gift in a sentence

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And like truffles, it’s a gift from the wild, not amenable to human cultivation.

Ann really was the gift that kept on giving, wasn’t she?

Bill Walton offers Dave Pasch a scientific gift.

Built on public land with private funds, it will be given as “a gift to the city” in 55 years’ time.

But for some seniors in Regina and the city’s surrounding areas, a special gift might be coming their way.

But it’s also the beginning of purchases for holiday gift-giving, sales of which promise to be strong this year.

But this is also the season for giving, so we like to offer a charitable gift guide every year as well.

College President Karen Lawrence says in a statement that the school is thrilled by the gift.

Christmas is different this year and I am feeling a great joy and gratitude for the gift of Walter in the world.

Does she now want a real gift?”

“Donating blood is a simple gift that I can make that may help up to three people live another day.

God has blessed us with an amazing gift!

Henderson takes no credit for the toys; when a parent walks out of the room with a gift it’s theirs to give.

Each additional gift given by a user costs US$1.00.

Holiday Gift Ideas and Gift Guide Looking for the perfect holiday gift?

Holiday Gift Shopping for women made simple with gift guide for her under $100.

It is about one block south of a sizeable shopping area with museums, restaurants, cafes, and gift shops.

It’s like a fall book preview or holiday gift guide — but every week in every category.

It’s a gift from the artist to the community.

It’s a gift of a part because the lines are so funny and there’s a lot of physical theatre,”” she said.”

It was a special gift, a never-to-be-repeated season of life, a time when big eyes brimmed with wonder.

It’s the perfect gift for a Springsteen fan.

Justice is not a gift from the affluent to the less fortunate.

Losing my hearing was a gift from God.”””

Moving to Southeast Asia gave us the gift of time we so desperately needed.

Moss is visibly overwhelmed by the gift.

My family and I are truly grateful to the donor family for this incredible gift they have given us.”

“Oh my God,” the officer says, raising his hands and looking up as if receiving a gift from heaven.

Sales of Swiss watches in China fell last year after an anti-corruption crackdown crimped gift-giving.

She got the hint”” after her friend gave a driver’s education book as a birthday gift.”

So here are some gift ideas for clever household items that are a little outside the usual Father’s Day box.

So right now I am making my way through Leanne Simpson’s The Gift is in the Making – Anishinabegg Stories.

The best time to address this is before any gift-giving occurs.

The Bulldawgs also sold beef jerky and chances to win a $200 Wal-Mart gift card.

The Beatles music is truly a gift for all.

The gift comes from Alan Marks’ brother, Juilliard trustee Michael Marks and his wife, Carole Marks.

The Surface 3 is a great value, and it would be an awesome graduation gift for graduates this year.

The thing you feel is your greatest curse will some day, against all odds, turn out to be your great gift..

Think of it instead as an additional holiday gift – an opportunity to give waste a new life.

This sign says: Give yourself a gift in this busy life and meet a globetrotter during your short ride.”

Those who adopt a pet at the clinic on Sunday will receive a $25 gift card to Hannaford Supermarkets.

Watches make a great gift, too, such as the $40,000 Harry Winston gem that goes to the winner of the Sony Open.

What other Apple gift do you think would be a perfect fit for Apple aficionados?

What’s your favorite Android-related gift that you would love to give or receive this holiday season?

What a wonderful gift you have given us!

You don’t have to paint a holiday gift, but wouldn’t that be nice?

You have multiple talents, but the key is to understand that you also have a unique gift.

$30M Gift is Largest Single Donation to OSU, onCampus.

“But there are some individuals that don’t understand the gift and sometimes they don’t embrace it.”

“If they’re buying a gift, we get the wrapping paper and a card.”

“They are all waiting for the gift of speech.”

“This is very much a gift to us,” she said.

“To see that sport could be translated to the rest of my family is a gift for me.”

“We do it to help disadvantaged children who may not otherwise have a gift to open on Christmas morning,” said Hall.

“We were so happy to have Mr. Davis visit campus and appreciate his wonderful gift,” said Rischbieter.

“When you get a gift like that, you dream about another gift,” North Carolina Republican strategist Carter Wrenn said.

”This is something truly good, a gift from God,” he said.

0:36 Now watching Up next Meet Your New Luke Cage Marvel is the gift that just keeps on giving.

13 photos: A do-gooder holiday gift guide Interested in learning about someone whose life experience differs from yours?

13 photos: A do-gooder holiday gift guide You’re pro-life, and your aunt and second cousin are pro-choice?

2-in-1 Laptop to Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 This is the ideal gift for that special someone who wants it all.

A gift card raffle will be drawn at the end of the evening.

A gift Elizabeth says is all thanks to faith.

A gift of 30 cases of beer An unusual assignment came next.

A gift of money and/or other “fine things” was expected.

A gift of prenatal and maternal care for just $52 can save many mothers and babies.

A gift, Packers general manager Ted Thompson calls it.

A granola is almost always a welcome gift at Christmas time.

A great idea would be to give these DIY chalkboard mugs as a “his and her” gift set.

A local man who spoke their language, Jaminawa, coaxed the men closer until they eventually accepted his gift.

A pair of Bostonian shoes I had given Mr. Haley as a gift went for $5.

A portrait delivered instantly on a Polaroid camera is a much-appreciated, on-the-spot gift.

A public radio station in San Francisco recently succumbed to pressure to remove the soda machine as a pledge gift.

A Teen basket that includes a gift from Pizazz, a craft party for 6 with snacks value over $225.

A three or six-month gift subscription costs $50 or $90.

A White House official acknowledged the mis-delivered gift.

A Wilson resignation, in my opinion, would be a gift from Chief Jackson.

Abel is the pseudonym of an author who has the gift of creating page-turning fiction that reads like non-fiction.

According to the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms website, it is still legal to resell your gun or give one as a gift.

After a company files, it can ask a judge to approve the honoring of gift cards during going-out-of-business sales.

Alanna Erdle says her greatest gift was a teddy bear she got when she was six years old.

Ali responded: “I have made it a gift for you”.

All types of wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, they are not recyclable.

Also, gift certificates are redeemable at other Feliz locations.

Always bring a small, thoughtful or even homemade gift – even if you were told you not to bring anything.

Always opt for something personal (and edible) if the budget is tight. 8. Cut down on your gift list Cold, or worse?

Amazon naturally suggests an Amazon gift card or a Prime subscription, both of which you can email to your recipient.

Ambassadors, with a gift of at least $7,500: One anonymous donor.

Amid this, they are able to create gift cards directly from the backend and send them to chosen customers.

An African American boy gave such a beautiful rendition of Pie Jesu that it earned him a gift from the pontiff.

And he encourages the lucky winners to tweet out a selfie with the cash gift.

And remember to tune in to CBC TV for The Greatest Gift, a special program we’re preparing for the holidays.

And then she gave me an eagle feather – a gift of truth.

And there are times when quarterbacks with that gift should ask for a refund.

And yet, like any fabulous gift, it has no purpose if it does not teach us one fiercely valuable thing.

Andrew has a gift for interviewing and analysis.

Another gift idea to motivate a health kick is one of those ubiquitous fitness trackers you can wear on your wrist.

Anyone unwrapping this gift is sure to say “yaaas!”

Apple isn’t investing in solar as a gift to humanity.

As an extra-special holiday gift, Rowling also gave fans a look at how she really feels about Draco.

As far as the gift tax is concerned, you are in the clear.

As part of the fundraiser, numerous parish members and local businesses donated gift baskets to be raffled off.

Asbill said I should come to the meeting because they have a gift for me,” she said.

At the center of it all lies a priceless Indian sword, a gift from the British monarch to the Egyptian Pasha.

Barack Obama – the progressive gift to mankind that keeps on giving!

Because of Devin’s good timing, his parents received some welcome gifts and a $100 gift card.

Because the freedom that surrounds us today is a gift, offered to us by those who have served for the greater good.

Being a surgeon is a gift, said Brooks.

Bookstores, dining spots and gift shops, oh my!

Bose Home Theatre system: 37% off This post is part of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide partnership program.

Both groups then teamed up with Governor Otter to surprise Pike with the gift during a tour of the Statehouse.

Brylee’s Wings: Thankful for the gift of time Brylee earns her wings “I just miss her.

But a direct gift to a client or employee is 100 percent deductible, says Zobel, up to $25 per person per year.

But Baker had a friend at the time who shared her own abortion experience, and Baker said it served as a gift.

But Baralides appears, and comforts Leonites with a gift.

But CBS Boston reports that this is the first time the Lowell area Salvation Army has received such a gift.

But he had a sense of humor, and he had a kind of gift in certain ways.

But her great gift in her action-packed life was she was always paying attention.

But in 24 years, I never so much as cracked the cover, other than to write the date I received the gift.

But objectively speaking, if you were expecting to buy a graduation gift, I just saved you some time.

But unlike a tip for a waiter, “gratuidad” means not only a gift, but also one that’s not necessarily deserved.

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