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Reid, who admits he’s no gifted orator, is leading the chorus with bombasts from the Senate chamber.

So now the GOP is being offered a speaker who is not only capable in the communication arts but also gifted.

So too was Salt Lake defender Nat Borchers, who said Salazar gifted the Sounders some goals.

Story: Insurers in denial THE 11-year-old girl was intellectually gifted and able to play the piano by ear.

The 2 PL titles they won they didn’t so much win it themselves as other teams gifted it to them.

The Caps gifted Kerry with a team jersey before beating the Jets, 4-2.

The district will pay half from its Gifted & Talented fund with the rest of the funds coming from various fundraisers.

The equipment, worth 850,000 pounds, will be gifted to Ukraine in the coming weeks in response to a request from Kiev.

The funding will go towards hiring up to 22 additional teachers which will include honors and gifted teachers.

The hosts then threatened when Jose Baxter gifted possession to McDonald, whose neat chip went just over the bar.

The trailer featured the voice of The Outsider, the supernatural entity who originally gifted Corvo his powers.

The young, gifted hacktivist mined secret data for the public good – until he was driven to suicide.

These classes are advanced and for gifted students.

They fell behind early, when Geoff Cameron’s wayward clearance gifted Nani a fifth-minute goal.

They have to be earned and gifted in ceremony.

They will also have the gifted Ignacio Piatti, a designated player who joined them last August, for the full season.

To try to ease some of her daughter’s heartache, Tish Cyrus gifted the 21-year-old with a new puppy.

Tom gifted us with his knowledge, talents and love.

We do have so many gifted and talented people through our doors.”

We lost possession too often and we basically gifted them the goals,” Ancelotti said.

While the miners were still underground, they labeled the rock with the number 33 and gifted it to Romanogli.

Zoe Redfern moves from an elementary teacher to a gifted teacher.

The Artist Diploma program is for gifted performers who show promise for a professional career as a performer.

It was Dr Cunningham’s descendants who gifted the Cunningham-Watt Park to Stewarton.

There’s a world of stay-at-home work these days for the person who is gifted at writing.

Tremblay is pure magic in this film, deeply gifted and totally natural.

A gifted communicator, Bishop Sartain spoke and wrote with passion and eloquence.

A gifted musician and public speaker, she was enjoying her time in the United States.

A gifted poet, she was affectionate and stern in her method of raising her children.

A king had fallen in love with Sakúntála, whom he married and gifted an emerald ring, with his name engraved upon it.

Abilities and interests Throughout the series, Rowling wrote Harry Potter as a gifted wizard apprentice.

Adama was a gifted Viper pilot in the Colonial Fleet during the later stages of the first Cylon War.

All-Star game players like Butler were gifted with a special Fendi-designed leather headphone set.

An accomplished ballet dancer and singer, Sandy is one of the most gifted artists in Liberty.

As a mark of gratitude, the Maharaja gifted the Matha with a necklace embellished with precious stones.

As a result, gifted students at these schools are not served, or not served effectively.

As a token of his appreciation, Jarasandha gifted Karna a portion of Magadha.

Bill had a special talent for home construction and was a gifted finish carpenter.

Biography Groven was born in Lårdal and came from a gifted family of musicians and artists, prominent in his home area.

Brilliant in military strategy especially at macro-level, and also gifted in both civil affair and identifying talent.

Career Leela had a gifted voice.Thiribuvana Manibhagavadhar the uncle of musician T. V. Gopalakrishnan. was her first guru.

Characters Jeremy Lachlan MacConnor: A gifted physicist who has trouble talking to girls.

Crossover Children: A Sourcebook for Helping Children Who Are Gifted and Learning Disabled.

Dijon was a very talented drummer, and he came from a gifted family.

Each “champion” is gifted with a ring of elemental power by Gaia.

Each of his gifted band members took a short solo and left the stage, one at a time.

For his service, these lands were gifted to him, and he established Karl’s Hold.

Fortunately his superior, Father Abbot Dom Frederic, saw that Merton had a gifted intellect and talent for writing.

Full-time separate classes or schools Gifted students are educated in either a separate class or a separate school.

Gifted and industrious, Adalbert soon became well-known all over Europe.

He and his friends are gifted with the ability to communicate telepathically with each other.

He believes himself to be truly gifted in the art of acting, and often blames his failures on his agent or society itself.

He had a gifted younger brother, who was impressed by his elder brother’s revolutionary political ideas.

He hired for D&R some gifted staff from the pool of professionals he had known well in the TVA, notably Gordon Clapp.

He is an extraordinarily gifted inventor, with advanced knowledge of physics, mechanics, and biology.

He is discovered to have a higher midi-chlorian count than any Jedi, and is therefore exceptionally gifted in the Force.

He is regarded as an exceptional and gifted speaker and communicator.

He is said to have gifted the gnomes with their ability to communicate with burrowing mammals.

He left a strong impression on all of his students as a great academic and gifted teacher.

He said that Jacques was one of the most gifted riders of all time but this was hardly reflected by his record.

He shot the beautiful, the gifted, the powerful and the poor with equal empathy.

He was a bright student and gifted athlete and visual artist.

He was a gifted varsity water-skier at Dae Gu Young Shin Middle School.

He was gifted with a beautiful voice and sang before the King several times.

Hertha were gifted a lifeline when Roman Bürki spilled the ball after 78 minutes.

Hussain is gifted with powerful strength and kills every warrior.

In 1927, he gifted the Leyland Free Library & Museum with a memorial case, collected by his brother James Carlton.

In 1952 a further acres (0 km 2 ) was gifted anonymously to the Trust.

In life Kinsella was a very popular and academically gifted student.

In return, Ghazi gifted Dukhe seven cartfuls of precious items, while Rai gifted him sufficient amount of wax and honey.

In several of these contexts, the highly-evolved beings are gifted with extraordinary healing powers.

In the last three games, we have gifted teams goals and found it difficult to come back.

In this gifted child we found an artistic prism to look at history and not just present history.

It was gifted to the trust in 1978 by Mrs Irene Cheales (née Miles).

Jalen was particularly gifted as a scorer from the perimeter or the post, capable of putting up 20 points most any night.

Juan Ramón Verón was a gifted player who could play left wing but also join the midfielders or attack from the right.

Kerll became one of the most acclaimed composers of his time, known both as a gifted composer and an outstanding teacher.

Kneelers were gifted by churches in the Wellington Diocese and by congregations in churches as far away as Britain.

Laennec was gifted student, he learned English and German, and began his medical studies under his uncle’s direction.

Maharaja Yashwantrao Holkar started the first freedom struggle in 1803; he was a gifted military leader.

One of her classmates described her as the class’ most gifted pupil.

Prior to the 1981 Rose Bowl, Schembechler called Carter “the most gifted athlete I’ve ever been around.”

Renzulli (Ed.), Systems and Models for Developing Programs for the Gifted and Talented.

Samsung products were the 10th-most-gifted by men in 2014 and ninth among women, the report said.

She is highly gifted in the art of using gen, and is the first Firan to be seen at the Keep in over a hundred years.

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