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About a month ago, James Connelly, who killed John Collado in 2011, was given an award at One Police Plaza.”

A Labour Party official said he had given a handful of change.

Aldo Leao had given Morelia the lead in the 28th, with Carlos Morales equalizing in the 69th.

Allow me please to send you these flowers, given to me yesterday by a loving friend.

All the housing Multnomah Co. has given them they end up completely trashing and then complaining its trashed.

All the people I know have already given,’ said one Washington, D.C.-based donor who spoke privately.

Alzheimer’s disease was less likely given his age.

In this series, Digimon were given individual names.

And, second, if he had seen it, he probably wouldn’t have given me the job.

And there has been some speculation among scientists that it was the one given to Writebol.

Are they given temporary legal status so they can attend schools?

A Spanish priest who was sickened with the virus has also been given a dose and returned to Spain.

A situation, which Swerling says, has given the feds more than enough evidence to use the hate crime law.

Atawulla Tursun was given life behind bars for taking part in terrorist groups and murder.

A total 78 mobile phones with the Safe Delivery App”” were given to midwives attending local women.”

Barnett recently underwent her last round of chemo and says doctors have given her a positive prognosis.

Both vaccines are given in three injections over six months.

Built on public land with private funds, it will be given as “a gift to the city” in 55 years’ time.

But also on this given day, we can compete.”

Broomfield was given a seven-year sentence.

But it’s opened old wounds, and it’s given us an opportunity now to address those wounds, he said.”

But love hasn’t given up on her.

But it wasn’t to be and we’ve given the game away, I think, rather than losing it to the better side.”””

Civil and human rights are a given, and the fact that we’re discussing it in 2015 is beyond me.”

Cruz is the 11th woman to be given the title by the magazine.

David called Vera and summoned her to the hospital, where he was admitted and given oxygen.

Odysseus proves the better, and is given the armor.

Duncan left the medical facility after being given antibiotics and a pain reliever, his friend said.

Each volunteer is given specialist training by the charity and the Trust before being allowed on the wards.

Each vote costs $1, with the proceeds given to the Morris Foundation.

Ellington will be given the time to spend with his family.

Eventually, they’ll be given the run of the entire space station.

Every one of these boys could be man of the match on a given day.”

Even the Apostle Peter was given a second chance.

Everyone in the crowd received a candle with a note: Everyone is given a candle that burns just for them.”

• Given my budget, guest count, and wedding style, what food choices would you recommend?

Given my experience as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, with a Ph.

Given such arrogance by Spencer, Hickox, and NBC’s Dr.”

“Had I rolled over and given up then I wouldn’t be here now.

Given how variable ciguatera is, it might take decades for such changes to reach significance,”” Lewis said.”

Given that this is an ongoing federal investigation, it is not appropriate for us to comment further.”””

Given the busy travel season on the Mexican coast, authorities are still working out travel logistics, Vera said.

Given the performance of my Bears, I can’t have too much sympathy for the Lions,”” Mr. Obama said.”

Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible.”

Given up, got back up, fought and made up.

Given Washington’s current political division, much of what will be laid out on Monday is unlikely to become law.

Have you given them all the information they need?

“Greece is being given exactly two choices,” Stubb said.

Heard the assault order has just been given.”

He asked for and was given a death sentence.

He had just been given custody of her because she had been malnourished by her mother.”””

He has given $3 million of his own money to his campaign, out of $6.2 million spent.

He has given a fascinating insight to the BBC on his thought process for a significant political gamble..

He has given no public reasons for that.

He has given no public reasons for that, but it removes the perception of a conflict of interest.

He has given up at least one homer in each of his nine starts, the majors’ longest active streak.

“He has given us nine out of 10 – a good assessment and one I agree with,” he said.

Her niece is also a very compelling case, given that she’s now an orphan.

He’s given up easy driving lanes even after locking in against other stars.

He uses, he says, whatever milieu will best fit the composition he has in mind for any given project.

He was initially given oral medication, but that did not fix the problem.

He will be given 15 days to request a hearing.

“He will be given every strong consideration for someone of his stature.”

Each additional gift given by a user costs US$1.00.

I considered him the most practical choice given the circumstances.”

I don’t have answers for that but some consideration should be given as we look at new schools.

Human Resource managers need to realize that people are not perfect but can improve, if given the chance.

If I were given a guarantee that I could have it all?”” she asks.”

If there is a credit to be given, they give it away to others.

I don’t want anything given to me.”””

I had done what I wanted to do – Peter Baldwin “I was given details of how to find the house,” he continued.”

I haven’t really been given a lot of opportunities.

In New Zealand, Wendie Ayley’s work as a hospice nurse has given her a different perspective.

Instead of chocolate, Linden Shelford is given a random act of kindness to perform each day.

In the first, 20 participants were given powdered IPE or a complete dietary fiber, inulin.

I think he should be given an opportunity to show he can play quarterback in the NFL.

It depends on how quickly it’s given.

I think the real answer is that serious consideration at a high level was simply not given to the issue.

It is based on the advice given to the Government upon the establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund.

“It’s amazing the support they’ve given us, I’m kind of blessed, the community has come together and helped us.

It’s been a tough old time to be a Corrie fan, but the news of Stuart’s departure has given me fresh hope.

It was given a warning in 2007 for damage caused to a university meeting room.

It was initially waived off as a high stick, but he was given the goal after review.

It was the job he was given,” he added.

I’ve given all the vendors questionnaires,”” Saunders said.”

I’ve given myself a lot of short birdie opportunities the first two days.

I’ve given them to her parents now.

I’ve given up some of the tasks that once required all my attention.

I’ve long given up on her ever quitting and as long as this keeps her under control, it’s a win.

I’ve never made a scene in there or given them a hard time.

I would sooner have just given it to them..

“I’ve already given that expectation to them,” Hayes said.

Johnson says she is not being allowed in the hospital or being given any information on his well being.

I would definitely say my accident was a blessing in disguise, and it’s given me amazing opportunities.

I would like to take this opportunity one last time to advocate for a chance be given to peace.”””

Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s son, Maxim, was given a 10-year jail sentence for money laundering and abandoning his post.

Kenya has given the United Nations three months to close Dadaab refugee camp, one of the largest in the world.

Like many others mass shooters, he had given clear signs that he was extremely dangerous, planning to kill.

Many warn about sterling’s fate given London’s opposition to nationalists’ plans for a currency union.

Details of the criminal exiles is given.

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has given remarkably different accounts of a 2006 meeting he had with then-U.

Most of the recipes are given in metric measurements, however.

Murray was given a first-round bye in Toronto while Kyrgios, 19, beat Santiago Giraldo 7-6 (7-3) 7-5.

My family and I are truly grateful to the donor family for this incredible gift they have given us.”

Nigerian government officials have given conflicting responses to Boko Haram’s offer of a swap.

No cause of death was given, and the announcement says arrangements are incomplete.

No price was given for the acquisition.

Now I came to Christianity in a somewhat unlikely way given who I am.

No reason was given for the changes.

No reason was given for the decision to sit five judges.

No time frame has been given for completion of the tests.

No timeframe has been given for when he could be let out.

No time frame was given, however, and that’s going to be interesting to watch as the season unfolds.

One infraction from last winter involved impermissible iced decorations on a cookie cakes given to prospects.

One is, wow, why would anybody smoke marijuana given this is an alternative?”

Once the girl stopped drinking the tea and was given intravenous fluids and medication, she quickly recovered.

Others have given up and returned home, it said.

Over the years many more shares were given to employees who have already cashed out, the paper said.

People who fought, and who earned the right to VA health care were never given VA health care,”” Davis said.”

Perhaps other heads of state will follow suit, given the area’s commercial importance and strategic location.

Players are given one jersey a year.

School performance, expenditures, and income were given the most weight.

She hadn’t given it much thought, she said.

“She really loved her time at Misericordia, and she felt that it had given her a profession.”

Some death-penalty opponents are zeroing in on midazolam, a sedative commonly given to people with seizures.

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