goal in a sentence

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Abbas’ goal of a Palestinian state in all these areas remains elusive after two decades of failed negotiations.

Adam Lallana (Liverpool) header from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal.

Alvarado’s 43-yard field goal had put Montreal ahead 20-7.

Although unpopular with labor unions, expanding trade opportunities was an important administration goal.”

And now this Super Bowl 49. 2nd and goal from 1 yard line with 26 seconds and a time out remaining.

Appel said it was the group’s goal to grow organically in the e-commerce sector.

A raise”” is not really a real goal.”

A sea of people, pushing, rushing, striving to meet a goal.

As of early Thursday afternoon, donors have broken the family’s $10,000 goal by more than $4,000.

Both gauges, however, remain below the Fed’s 2 percent goal.

Boys and girls have sex to achieve a goal, whereas “27” was making art.

Browns 26, Saints 24 CLEVELAND – Billy Cundiff kicked a 29-yard field goal with 3 seconds left.

Brazil has a realistic goal for its home games,”” said Alvaro Jose, a longtime Olympic specialist in Brazil.”

But a portion of the tax earmarked for school construction projects has fallen short of a $40-million goal.

But I still really want to push for our last week and try and make the goal.”””

But it’s not as if they’re a close-knit team, working for a singular goal.

But that does not mean that the goal is flawed.

But then, out of nowhere, came the Ebbsfleet goal which had started to look so unlikely.

But the ultimate goal is to render us all air-purifying units.

But the goal that stands out in Phillips’ mind in particular came Oct. 24 against Alabama-Huntsville.

But we let in one goal get us down.”

Colao finally hit his goal weight of 260 pounds in October.

Collin met a cross from substitute Ben Greenhalgh with a bullet header for his second goal of the night.

Cray Wanderers lost 2-1 at home to Maldon & Tiptree, the Wands goal scored by Adrian Stone.

Cray Wanderers, on the other hand, benefitted from a last-minute goal as they drew 2-2 at Waltham Abbey.

De Blasio has set a goal to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emission by 80 percent by 2050.

Duke ranked second among conference teams in field goal percentage defense (.374).

Dulaimi said in a telephone interview: Our first goal is the air support.”

During four months of intense physical training, Dunbar focused on one goal: He wanted to run.

Eakin scored a power-play goal five minutes later, a one-timer on a pass from Tyler Seguin to make it 2-0.

El-Sisi himself subscribes to that goal — but with little urgency.

Economic growth plays the foundational role in aiding development, but cannot be a goal in itself.

Feels like a goal coming on for the Don Cherry’s.

Getting the early goal got us off to a really nice start.

Great header on his first goal and pure power on his second.

General manager Alex Anthopoulos insists that in late July, the goal was merely to reach the playoffs.

He, after all, has scored the club’s only goal this season.

He can’t stop short of his goal, so he climbs, one step at a time, to the top.

He has three two-goal games over the last six contests.

He plans to pursue his goal of owning and operating his own business following his departure from MLSE.

HEre’s Kane’s second goal, at the 3:50 mark of the third period.

Her goal is to keep giving to the homeless and try to reach the 500 backpack mark.

Her goal is to make people aware of their options.

Her goal is to turn pro and make barrel racing a full-time job.

He only started six games this year and he didn’t manage to score a single goal in the regular season.

He was named to the All-Star team and won the MLS award for goal of the year.

He sees it as a threat to the CSU’s goal of securing an absolute majority in the next Bavarian elections.

His goal is to be accepted into Notre Dame, and to play football for the University.

His goal is to take the entire Ukraine.

His goal is to take the entire Ukraine..”

Hidrate creates a daily hydration goal unique to the user and utilizes that to track water intake.

However, ASAN thinks that goal itself part of the problem.

His goal is to show policymakers that it’s actually really easy”” to effectively make interest rates negative.”

I felt like it was an achievable goal.”

If helping out sectors hurt by the oil swoon is the goal, there’s little evidence a rate cut would do that.

If you reach your goal (e.g. a marathon in 4 hours) then the donations are sent to a charity that you choose.

I mean, if the goal is regime change it sure doesn’t seem to be working.”””

“I’m new, many of the players are new and our goal is to get better every day in order to make the playoffs.

I just need to produce,”” said Tavares, who entered the night with just one goal in his last 10 games.”

I know how to manage people in a crisis and be very clear about the goal of protecting human life, he says.”

In 22 playoff games, he had just one goal for Saginaw.

In 2014, the northern Germans survived although they failed to win either leg and only scored a single goal.

In the other match DR Congo came from a goal behind to beat visiting Sierra Leone 3-1.

In qualifying for the Canadian tournament, England won all 10 of its matches and conceded just one goal.

In the second session, the Beavers were wide right on a 37-yard field goal attempt.

In the first quarter, the Saints opted to punt from the TB 35, instead of kicking the field goal.

It did not serve our ultimate goal of getting Iran to stop nuclear weapons.”

I served well today, which was the big goal.

It has been clear from the get-go that the right had one goal and one goal only where BENGHAZI was concerned.

I think that’s your goal as a player to try to win a Super Bowl every year that you’re playing.”””

I think there might have been one goal that was actually shot in the net.

It is a great goal and it is a great achievement.

It knew that both girls soccer teams were one goal away from completely taking control of the game.

It might not be your goal to become a CEO or a top politician.

”It’s a big goal, but it’s more than that,” fellow Finn centre Mikko Koivu said.

It’s a freedom, it’s a sense of freedom to our skating, that’s really our goal this year,”” Duhamel said.”

“It’s a tall order,” says IIHS Senior Vice President Russ Rader, “but the goal is definitely feasible.

It’s not fun losing,” said winger Jaden Schwartz, who scored his 24th goal.

It’s our overall goal, he said.”

Its primary goal is to bring the best of Android into the automobile in a safe and seamless way.”””

It was Brazil’s first ever own goal at a World Cup.

It was initially waived off as a high stick, but he was given the goal after review.

It was obviously a huge goal for us.’

It was the lone goal of the first half.

It was the quickest three-goal sequence in Olympic history, with the latst two coming just eight seconds apart.

It’s the fast start Canada needed after setting a goal of finishing in the top two in the overall medal count.

I was definitely pretty pumped about it,” said Scheifele of the goal.

It was Hayes’ fifth goal in eight games.

It was McCleary’s second goal of the tournament.

It was the 37-year-old Ivorian’s 11th goal in as many MLS games since joining the Impact in the summer.

It would be amazing to keep going, maybe, possibly win the whole nationals, that’s our goal, eventually.”””

Johnson’s first goal in 12 games made it 4-2 at 40 seconds of the third.

Lack says he didn’t let the bad goal take him mentally out of the game.

Late in the half, Welbeck had a decent chance at a goal but could only swerve the ball over the bar.

Les Rouge et Blanc even scored another goal in the 89th minute when Fabinho fired in a low shot.

L – Jackson 27 field goal, 5:25.

Lin said the government believes that those with a common goal can make the world better through united action.

Losing his father was bad, Mel says, but it also seemed to give him the space to pursue his goal.

Messi, left, celebrates with his teammate Angel Di Maria, after scoring his team’s first goal against Nigeria.

McDonald said last week that the end of the year was still the goal for ending veteran homelessness.

MILESTONE: Iiro Pakarinen jumped all over a rebound for his 1st NHL goal.

Monahan’s power-play goal 20 seconds after Boyle scored cut the Calgary deficit to 3-2.

My goal every day is to tire the kids out.

“My goal every time I step on the floor is to try to get a triple-double,” Williams- Goss said.

My goal for it is that you can walk up, get scanned and it e-mails you the scan.”””

“My number one goal this week is to please the fans,” Ribeiro said before the performance.

Newell said the goal is simply to protect children.

My overall goal is take my brand outside of YouTube and move it directly to television,”” she says.”

Not just the bottom line, “How much does this cost?” goal.

Now Power and Penske can focus on their next goal — getting their third win at Indy next weekend.

Oilers coach Dallas Eakins was encouraged by the fight his team showed after finding itself down a goal.

Obviously, the goal is not to take risks but to get there safely,”” Borschberg told reporters in Tokyo.”

One year later, he scored his first goal for Germany, in a friendly against Russia.

Only problem is, West Brom has a goal differential edge of +17.

“Our goal all season was to be a top 10 defense,” Arizona’s Nick Johnson said.

Our goal as a province is to close 80 per cent of the landfills.”

Our goal is for customers not to be impacted in any way,”” said Yakel.”

Our goal is to keep the heat on this winter,”” Hunter said.”

“Our primary goal is to keep kids safe,” she said.

Our ultimate goal is to have a better relationship with the community,”” Ciminelli said.”

Our goal is to get our citizen home,”” she said.”

Our goal is to get TPA and TAA to the president’s desk this week and deliver this win for the American people.”

Our goal is to host the most substantive debate.”

Paquette punched in the go-ahead goal with 3:11 remaining on a perfect feed from defenseman Victor Hedman.

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