girlfriend in a sentence

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As he was casting his ballot, a young man walked by and warned him don’t touch my girlfriend.”””

Carruth was found guilty of conspiring to murder his girlfriend, Cherica Adams, who was carrying his child.

Chestnut got down on bended knee to make it official with longtime girlfriend Neslie Ricasa.

Diamond said he moved toward his girlfriend when a man grabbed him, the report said.

Domestic violence Accused of domestic battery in Florida after incident with girlfriend.

— Ed Housewright, writer at Single Dad House 9. “”‘Have you introduced your girlfriend to your kids yet?'”

For most of the academic year, Barber was the only roommate with a regular girlfriend.

Yoav – a letter from his girlfriend in London.

He had shot his girlfriend about an hour earlier.

He lost his apartment, girlfriend, and recording studio.

His girlfriend came to the gallery every day and stood near the statue, but he was unable to see her.

His girlfriend’s car was still there.

His girlfriend tried to save him by performing CPR.

I got a girlfriend who had an apartment in Mountain View, so I’d go there sometimes.”””

I’m dumping them just like I would a materialistic girlfriend.”

I’m guessing his girlfriend said the same thing about him.

I started backpacking with my girlfriend from Jakarta then we took the local trains across Java island.”

I’ve talked to my girlfriend about the cricket thing.”

Mahut celebrated by kissing his girlfriend.

Maybe he will sue his girlfriend for leaking the audio.

Medical marijuana the state says Burkybile’s girlfriend used and would sell to close friends and family.

My beautiful girlfriend Anna, my mum, my kids and I think my girlfriend’s Italian parents will be too.

Mostly I saw him holding hands with his girlfriend.”

Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, aged 27, is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Only you and your (ex?)girlfriend can figure that out.

Proposed to my girlfriend in Minecraft, on a big roller coaster complete with explosions!”””

Taveras and his girlfriend were killed in a car accident in his native Dominican Republic in October.

The hearing was held for an emergency protection order for the girlfriend.

The girlfriend fell to the ground, and Minter fired at her, striking her in the jaw and shoulder.

Then, earlier this week, we heard about the guy who created a video game to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

The paper also carries a front page picture of convicted rapist Evans with his girlfriend.

There’s even a photo of a smiling Bulger with his then-girlfriend Teresa Stanley dressed in mock prison garb.

They’ll be joined by her brother and his girlfriend.

Toews said his parents and girlfriend will be in Sochi, despite that thought in their head”” about the danger.”

When Sterling (that’s if his voice is still being double-checked) says to his mixed-race girlfriend (irony?

@Moderate Voter BB guns aren’t real girlfriend.

@Smartypants What was that routine on “Almost Live” The Worst Girlfriend in the World.

“(He) never had a girlfriend as far as she knew.”

“Are you scamming on my girlfriend?” she asked flatly.

“Big winter jacket, two pairs of pants, three socks, girlfriend’s boots.”

“He didn’t do nothing wrong,” Melissa Butler, Gurley’s girlfriend, told the Daily News.

“Onions don’t work if you have a girlfriend,” Muhammad said.

“When I was nineteen or twenty, I had a girlfriend, a very significant girlfriend.”

•A woman on Beverly Lane reported that her son’s girlfriend called and threatened to burn their house down.

A Brookport man is in custody for allegedly killing an ex-girlfriend and her teenage son.

A day later, according to court records, Middleton and his girlfriend met Hamilton and Hodge on a gravel road.

A girl who used to be Hoffman’s girlfriend said he was “a good kid” and a “down-to-earth guy.”

According to police, Quick had a 4-month-old daughter with his Albemarle girlfriend.

According to prosecutors, Bucklew was angry at his girlfriend, Stephanie Pruitt, for leaving him.

According to the court, the accused man’s co-accused is a 17-year-old female, who is reportedly his girlfriend.

Almer’s girlfriend took a series of pictures of him in front of the place.

Among the contributors to Simmons’ solo album was his girlfriend at the time, Cher.

Among the people he encountered: his girlfriend’s five children, Gaye said.

And I was his sweet little girlfriend,” Jane told CBC News.

Another great band is my girlfriend’s band Barbara Stephan.

Anybody catch that clip of Sam making out with his male girlfriend after he got drafted by the Rams?

Armed with photos of Maldonado, investigators got a break: A girlfriend of someone at the party recognized the suspect.

As Bean and his girlfriend sped off, Eggers’ brother tried running after them.

As for the CW’s rom-com-with-music “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” can lightning continue to strike week after week?

As she drove away, Vallejo said, he ran into an acquaintance and his girlfriend.

As the audience roared in laughter, Strasburg pointed out that he had a wife which means “no girlfriend”.

At a March 10 court hearing, a Calgary police officer said Camardi told officers he intended to kill his girlfriend.

At the time, Brown was still on probation in California for a 2009 attack on the singer Rihanna, his then girlfriend.

Bensemhoun leaves behind his parents, two sisters, and a girlfriend.

Boris Nemtsov and his girlfriend Anna Duritskaya, a Ukrainian model, had eaten dinner at plush restaurant on Red Square.

Brian Czobat, AP Earnhardt first stepped out with girlfriend Amy Reimann at the 2011 NASCAR awards ceremony.

Bring over a friend, their mom or dad, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Brinsley’s hospitalized ex-girlfriend, Shaneka Thompson, was upgraded from critical to serious condition.

BRYANT, Ind. (AP) — A rural Jay County man is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend’s infant child.

Bucklew later escaped from jail, hid in the home of his ex-girlfriend’s mother and beat her with a hammer.

Bueno’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Valeria Jaime, has been charged with hindering prosecution.

But some like Jennifer Adair, who cheered along with her girlfriend, lined the streets just for this moment.

But the boy, with his sister, 8, then set off in the car, which belonged to the girlfriend of the kids’ father.

But what’s with the pixlated girlfriend?

Campbell had a relationship with Mayor Martin Walsh’s girlfriend two decades ago and was her daughter’s father.

CBC has learned that Green, his girlfriend, and a teenage girl were at the Jungle Jim’s restaurant on Topsail Road.

Chao recalls an instance when, as a teenager, she brought her girlfriend to her house.

Charles Darrell Thomas, 69, and his girlfriend, 62, were in a small motorized boat Monday afternoon when it capsized.

Collins, at the bar with his girlfriend and some of their friends, said most people thought it was a joke at first.

Cooper360 will being airing an interview, tonight, with Duncans girlfriend.

Cuellar’s girlfriend was able to escape the fire.

Davis then threatened to “shoot up” the victim’s house via a phone call with the victim and his girlfriend.

DEAR CAROLYN: My girlfriend and I broke up earlier this year because I was ready to get engaged and she was not.

Deborah Dutka said the woman is her son’s girlfriend.

Detectives found no weapon so they ruled out suicide and started looking for the man’s live-in girlfriend.

Doctor, I am a guy of 19, and I have a regular girlfriend.

Dominican media outlets reported that his girlfriend was also killed in the accident.

Dorian Johnson got up at 7 a.m. with the intention of getting breakfast for his girlfriend.

Dube’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Mersinger testified Monday that he told her he killed Nichole, WZON-AM reported.

Dumb Blonde: it killed him Girlfriend: What.

Duncan’s girlfriend has been frustrated in other ways as well.

During her visit, Menendez met the girlfriend over dinner with Melgen at Azul, a restaurant in the Mandarin Hotel.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and girlfriend Lauren Hashian shared on Instagram that they are expecting a little girl.

Each letter reveals how he is one man to his parents, another to an Army buddy, another to a fading girlfriend.

Early reports said the actor and his girlfriend rushed in there to help a distressed pregnant woman.

Elba’s girlfriend, Naiyana Garth, gave birth.

Every action movie I read, it’s the girlfriend role.

First, let’s talk about what’s going on with your ex-girlfriend.

Francies and his girlfriend remained close together, while his sister and their friend were about 50 yards from them.

Girlfriend: Shooter was taking cocktail of 3 drugs.

Gould said he swaps out his real smartphone for the NoPhone once a week during date nights with his girlfriend.

Green, his girlfriend, and his daughter, 15, were at the Jungle Jim’s restaurant on Topsail Road for supper.

Have u heard of the heart breaking story about David Conley who slaughtered his ex girlfriend & her entire family!

He added that he was inspired by a tube of children’s toothpaste left in his house by his son’s girlfriend.

He did not return to his campsite at Jenny Lake Sunday evening, and was reported missing by his girlfriend on Monday.

He dismissed Mill’s allegations and ridiculed Mill for being obsessed with his high-profile girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

He goes onto liken his enthusiasm for talking about Jesus to showing off an “awesome, bomb girlfriend.”

He had a child with his girlfriend, then a child with another girl, then another child with another girl.

He had a young daughter who lived with him and his girlfriend in Anchorage.

He had another undercover agent pose as his girlfriend.

He hatches a plan to get a girlfriend and become cool by helping his equally odd friend run for class president.

He is also accused of putting a bullet through the sun roof of a former girlfriend’s car in a separate incident.

He is desperately looking for someone to love, a girlfriend.

He is shot and killed by Katherine, his girlfriend.

He is survived by his mother, a sister and a girlfriend.

He isn’t best friends with his ex-girlfriend the way that Hannah and Elijah are, for example.

He killed Lancelot “Bobby” Muir, 44, who was found shot to death along a creek near his girlfriend’s home.

He lives 40 minutes from Ferguson with his girlfriend, who is also a Ferguson police officer.

He married longtime girlfriend Megan Wollover, who stood by him after the crash, in an August wedding ceremony.

He mentions that Melinda used to be his girlfriend.

He plans to live with a girlfriend and put the heating and air conditioning repair skills he learned in prison to work.

He said he was only at the Eaton Centre because his girlfriend wanted to visit a sports store.

He said he was trying to scare bar patrons in Port Washington after his girlfriend was punched in the face.

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