held within a year of the new full-time party leader taking office as premier.

And to me, it’s clear the women’s game needs some changes if it wants to grow into its full potential.

Anytime the powers that be go for a full groin shame fest, it would appear that the back story is politics.

Are all the Palestinians full citizens? 3) Land seizure by war was legal until it was criminalized in 1949.

Around 150 residents from both villages picketed the Town Hall ahead of a full council meeting.

As a full service company, Maui Brown Bag offers bulk orders, wholesale prices, and artwork specifications.

As a full-time painter in Folkestone I wanted to do something community based.”

As a full-time professional writer, I was invited to Villa Lewaro for a press tour.

As we’ve noted before, this town is full of great sandwiches.

“At full build out, Harmony will have 3,500 homes.

At full occupancy we can’t watch everybody all the time, he said.”

Back then, the Ebola virus was in full swing.

Back to full strength, UW’s secondary helped spark a dominant defensive performance in the first half.

Begay is in his second full year as a TV analyst.

Because numbers are kept on an installation level, it is difficult to pull together a full number of NMAs.

Be sure to plant lily bulbs in well-draining soil, and unless you’re growing martagons, in full sun.

But in the first, taken when she was 18, her lips were relaxed and full.

But he is expected to make a full recovery.

But it did have a terrific keyboard with real keys, even though it was slightly smaller than full size.

But that’s after she laid off a full-time manager over the summer.

But the full picture tells a different story.

But, we still need leadership from our government, to achieve our full potential as an energy-superpower.

But winter weather delayed many lawmakers, and the vote was put off until the full Senate could be present.

By the time you saw it, the building was just full of smoke with flames just coming through the roof.”””

Can Dustin Ackley finally put a full season together?

Check out the full HuffPost Live conversation with Star Jones here.

Check out the full letter from Asimov here at Tech Review.

Check out the full lineup below.

Check out the full list of picks right here.

Check out the full story in this week’s print edition.

Cleaning up the waste repository and resuming full operations could take as long as three years.

Check their Facebook event page for the schedule and a full list of participating businesses and organizations.

Cost: $500- $575 for full week camp, depending on lodging.

Denmark has pushed to lower the maximum period for full unemployment benefits from four years to two.

Did Milo try to lift a full-grown bull on day one?

Ducatman recruited Shankar with the promise of a full-time paid Ph.

Each tunnel will need to be closed for a full year.

Do you have a house full of smart devices?

Do you want to work full-time or part-time?

During negotiations, Cameron and his team retain their full legal powers to act on behalf of the country.

Even with the full protective clothing you put on, you are at risk.”

Europe’s migrant crisis Seeking refuge: Full coverage Do you live in one of the countries taking in migrants?

Fannie will have repaid its full government bailout of $116 billion after paying its fourth-quarter dividend.

Flooding also caused a full closure of the city’s DVP that evening until the next day.

For Mr. Jones, it is full speed ahead with his lawsuit.

For the full no-car Portland getaway, get there by train or bus.

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For the full year 2014, EOG estimates 0.7 MBld to 1.0 MBld.

Following today’s action by the Committee, the bill will go to the full Senate for consideration.

For $30 you can purchase a T-shirt, with messages such as: Fit in or f–k off”” and “”F–k off, we’re full.”””

Fox got lots of screen time, both opening the show and getting a full audition segment.

Get the full weather details here.

Get the full Cat Street View experience here.

He again said that Ukraine had the full support of NATO and the EU.

He annexed Scotland and Ireland into a full union with a single parliament at Westminster.

Having just moved to NYC, I’m taking full advantage of the fantastic niche food options available here.

He had been shot in the heart, and his uniform was full of holes, like a sieve.”

He has full control over the whole team, really,”” tight end Heath Miller said.”

He knew full well the significance of Jeter’s last All-Star appearance.

He knew full well what he was doing wrong.

He moved an acre of material, but if where even 4 shovels full, what difference does it make.

He plans to stay in the city for extended periods but won’t move there full-time, at least not now.

Here’s a glimpse at some Ottawa restaurants and the National Arts Centre, which were full of red and white.

Her full time role is that of Assignment and Breaking News Editor of KTAR News.

Her gait was full of pep and purpose and her voice unmatched.

Her goal is to turn pro and make barrel racing a full-time job.

Henderson will be able to play a full Tour schedule next year and make her plans well ahead of time.

Here’s Dione shown as a crescent moon: The full set of images from the flyby have been posted online.

He was kept in full dark and was not fed during the first days.

He’s full of laughter, playfulness and fun conversation.

He wants a full review of the financial records of America’s central bank — and its decision making.

However, I think it’s also important to consider that we are not at full compliment.”

However, my mistakes are my own and I take full responsibility for them,”” Wolf wrote.”

I am so proud, so excited, so full of joy.”

If it passes there, the proposal will then be open to full public debate at the next meeting of city council.

I had no idea you can get a full (scholarship).

I hope this child makes a full recovery, and that someone will pay more attention to him/her when out & about!

Imagine his reaction if the Wells Fargo Center was ever close to full.

Imagine how much it would be if I worked full time!”

I’m confident that Adam Silver will make a full investigation and take appropriate action quickly.

“I mean he packed it full of living.”

I had stayed up all night photographing this area under the stars, with a near-full moon lighting the landscape.

I’m full of hope and understanding of others.

I’m going to go all out, do the best I can and play to my full potential and maybe have a starting spot.”””

I have full confidence that Rasheed will embrace this opportunity at the University of Maryland.”

I’m thisclose to going full man crush on him.

I’m in full hair and makeup and four-inch heels, because.

I’m not promising a full white-out like we had in December 2010, captured here by Tejvan Pettinger.

In cases where full payment cannot be made right away, arrangements for payment plans can be made.

In a way, it already is – many users create boards full of things they want and go on to buy them elsewhere.

In the first full week of January, UPS expects to ship 4 million return packages in the United States.

In order to experience the full 200 lumen output, you need to connect the external power source.

In some remote, poor places, brothers already marry the same woman, and they have a full and happy life.”

I saw a beagle once that ate an entire Ziploc baggie full of marijuana buds.”””

It didn’t introduce full Quantitative Easing because the Germans are opposed to that.”

It had two full days of deliberation on Wednesday and Thursday.

I set them both down and they both take off in a full sprint and fall right into the deep end of our pool.

“I take full responsibility for not boxing out my man with two hands and giving him another chance at it.”

It is owned by Queen High Full House, a limited liability company controlled by Tom Price and Hyun Um.

It has the full backing of the international community.

“It keeps me full and I think it complements the coffee very well,” Andersen said.

It makes no distinction between full-time MBAs, part-time MBAs, executive MBAs, and online degrees.

It opens to a full-screen video of dark greenery, leaves blowing gently and birds singing.

It’s a full-featured photo editor with a stunning user interface and all the controls you need.

It’s almost like I got a whole new closet full of clothes!”””

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