gifted in a sentence

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God has blessed ELWA with some truly gifted staff.

Our first half performance was poor and we gifted Motherwell two goals.”

The Young, Gifted and Black Coalition staged daily peaceful protests in the week after the shooting.

We want to offer those same programs here in order to keep our gifted and talented students.”””

While the Wildcats have other gifted scorers, Garland and Barbashev are easily their best players.

‘ He says both are ”very gifted hitters” and were sought by other major league clubs.

A starting guard at BYU, Marty himself was a gifted athlete with sprinter speed.

According to CNN, Netanyahu was gifted a bust of Churchill by some members of Congress to mark this achievement.

‘All the children are above average’: Should schools separate gifted students?

Also, the photo is gifted with a softly filtered light.

At 11 years old, I knew that setting fire to cars was wrong, but maybe I am gifted and judge others too harshly.

Backstage in San Diego, a country music singer gifted Bush with a guitar, which he playfully strummed for a few seconds.

Both men are gifted servers, but that stroke failed Berdych on a wind-swept afternoon.

But Lee, 47, is a major shareholder in Cheil thanks to shares he was effectively gifted before the company went public.

Don’t worry, I won’t do that again, the gifted Uruguayan promised, soon after arriving at his new club.

During her first year of life, National Zoo panda cub Bao Bao has gifted the world an immense amount of joy.

Erdogan is a gifted populist, a charismatic figure with the ability to win over large crowds.

Esteban wants to manage the Tipton and is a gifted dancer.

Even if you’re not gifted in the gift-giving department, spring for some nice seasonal flowers and/or a bottle of wine.

Five turnovers gifted to you and you think you were the better team and you think you kicked their A-S all game?

Franz Schubert he considered “a gifted amateur”.

He had gifted it to one of his first students at Leeds University in the 1920, Katherine (Kitty) Kilbride.

He is a gifted writer and he also has respect for the writing process and understands what that process is like.

He is, however, gifted in providing what most transformational efforts lack to their demise: a new Purpose.

He writes: “Beyonce is incredibly talented — gifted, in fact.

He’s crass, and he’s an extremely gifted orator with a good sense of the gospel.

His father, Marlon Sr., was a gifted amateur photographer.

His mom, Taji, said she suspected her son was gifted, but didn’t know until the results of an IQ test.

His personality and his savvy, he’s an extremely gifted and well coached and very talented quarterback.

Horrendous service game from Wawrinka, who gifted three forehand unforced errors there.

If the Bears win Sunday against the offensively gifted Atlanta Falcons, he likely will have a starring role.

If the opposition wants to win, it must have a gifted and charismatic leader,” Z. Brzezinski said.

In Carson’s 1990 autobiography, ‘Gifted Hands,’ he wrote: “Later I was offered a full scholarship to West Point.”

It is the occasion to showcase another important part of Monaco’s dedication to gifted artists.

J.) Press) Cardenas said several clients have “gifted” her to new mothers.

Mediating the learning experience of gifted underachievers.

Most are quite gifted at the comedy timing thing.

O’Sullivan, 40, arguably the most naturally-gifted snooker player of all time, was recognised with the OBE.

Producer Sonia Friedman called Cumber
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