gently in a sentence

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At that point, another gentleman came over with an ax and busted down the door, and we got him out.”””

Did ‘gentleman jockey’ save royals?

Honestly I sure hope this was just some demented joke and wish this gentleman well in the future.

“I don’t know…it looks like an older gentleman in the movie theater.”

I asked the gentleman where I could get a beer.

I had one older gentleman heavily insinuate that I didn’t know how to read the map because I was a woman.

It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed.”

“The gentleman who was initially at police headquarters … he’s in surgery as we speak,” Allan said.

The joy in that gentleman’s face, it was just priceless.”

“Thad Cochran has always been a Southern gentleman,” said Ruby Ainsworth, a Braxton housewife.

“This gentleman presents with grandiose and paranoid delusions,” Klassen wrote in a report to the court.

… that I didn’t go out with this gentleman.

A gentleman sent me a copy of his book, un-bound.

A Gentleman’s Guide to facial hair Google Maps fixes N-word problem for most users Selling your Android phone?

A great person, a great hockey player and a real gentleman off the ice, said Boston Bruins Hall of Famer John Bucyk.

Along the way Straub got to meet a few celebrities, including Adam Sandler, “who is an absolute gentleman.

But heroin is considered “a low-class drug; it’s not a drug of the gentleman,” Tarun explains.

Carmine Vitolo, a manager at Roadhouse NYC Gentleman’s Club in Flushing, Queens, was arrested Wednesday morning.

Diplomats said there was discussion of Kiir offering an unwritten “gentleman’s agreement” not to run again.

Directing her attention to Williams, RM Pusey said: Mr gentleman, listen, if you not doing anything bad, don’t start.

Graham, a Southern gentleman after all, apparently felt compelled to call and explain.

He called Sifford a kind and gracious gentleman.

He was the gentleman that gave the marching band its name.

Here’s a gentleman who is not a drain on our society.

Hong Kong’s stylish biker gang 9 photos The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride first took place in 2012.

I had one gentleman call and say: they want me to go back to work out west and they would like an answer.

I hope they have a look at what happened and that this gentleman goes home just like we are.”

I was pointing at the baby asking for help, saying he’s not breathing and a lady and gentleman came quickly.

It resulted in more of a gentleman’s agreement.

Jeff Lohnes is going for the classic gentleman look, which he also refers to as a boxcar style.

John was such a gentleman I am so glad there has finally be some progress on this case.

Juan Pablo was a total gentleman about it and just asked the other gals to see to it that Victoria got home safely.

Luckily, her husband was there to suck all those nasty toxins out of her toe, like a true gentleman.

One gentleman reported receiving an average of 50 kisses a day, while his partner reported an average of only eight.

Rona Levin said it was put forward in 1768 in a letter to The London Magazine or Gentleman’s Monthly Intelligencer.

SAP needs to be respected for being the old gentleman it is.”

Scrooge: Nothing, sir. 1st Portly Gentleman: Ah, you wish to remain anonymous.

So we’ve got our hands up, and then another gentleman went into the bedroom, grabbed some stuff, and then ran out.

The ambulance door opened and a Caucasian gentleman approached me but kept a little distance.

The fight starts after an onlooker asks an unruly gentleman about what’s agitating him.

The gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq.

The gentleman started to yell, “What’s wrong!”

The gentleman was a 52-year-old male.

Their “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” won four Tony Awards last year, including best musical and best book.

Their 1982 duet, “Up Where We Belong,” was the breakaway hit from the film “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

These so-called Mancations may result in trips to Solid Gold, a gentleman’s club near the MTS Centre.

They were out there when that gentleman from Fieldstone came last night,” Benham said.

This 19th century interior smacks of a Gentleman’s Club, but in reality it houses zbc Communication.

This lonely gentleman may have the only sensible approach.

We were able to extricate the gentleman, place him on a stretcher and give him to the lifeboat crews.”

When I got there another gentleman was pulling him out.

You are the gentleman who keeps Mr Greenwood’s money!’

Ladies and gentleman, I give you BBC programming on a Sunday morning.

When challenged about these relationships, his stock phrase is, I was a perfect gentleman.”””

Please help me thank the coolest First Gentleman ever, Michael Haley.

The gentleman she was with had the wherewithal to tourniquet off the leg.

“When her shoe dropped off, the inimitable Colin Firth was on hand to be a complete gentleman.

A gentleman visits who happens to be the girl’s relation, and says that highwaymen held up his car.

A Gentleman’s Guide to custom suits Whole Foods Plans Lower-Cost Chain The Wall Street Journal.

A true gentleman who lived for Longstone, he would never be forgotten by anyone who knew him.

A: You see a gentleman walking, looking at his list, and he’s looking at the aisle markers.

After the tenth book, Lady Sarah is being wooed by a Gentleman of the Guards named Daniel Chesire.

Although he was not handsome, Isabella liked him for his strength and bravery; she also thought that he was a gentleman.

At age 20, he married Maria Holcroft, the daughter of a Lancashire gentleman from Golborne and returned to Ireland.

At New Place we can catch glimpses of Shakespeare the playwright and country-town gentleman.

Being the perfect gentleman, the Judge was unable to strike and hesitated, allowing the woman to cover him with her weapon.

‘Billy’ is as true a Christian gentleman as he was a rattling ball player, and that is saying a good deal.”

But by the time I got to him he was now in his 80s and he was a he was a soft gentleman.

But he is reported to have added “otherwise of a Gentleman, Parson etc.”

But luckily a stout gentleman arrived on a holiday with his family.

Captain Wilbur C. Dimmitt, a brave officer and accomplished gentleman, was severely wounded.

Dick earned a penny shining a gentleman’s shoes, and with it he bought a cat, who drove off the rats.

Dodger and Charley steal the handkerchief of an old gentleman named Mr. Brownlow, and promptly flee.

Gabriel, p. 53 He had decided to never marry or take up arms again, and to become a gentleman farmer.

Gentleman’s Rules Gentleman’s rules are considered most suitable for “friendly” matches.

Going east, past Ladies Bay and Gentleman’s Bay, we round the West Tamaki Head into the Tamaki Estuary.

Hal Holbrook played Tom and Pat Hingle played the Gentleman Caller.

He is a kindly looking, distinguished old gentleman with white hair, eminently professional and seemingly unflappable.

He is innately kind-hearted and behaves like a true gentleman.

He may be less than auspicious but he’s a gentleman and follows a code of conduct.

He now aspires to be a gentleman, neglects his work and squanders his father’s money.

He often wonders about his birth and whether or not he is a gentleman.

He once joked in an interview, “‘Gentleman Jim’ is lost somewhere in the archives.

He recognises René’s voice as belonging to the anonymous gentleman who was arranging the secret marriage.

He seems to be lacking in none of the qualifications of the gentleman and Christian minister.

He was a frail elderly Cypriot gentleman, who used an oxygen mask to aid his breathing.

He was a gentleman, which is a very pleasant thing when you’re on the road in lousy places.

He’s a good gentleman, a good friend, a good father, a good husband, Petrakopoulos said.

Howard agreed when Sherman appealed to him as a Christian gentleman.

If Hillary were elected, Bill Clinton would become the first American “First Gentleman.”

It has been said that the title “Colonel” was the ultimate fashion accessory for a Southern gentleman.

Jennings”), and Colonel Brandon, a quiet and reserved gentleman who is also a part-man, part-squid mutant.

Just first of all I want to congratulate Tim – he’s a real gentleman,” Nadal said.

Lady Goldenfleece begs the ‘Gallant Gentleman’ to tell her how she can regain her freedom.

Like the gentleman on Alberta Street the other day,” Canda explained.

Mary is thrilled to see that her beloved Luca has become the “English gentleman” of his father’s dreams after all.

Moses was a true gentleman and one of the great Rockets – and greatest NBA players – of all time.

Mr. Mason, a very young man, was a gentleman of the old school and town.

My personal interactions with him have shown him to be a gentleman, Carson said.

Nevertheless, Shaw had gained in his time at Mill Hill School the basic education of an English gentleman.

No such list would be complete without a true southern gentleman, Al Grevemberg.

Pleased by Pieboard’s wit, the Gentleman loudly invites him inside to be paid.

Rhett pays for the return of Melanie’s ring, and she then sees Rhett as a perfect gentleman.

Roger died in 1593. Edward, although born a gentleman, apparently lived in genteel poverty most of his adult life.

She later becomes involved with a wealthy Armenian gentleman called Julius Karekin, who buys her a hat shop.

Somewhat luckily for this gentleman, he happened to fall somewhere in the middle.

Sylvester pokes up from English Gentleman’s hat, also looking dazed and battered.

The ‘Gallant Gentleman’ reveals that Goldenfleece’s marriage contract is void because… ‘He’ is already married!

The Book concludes with Sophia attempting to ward off her cousin’s questions about the young gentleman.

The fact that he was a gentleman and didn’t take advantage of it says a lot.

The gentleman is a clever performer, and his entertainments were largely patronized and gave general satisfaction.

The noted gentleman’s Reform Club This message box is using an invalid “type=content” parameter and needs fixing.

The Pistol (Gentleman) and the Lightening Gun (Preacher) are different to the other weapons.

The private Facebook group was known as the Class of 2015 DDS Gentleman’s Club.

The reform of the ordinary rakish gentleman is the common pattern for the ending of the play.

The story concerns Jefferey Rollestone, a gentleman who becomes a vagabond after Maud, the girl he loves, leaves him.

The vengeful army betrays Gentleman Ghost, and buries him along with them after Batman destroys one of the artifacts.

These healthy gentleman before you use peoti and those that do not use it are not so healthy.”

Varjak goes upstairs, where he finds dozens of cats inside a large cage, trapped by the Gentleman and his creepy cats.

War and service in the king’s court offered the one acceptable career outside the church to a gentleman of his birth.

Whenever the gentleman caller puts his hands on the “lady’s” breasts or genitals, “she” pushes his hand away.

William C. Hunter wrote about Jardine, “He was a gentleman of great strength of character and of unbounded generosity.”

Zorro indeed acted as a harmless gentleman when not acting as a vigilante during the night.

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