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Among women, the gap was 29% for LGBT women compared to 16% for straight women.

And if we discover a gap between your intentions and reality, are you interested in doing something about it?

And it’s about what it takes to bridge that gap.

And The Gap (GPS) agreed not to sell fur.

And these heroic stories that made my dad seem so much larger than life wedged open a gap between us.

There is no air-gap anymore between networks.

For years, many Americans explained away this gap.

He has good gap power, which plays well at cozy Miller Park.

He has worked for Gap since 2005.

He’s the owner of Station 420, a new pot shop set to open on Main Street in Union Gap.

However, it takes 14.26 pesos to buy US$1 on the black market, a gap that shows signs of widening.

However the gap in sales jobs is the lowest, at 4.3%.

However, the gender gap in Japan is more pronounced.

If you bought one in Union Gap for last Saturday’s drawing, you want to.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Union Gap Police at the number on your screen.

If you offered us a four-point gap over third place with two games to go, of course we’d have taken that.”””

In addition, he noted that there is also a gap between taste”” and what people can “”actually afford””.”

In chemistry-driven industry, there is a current gap between personal and professional use of technology.

Most of the repair of Mr Fidyka’s spinal cord was done on the left side, where there was an 8mm gap.

Selah and Union Gap fire also have an urgent need for volunteers.

Specifically, we need intermediate words, words to fill the gap between “Yours” and “Very truly yours.”

That knowledge gap can be deadly for women.

The biggest gap in reporting typically involves smaller planes that are more likely to be delayed or canceled.

The big gap at the moment is storage.

The gap could be filled by one event of Magnitude 8.5 or bigger, or by a series of smaller events.”””

The gap was 25 points last season.

The gap was exactly what it is for the general population.”

The income gap between men and women has been widening in the past three decades.

The income gap is also large in San Francisco (17.1 times), Boston (15 times) and Miami (14.8 times).

The most serious of the five issues is the gap between education and youth employment.

The Mustang, it seemed, could traverse a new feature on the American landscape: the generation gap.

There is a much greater gap from what the family contribution is.

There is a similar gap on the subject of whether the screenings are an effective deterrent to a hijacking.

There’s a huge gap between what’s possible and what we do.

The same intangibles information gap that exists at the macro level also exists at the corporate level.

“The six-point gap Surbiton have is the same six points they took from their two games against us.

The Under-21 team bridges the gap between the youth academy and first-team squads.

They will then have up to nine months to cover the capital gap.

They’re going to give us a gap analysis,”” Esten said.”

This is filling in that time gap,”” Clark said.”

This program filled a gap,”” Stavis said.”

You start to write it, then a year goes by, two years, so there is always a gap between the book and reality.

“I was the one to close Pinot down in the last kilometer when he attacked and Valverde had left a gap.

“Study after study states that there is a gap between what a CEO needs and what the HR delivers.

“That’s why you see that 20-year gap, because the industry was so tormented until 2005.”

“This isn’t really a skills gap, this is a training gap.

10 years of Pres. Obama discussing race The knife fight experiment hints at the language gap.

A few seconds later Brad McGee closed the gap.

A few years ago, Patrick was up here, he added, putting his hand at eye level, “but the gap has narrowed bit by bit.”

A gap in the programs amounts to playing “national security Russian roulette,” according to one official.

A gap which turned out to be exactly four ounces deep.

A huge gap gave ladies a clear view of guys at the urinals.

A recent study equated San Francisco’s income gap with Rwanda’s.

A study released earlier this year showed a significant widening of Germany’s wealth gap between 2007 and 2012.

A widening gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is also a risk as lower skill jobs continue to disappear.

According the inn’s website, the Mountain Gap Inn has been in business since 1915.

Across the UK, 94% said they feel there is a growing gap between richer and poorer clubs.

Aduba opens up about her years of loathing the large gap in the recent issue of Cosmopolitan.

After Rose seemed to gain an edge early on, by the end of the FIBA World Cup Irving had appeared to close the gap.

Alongside increasing council tax the council has had to find a raft of savings to bridge the funding gap.

Also expiring is the $365 million Bridging the Gap transportation levy (cost: about $166 annually).

Also NASA adds a gap through the whole compressor.

Among Republicans and Democrats who vote often and follow politics closely, the gap is even wider: 42% to 11%.

Among the 100 largest counties, five of the 10 counties with the smallest affordability gap are in Massachusetts.

And if the train car is too far from the edge of the platform, he fears that his wheels will get caught in the gap.

And nobody seems willing or able to fill the gap between them — a perfect opening for the jihadists.

And RI scans suggest that gap in the spine has now closed people.

And so whatever I can do to help bridge that gap.

And some believe that this gap has an effect.

And that’s a gap that has widened significantly over the past decade.

And the fact is, there’s a big gap between the two.

And the idea of spanning that gap is impossible to them.

And they are sending another 200 on top of that 265. That is a big gap and a big need.”

And we still have a significant gender pay gap in most fields.

Any defensive lineman would want to play one gap, because responsibility is slim to none.

As a top executive at Gap in 1994, he launched Old Navy with 40 stores: it now has more than 1,000 locations.

As Crosscut’s John Stang reported last week, legislators are looking at bridging the pay gap between men and women.

As global president of Old Navy for three years, Larsson has remade the business to be a bright spot in Gap’s portfolio.

As of now, there is no evidence of a skills gap in 90 percent of biggest manufacturing areas.

As of this week, only 12 percent of that request has needed, leaving a gap of $822 million.

As we look to the future, I want to address the income inequality, close the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Attorney Chris Chestnut said he was surprised by the gap in shots.

Austria is the only OECD country in which this gap is bigger.

AW: Some things are tried and true: Find a gap you can fill – that probably doesn’t change a lot with technology.

Barra, 52, has not commented on the pay gap.

Barrett reacted superbly to the unexpected attacking chance and pierced a gap in the interior defense.

Based on the top 5%, the U.S. has the widest wealth gap.

Based on your strengths and weaknesses, what skills, resources and relationships do you need to close that gap?

Bay, who came in 2007 from the H&M-owned label Cos, had vowed to restore Gap to its clean, casual heyday.

Because of this gap, SB 4 lays out interim procedures that go into effect January 2014.

Benny Se Teo, Founder Eighteen chefs “I realized that in society there is this gap.

Besides the imbalance of votes, the gender gap has resulted in fewer female Republicans who run or hold office.

Big company after big company, including T.J. Maxx, the Gap, and Ikea, have all hiked wages in the past few months.

Bosnia-Herzegovina beat Andorra 3-0 to trim the gap to Israel to two points with two rounds of games left.

Both runners scored on Colabello’s double into the right-center gap for a 3-0 lead.

Bridging the gap Fayzal Samji, a support worker at Home Base, has worked with Brophy to get him temporary work.

Bringing the ceiling in line with real production could help bridge the gap in views between OPEC and non-OPEC.

Broadnax said Hayward’s departure will leave a gap in the city’s leadership team.

But five months later, FitzGerald started closing the gap and was down 37 to 44 percent.

But Google and the rest of Silicon Valley have a long way to remedy their massive gender gap.

But high-tech can also widen the wealth gap.

But I think people shouldn’t get carried away about what it means in terms of a gap between China and India.”

But it will narrow the gap and there will be some adjustments.”

But Obama also cited “a big gap” between Iran and world powers as they try for a final agreement.

But tech entrepreneurs are often the first to acknowledge the gap between Silicon Valley and and Washington.

But the gap in overall power between the US and China today is greater than that between Germany and Britain in 1914.

But the report suggests that the Thai capital is showing signs of recovery and closing the gap with London.

But there were failures, too, including a bankruptcy and a short-lived food program for the Gap and Old Navy.

But when you present it in this way, with a 20-year gap as an age equivalent, it’s easier to understand.

But, with two skate parks in Yakima, does Union Gap need one?

By some estimates, the gap today is twice as large as it was two decades ago.

By some measures, the partisan performance gap is startlingly large, the authors write.

By the end of the second quarter, it will have that service in all of Gap-branded stores.

Can span a gap of up to 75 feet, can bear up to 80 tons.

Can we take the gap that divides “us” from “them” for granted?

Cathy Crosby, of Halifax, said she had a reservation to stay at the Mountain Gap Inn beginning Wednesday.

Chris Leithiser 5pts Word gap is gap left when rich students get lots books, poor students get few books.

Civic entrepreneurs can help close the gap.

Click to read more World Cup Group G’s club talent gap remains wide for US..

Closing the gap between genotype and phenotype.Nat Genet.

Collaboration with Assad and Russia would help fill that gap.

Compaine (2001) argues it is a perceived gap.

Cranfill will help fill a much needed gap in service for the department.

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