ghost in a sentence

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Don a ghoulish costume and join the ghost parade, a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages.

Finally, the monorail is back, and it feels like a visit from the Ghost of Liberal Dysfunction Past.

Greece’s ghost airport It was once the place Greeks flocked to when leaving for pastures new.

He was all but a ghost against the Netherlands.

I don’t believe in ghost or duppy stories.”

It was an eerie kind of a ghost-town type feel.”

“Joseph isn’t a scary ghost,” says Mo. “His presence is actually quite comforting in a strange way.”

Last week 3.130 % The ghost town”” of Swett was originally listed for $399,000 about 16 months ago.”

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has created ghost towns, ghost mines and now not one but two ghost ceasefires.

The disquiet of white settlers upon witnessing the Ghost Dance led to the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Those of us with season tickets for decades remember the lowly 90s when it was a ghost town in the kingdome.

@The Ghost of Liberals Past Proof positive that I’ve never met you.

A ghost ship with cannibal rats January 27, 2014 — Updated 1810 GMT (0210 HKT) It’s the stuff of movies.

A ghost town during the week, Anren turns into a bustling destination at weekends.

According to production company Ghost+Cow Films, the entire video was shot on location in San Francisco.

Across the north of Iraq swaths of countryside now lie bare of people, ghost villages lining the roads.

After returning to Baxley he joined the Holy Ghost Temple of Apostolic Faith Church.

And the tapes served as the basis for Kohl’s three-volume memoirs, which were ghost-written by Schwan.

Appearances of the ghost of Blue Bell Hill have been documented by the KM over the years.

Attention minions of Colonel Meow: A ghost ship with cannibal rats It’s the stuff of movies.

Back in the church, Blake’s ghost grabs the golden cross.

Be a part of the frightful fun by winning 2 tickets to the Ghost Train® Halloween Festival.

Before the start, “Ghost Rider” hats were presented to Mayor Tom Rist and Col. David Iverson.

But prosecutors said soldiers repeatedly cheated the system by claiming bonuses for ghost referrals.

But Stamm is adamant that after four decades he has never seen a ghost, of James Smithson or anybody else.

But when he heard that, back home, they are also searching for the ghost particle, he moved back to China.

But when I coupled with that ghost woman my penis was like a gidung, and my seed gushed like a waterfall.

But, I’d prefer it to call it a ghost plane.

Canada has room for ironic costumes… but here we have to be just straight up vampire, ghost, monster, he said.

Canada’s former railway hotels, for instance, are often ground zero for a city’s ghost stories.

Coco projects the image of a Japanese ghost.

Creatures called Woks, screeching specters that remind me of the demons from Ghost, elicit fear in all.

Demolition begins on giant ghost mall Uber: The Alibaba of 2015?

For details on the Ghost Train® Halloween Festival and more information about Tweetsie Railroad, visit: Facebook.

Frethem has also encountered a good-natured ghost.

From the age of 14, he tells me he connected with a presence at his parents’ house, which he refers to as a ghost.

Ghost fields do not obey the spin-statistics relation.

Ghost Lake marina owner Mike Weinert says the reduced water level in the reservoir is threatening his business.

Ghost Master plays similarly to a real-time strategy game.

He also has the nickname of the “Ghost of Sparta”.

He can also fight other spirits as he is a ghost too.

He claims to be possessed by a “malevolent spirit,” the ghost of a white tigress, which fuels his bloodlust.

He said the situation remained tense and the city itself was like a “ghost town”.

He then started tweeting ideas and a script for a project he dubbed “Ghost Plane.”

However, the Ghost clearly falls short in one area: battery life.

Huge ship uses its hull as a giant sail ‘Ghost’ boat cruises on a tunnel of bubbles Could cosmic elevator reach space?

I don’t fare much better – my montage is like the ghost of relationships past.

I dressed up as a ghost a few times, too, back in Brooklyn.

I find it the ideal setting to devour almost 1,000 pages of Norman Mailer’s Harlot’s Ghost, a history of the CIA.

I later run into Schmidt while exploring a ghost town called Ruby with entomologist Lary Reeves and his girlfriend.

I simply point out that Democrats may want to view the GOP’s infighting as the ghost of Christmas Future.

I think he thought I was some ghost judging him or something!

If the player misses a shot, the “ghost” receives 2 points.

If Washington isn’t taking a close look at Ghost, Sancoff wants to know if it’s because his firm is too small.

In church, there’s the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

In Ghost of 613 when he got scared, he ran to his mom.

In Milan, the ghost of Giuseppe Meazza scores goals that shake the stadium bearing his name.

It felt like a ghost who reached out from decades past.

It’s like we’re dealing with a ghost,” Mr. Hacker said.

It’s made with an extremely spicy ghost pepper.

Jockey Rafael Hernandez, in his first Plate mount, led Shaman Ghost from fourth in the straightaway.

Just because you can’t “see” God, is just like “seeing” a ghost.

Just calm waters, with a dreamy reflection of the ghost forest under the surface.

Kale Bist chased the ghost few hundred yards away.

Known as the quiet one, he is a ghost in the woods.

Kristie Lu Stout: Ghost cities, empty malls.

Look around you, this place has become a ghost town.

Malachi tells Ghost Rider he will not be free from hell.

Matisse will have to contend with one ghost from Westminsters past.

Natural disasters can also create ghost towns.

No background check though, these are “ghost” oranges.

No, the Bill Walsh on these tapes is no ghost.

No. 40, season 2. “The Million Dollar Ghost.

Number Of Bike Crashes In S.F. Have Doubled Since 2006 A ghost bike at Sixth and Folsom.

Officials Say FBI Insisted Presser Pay ‘Ghost Workers’.

On a flat, clean side of each jug, draw a ghost face.

Or should I just let it all slide and continue living with Casper the unfriendly ghost?

Pray to the angels and the ghost of your grandfather.

See List of ghost towns in the United States ).

Sent as ghost-hunters, they attack Elisa and her friends.

Set edition preference Part of complete coverage on Can eco-city plans bring Cypriot ghost town back to life?

She also claimed to be haunted by a ghost of a young girl.

She occasionally appears as a ghost later in the series.

She returns as a ghost later on to kill another character.

She suggests that the dead gynoid had a ghost itself.

She will not stop, but runs from him as from a ghost.

Silly rabbits tricks are for ghost pay rollers.

Skyler was a broken, devastated ghost of a human being in her last scene with Walt.

Spreading his hands in blessing, Martens then baptizes the man “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

Stacchi has also been an animator on Antz, Aeon Flux and done visual effects on Hook, Ghost and Back to the Future.

Sutcliffe has also taken to YouTube to try to dissuade any potential ghost seekers from disturbing her peace.

That plane was actually a ghost plane for several hours until it ran out of fuel.

The Black Hills is filled with ghost towns and ghost mines, uninhabited remnants left over from the Gold Rush Days.

The burglar ghost proves human, but it escapes.

The capital Dhaka resembled a ghost town as it plunged into darkness.

The dog’s ghost is reputed to haunt the Lime Walk.

The Donegal Quay facility is now a Ghost Town, once again.

The Ghost of Liberals Past 5pts @Goodwin Well said DT.

The Ghost of Liberals Past 5pts @White Kitty We aren’t allowed to “stand our ground”?

The Ghost Security team is working around the clock.

The ghost town in East Haddam, Conn. can be yours, at a starting bid of $800,000.

The Go Green Campaign is almost ghost-like.

The Hospital of the Holy Ghost (Polish: Szpital sw.

The lacunae ghost appeared in Dragon 265 (November 1999).

The lore of the “Ghost Bride” dates back to the 1930s.

The MSI GS60 Ghost ($1,699 MSRP) is a dream come true for gamers looking to take their hobby out into the world.

The Penang War Museum sits atop “Ghost Hill,” beside Chinese graveyards and tower blocks.

The Pentagon wouldn’t comment to CNN specifically about Ghost.

The rumours of looting and murder also inspired a fictional ghost story.

The swath of land now sits empty with formerly inhabited areas resembling eerie ghost-towns.

The TV series “Ghost Mine” was filmed in the area.

The TV show Ghost Hunters also filmed there in recent years.

The whole town was left distraught when Bobby died, but perhaps she could also make a comeback in ghost form.

They have also created an experiment that makes some people feel like there is a ghost nearby.

This file image provided by Columbia Pictures shows Nicholas Cage in a scene from “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.”

This ghost holds a dark secret, and a dark desire.

This ghost story is the perfect read for those looking for a haunting yet lovely read, and guess what?

This is known as Mharwachi Sheela (Ghost’s rock).

Tracy came with his removable backpack and Ghost Gummer.

We believe in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

We can see Doug’s ghost walking the halls here.

When the ghost had his tail between his legs, he was spooked!

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