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All gang members should be killed on site, either by the police or private citizens.

At Easter a gang drilled through a thick basement wall and stole valuables from 72 safe deposit boxes.

They await a chance to wipe off this gang.

China is a victim of hacking,”” a foreign ministry spokesman, Qin Gang, said Thursday.”

Each body brought in tells of brutality and violence, of the city’s devastating gang activity.

Gang violence in Portland isn’t new.

He was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of aggravated assault and gang crimes.

I’m in a gang called the Loners.

In fact, very good grief: Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are taking another crack at the big screen.

It seems that the ‘Gogglebox’ gang are in high demand!

It’s the same way that a kid in the ghetto joins a gang.”

“I’ve recently done a case for rape within the prison, gang rape.

Mikey How many gang bangers have a degree from Stanford?

Our four-part series looks at the cogs in the wheel of Ottawa’s guns and gang problem, which you can see below.

PBOC Vice-governor Yi Gang said it was nonsense to believe that government expected the yuan to fall that far.

Ratliff had no gang affiliation, police said, and family members said she is survived by a 2-year-old daughter.

Teach morality to kids in school; make tougher laws against gang violence; teach NRA’s Eddie Eagle gun safety.

That’s what Goodell and the gang has in store for us.

The initiative, which came into effect on Monday, is aimed at curbing gang violence in the division.

There was some gang activity, but not like gang activity.

This isn’t a gun problem, this is a gang problem!

Vidaca and Caldera are believed to be gang members, police said.

Women fleeing gang rapes, children fleeing horrors we cannot even imagine, they would be closed off.”

@Ghetto Scum Saw a gang punk wander into Freeway Park on Tuesday afternoon looking like he wanted to mug someone.

‘Lil Snoop, Chicago’s Gun-Toting Gang Girl By Michael Daly She was just 17, a charter school graduate.

“Brotherhood” is also how Avila used to look at gang life.

“Mr Makiadi said he was pressurised by a member of a London gang called Unit who threatened to kill his brother.

“My real family that I had at the time was the gang,” he says “The homies were the ones who were there for you.”

“They identify themselves with the gang members and carry out acts in support of the gang.

16 MAY 2014, AFRICA From other news sites IOL Machete-wielding gang hits Kenyan vill..

8:01 p.m. Graham was asked whether he would sign onto the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill that he backed in 2013.

A Halawa inmate represented by Sierra was found guilty of leading a brutal assault for the gang.

A young woman is murdered by a gang after dinner in Chinatown.

Abuse did not stop with the end of the chain gang.

According to NBC 11, the evidence suggests that the shooting was gang-related.

According to the Crime Library, Holmes helped the Wonderland gang break into Nash’s home.

According to the New York Times, that wave lost its force and gang-related crimes dropped 40% from 1994-2013.

Add young “mashers” to the list of chain gang criminals.

After joining the gang, Irizarry felt he was leading a double life.

After one of the fights, prison officials found Hernandez had a new tattoo with references to the Bloods gang.

All the big cities are beset by inner-city gang violence, but Baltimore has now become the apex of the 2015 experience.

Among those detained by police were eight suspected gang members.

An investigation by the Charlottesville Police Department found no evidence that Jackie had been gang raped.

And Donetsk was home to a particularly brutal gang war.

Anna Marie Dufault handles community mobilization with the Yakima County Gang Commission.

Another gang member, Jeffrey Phillips, 24, was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole for Curry’s murder.

Antonio, who lived in a neighborhood dominated by a rival gang faction, Pocket Town, was shot and killed last month.

Any request from Balkhariya gang members is an order, Prasad said.

Around the time of their arrest, Bajwa said that “we were able to track down the entire gang,” known as Shura.

As a result, younger gang members became restless.

As an Americas Society brief shows, companies have already created programs to reinsert gang members into society.

As the Capital Weather Gang reports, D.C. is expecting a second blast of frigid air next week.

As the game begins, Ruxin fails to set his lineup and accuses the whole gang of colluding against him.

At Duncan’s preliminary hearing, they presented social media posts that they say proves Duncan is still a gang member.

At Oogie’s manor, Jack, Sora, and the gang confront him.

At the café, the gang are glad to be “off the hook”.

Authorities are targeting white supremacist gang members and others accused of drug and gun trafficking.

Authorities say the corrupt officers handed the 43 students to their allies in the Guerreros Unidos drug gang.

Authorities say they are looking into all possibilities, including whether the killings were gang-related.

Aysanoa Runachagua as Ramon, a member of Tuco’s Gang.

Based on the real life Shanghai Red Gang ( ?? Hóng Bang).

Biker gang culture now revolves around the “Big Four.”

Both face charges of attempted murder and various gang and weapons violations.

Both men are documented gang members, police said.

Bridenstine is calling the group the “gang of nine.”

But gosh darn it, 20th Century Fox is going to do it again — and in this reboot, the gang meets Dr. Doom.

But things get sticky for him because he was once a member of a powerful gang.

Capone’s gang was the dominant gang in the city.

Carew’s brave action prompted the IRA gang to clear out.

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley CBS Evening News Vanderbilt University gang-rape trial coming to cl..

Chaim became a kind of unlikely Jewish mascot of a local gang of non-Jewish teens.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Xu was in good condition.

Clegg could gang up with Miliband to denounce Tory hard-heartedness and with Cameron to deride Labour profligacy.

CPV is known valley wide as the most dangerous gang.

Days later, Howard shot and wounded a gang member, police said.

Did the parallel skyrocketing of their music and the rise of gang violence and murder have any correlation?

Do that with the gang bangers in Rainer.

Donald G Murphy 5pts The gang members crawling over the border most likely!

Drive by’s are targeting a known person(s) of another gang and rarely a random thing.

Drugs, gang activities and general mischief dot this area.

Duane Gang also reports for The Tennessean.

Easy way to cut back on the increasing gang activity in Portland.

El-Hussein was known to authorities as a gang member but was apparently not on their radar for Islamist extremism.

Fandorin hunts down a clever gang of swindlers.

Fearing gang retaliation, the police department temporarily stepped up patrols immediately after the quadruple homicide.

Federal security commissioner Renato Sales said he was apparently part of a gang operating at the airport.

First, let’s talk about the rest of the Gang of Four.

Five men questioned over gang rape of Indian nun 15.03.

Ford, a member of James’ gang, shot the notorious outlaw in the back of the head in 1882 to collect the $10,000 bounty.

Gang bangers hanging out near a school for troubled kids.

Gang detectives found the weapon in a nearby alley.

Gang Jo blocked the Liao invasions until his own death.

Gang leaders, not guards, are the ultimate authority inside the jail, he said.

Gang members infiltrated public schools, he said, and threatened kids to join their ranks.

Gang-related violence is a leading cause of school dropouts in El-Salvador.

Garcia and two fellow gang members got permission from their leader to retaliate against the woman, the FBI said.

Gasol, for one, said he was thrilled to be gone from the Lakers and part of an unselfish Bulls gang.

Gaudette initially told Montreal police that Bouchard was kidnapped by a gang because of his gambling debts.

Half of those included known gang members.

He allegedly joined the Mad Dogs, a Thai motorcycle gang.

He blames it on a “gang” that aims to harm Turkey.

He gives advice to the Flossmore gang when they need it.

He has a plan to save Santino from the gang.

He is also a notorious 9th street gang member.

He is believed to be a founding member of the Tacoma Cabrera gang.

He is part of the YLT (Young Leith Team) gang.

He is suspected of being head of a gang of 200 people linked to international drug trafficking and extortion.

He said two of them had been charged with gang-rape.

He says supporters of a gang leader killed overnight in a shootout with police were behind the violence.

He signed both Switzers to appear in Our Gang.

He subdues them both and tracks the gang to the lodge.

He was not involved in gang activity, family members said.

He wasn’t surprised to hear that gang graffiti isn’t being found as often.

Herbert Bagdanovich 5pts @last boyscout He is a documented member of a white supremacist prison gang.

Herrón was personally affected by the issue when his brother was beaten by a local gang in 1972.

He’s worked with gang members in Los Angeles.

Holden won’t identify the gang, but he says his investigators know their names and locations.

Homicide/Gang Task Force are working on the investigation.

Hong Kong’s stylish biker gang 9 photos The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride first took place in 2012.

How concerned are you about Ottawa’s record-high year for shootings (many of them gang-related) in 2014?

How do I come into a classroom and say that you don’t need to be selling drugs or participating in gang-like activity?”

I covered the Jets back in the beginning, back in 2009 when Gang Green traded for the fifth pick in the draft.

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