funding in a sentence

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As ACA ushers in fundamental changes, today’s hospital staffing needs have changed.

As a result, you expect one to behave differently from one’s fundamental nature.

Bengtsson: I have not changed my view on a fundamental level.

Black feminist thought fosters a fundamental paradigmatic shift in how we think about oppression.

EQUALS means that each party must RESPECT the fundamental interest of the other.

“He was very calm, very technique- and fundamental-oriented.

LC: The internet is a fundamental part of our lives, but it’s not the case for our parents’ generation.

No doubt, being physically confined by the government feels like a fundamental violation.

The independent from Vermont wants fundamental change”” to redistribute wealth to the middle class.”

… The issue of safety is one that’s fundamental.’

“They are really making some fundamental changes,” Myllvirta said.

We’re talking about a radical, fundamental interpretation of Islam that penetrates all areas of life.”

We have to make sure that it’s fundamental to who we are.

“In theory, all fundamental rights for minorities are granted by the Constitution of Pakistan.

“The fundamental barriers are not technical,” he said.

“The fundamental problem is a lack of resources,” he said.

“We need fundamental change,” Goodman said.

2. Hearing is important, but listening is fundamental.

A fundamental characteristic of the aesthete is immediacy.

According to Buquicchio, fundamental changes in legislation cannot be made without amending the Constitution.

After all, what dialogue can there be with a foe whose base belief is opposing your fundamental identity?

All of this raises a fundamental question that curiously seems to be unasked: why is capital so powerful?

And … education is the most important, fundamental ingredient in a prosperous country or prosperous nation.

And a fundamental one at that: the falling out of love.

And I think what this tour is doing is asking us to get down to our most fundamental needs,” he said.

And my fundamental approach is educating our children.

And that’s because the fundamental view, the Islamic perception of god is that god is compassionate, he’s merciful.

And the reason we were never part of it is that we didn’t agree with their fundamental policy direction.

And this modern opposition to open research is so contrary to the fundamental spirit of scientific investigation.

As a result, a fundamental decision point for CIOs is how to incorporate innovation as an active force in the IT agenda.

As Sarah Warbelow, legal director of the Human Rights Campaign, pointed out, “The right to believe is fundamental.

Barring a fundamental shift in public opinion, Obama said, “it will not change.”

Blavatsky’s fundamental work «Secret Doctrine».

Bubble watching is as much an art as it is a science because there’s no definitive measure of fundamental value.

But Apple must still answer some of the same fundamental questions that has dogged competitors in the space.

‘But I cannot be part of passing a law which contradicts the fundamental principles of law that I am defending.

But I don’t believe there’s been a fundamental shift away from Europe in a broad sense.

But that won’t fix the game’s fundamental flaws, which stem from a structure that makes most of the game a chore.

But there is another, even more fundamental, problem with this debate: Its core premise is deeply flawed.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says ISIS, also known as ISIL, poses a fundamental threat to Canada.

Chelsea MacCormack, 20, is a Holland College fundamental arts student and took the plunge to participate.

Company fundamental data provided by Morningstar.

Company fundamental data provided by Zacks.

Company fundamental data provided by Zacks.

Despite the volatility, despite the noise from Greece we’re having good fundamental data coming out in (U.

Equality for all is the fundamental principle.

FIFA must implement fundamental changes for the sake of football, a spokesman told several news agencies on Saturday.

First, IS represents a fundamental threat to Turkey – a greater threat than the Turkish government cares to admit.

Floor-crossing violates that fundamental principle of democracy.

From a fundamental perspective, the current level of the Brent/WTI spread is unsustainable, analysts at JBC Energy said.

Fundamental funds rank companies by other measures, such as sales and dividends.

Fundamental objections to the 7th approximation.

‘Fundamental’ to democracy Fraser says Mayrand is raising good points about the bill.

Gomez said in a statement that the report would be “fundamental to the investigation” and its findings analyzed.

He believes that coding should be considered a fundamental skill.

He played an extraordinary World Cup and he was a fundamental factor to our team,” Sabella said.

His goal of “connecting everyone” via Internet is “one of the fundamental challenges of our generation,” he said.

However, the fundamental issue facing the KMT is the one surrounding national identity.

I see no reason why democracies should not be able to defend themselves without sacrificing these fundamental values.

I think in the future you’ll have not just fundamental and technical analysis, but social analysis, he says.

I think the debate is not going to be about big major fundamental directions for the economy.

I think there’s no question that in investment banking there’s been a fundamental and major shift, Antonio says.

I think this is an opportunity to do some fundamental science that hasn’t been done before.

I urge the Sudanese judiciary and government to respect Ms Ishag’s fundamental right to freedom of religion, he said.

If we get it working again, if we give fundamental skills to these students, then all those values have meaning.

If women remain silent men will think it is their fundamental right to violate flesh and it is, unequivocally, not.

In fact, anju is a fundamental part of Korean culture, and just as important to Korean cuisine as any other Korean dish.

In his book, “The Global Minotaur,” he calls for a fundamental debate as opposed to panicky bailout efforts.

In this the Jesuits played a fundamental role.

In tunneling, two fundamental project measures are utilization and production.

Iran’s fundamental approach is that nations should determine their fate with their own hands, she said.

Is healthcare a fundamental right of all people?

Is the country really changing in a fundamental way?”

Is there a fundamental law of capital that prevents this from happening?

It is based on adherence to its many fundamental beliefs.

It is contrary to our fundamental values of equality, opportunity, and inclusion.

It is contrary to our fundamental values of equality, opportunity, and inclusion.

It quoted the party’s Nigel Farage as saying, “There is a fundamental dislike of Israel, but it’s more than that.

It said addressing the issue would require a “fundamental change in the law”.

It says, ‘today we treat equal people, equally’, and that really is the fundamental promise of this country.

It’s called “technology transfer” and it’s a now a fundamental part of Canadian university research.

It’s down to the management, Alawi said from London when asked the fundamental causes of such tragedies.

Kerry: I think they have a fundamental ideological confrontation with Israel at this particular moment.

Let’s resolve this fundamental disagreement through an appeal to the courts.

Make it custom, but keep all the fundamental designs.

More and more ethicists are even challenging the basis of fundamental ideas such as the equal dignity of all humans.

Next Story Did the Seattle Seahawks’ use of Richard Sherman against 49ers represent a fundamental shift in philosophy?

Oil price decline over the past few months were due to news, and forecasts; no real fundamental changes to supply.

One of its broadsides called for “a thorough and fundamental reform of the social and political body.”

Others argue that the problem is more fundamental.

Our goal is to use those tools to address the fundamental challenge of getting better health outcomes at lower costs.

Perhaps Abe recognizes the need for still more fundamental reform.

Prisoner advocacy groups immediately trumpeted the change, calling it a matter of fundamental fairness.

Q: Does Vanguard have any plans for fundamental indexes – i.e., equal-weighted, dividend-weighted, funds?

Restricting short-selling means fundamental information doesn’t get into the market, Hanley said.

Russian intervention would cause “a fundamental change in our relationship,” he said.

Since that time, rumors swirled about the pair rethinking the story on a fundamental level.

Studies show there’s another, more fundamental reason he wants that window.

Sutela said that even Russian help would only be a stopgap and couldn’t paper over the need for fundamental change.

Tgteich January 30, 2011 9:22 PM Audi, and the other German luxury brands still have a fundamental problem.

That in and of itself is a fundamental difference between me and Cory Gardner.”

That is a fundamental dynamic that we have to change.

That is the most fundamental question we’ve got to answer.

That’s encouraging but a more fundamental fix is still needed.

The appeal of the larger sample is fundamental: It will give us more data.

The attack on Paris marked a fundamental shift in who the Islamic State targets for violence, but not its aims.

The Breakthrough Prizes are awarded for recent achievements in fundamental physics, life sciences and mathematics.

The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory.

The content we create will increasingly play a fundamental role in how we build relationships.

The court said approving the challenge would be a “fundamental change” in the state’s pension code.

The differences with 1997 are fundamental.

The experiment would complete physicists’ list of the fundamental ways in which light and matter interact.

The features have been described as “either totally fundamental, or not particularly important.”

The fundamental economic backdrop remains pretty firm, even though investment sentiment remains less than certain.

The fundamental frequency component is at 220 Hz (A2).

The fundamental law of capitalism must be: If workers have more money, businesses have more customers, Hanauer says.

The fundamental problem is how awkwardly large the unit is.

The fundamental questions should be embodied in the constitution of the country.

The fundamental right to marry does not include a right to make a state change its definition of marriage, he wrote.

The fundamental user experience here is that of using Android 4.4, not of using an LG phone.

The JTA has described the proposed legislation as ill-conceived and says it violates fundamental rights.

The message is clear – that mass surveillance is not possible and against fundamental rights in Europe, he said.

The people want fundamental changes in their lives, justice in Ukraine and a path to European values.

The phrase “time management” is thrown about often, reminding us of one fundamental truth: “Time kills all deals.”

The right to love, criticize, and thereby improve our own country is fundamental to our very identity as Americans.

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