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Albert says he was told the only development near his home would be a nine hole executive golf course.

All of these new systems and characteristics give GOLFTRIX a competitive edge over existing golf games.”

“A lot of people get mad and frustrated on the golf course, and that’s why their game goes downhill.

And I know the golf courses are very tough; I just enjoy the tough condition of the golf courses.”””

As an ambassador for golf in Canada, I am disappointed to miss the Pan Am Games,”” Henderson said.”

At Bellevue Golf Course (par 35) Team scores-Lake Washington 205 points, Mercer Island 87 points.

At the end, we can provide the golf world with the equations that add up to pace.

Boehner, 64, is an active man who likes to play golf, ride a bike, and mow his own lawn.

“But in actual fact, she was underneath the bridge at the Don Valley golf course.”

CAMMRYNN STITH, 24, former Kids Across America camper: I fell in love with having golf in my life at camp.”

Driving is the foundation to any golf game,”” added McIlroy.”

Free golf lessons for life if he stays.

Friends, Family, Colleagues and even my local Golf Club Druids Heath (thanks Frank) you have been amazing.

Golf is getting used to not having Woods around.

Golf is often regarded as being out of step in a modern society that dances to an ever-changing beat.

Golf legend Greg Norman tweeted Sunday that Rory’s win is a sign of things to come.

He became bigger than Golf (yes, it can happen).

He drives his golf cart around.

He became first player to compete in 50 World Golf Championships dating to when the series began in 1999.

He has a side career as an analyst at the Golf Channel.

He’s played enough links-type golf courses.

I couldn’t make the putts on the last three holes like you are supposed to do to win the golf tournament.”

I got back home and didn’t play golf for about three days and didn’t practise.”

I haven’t won in four years but I’m playing my best golf,”” Que said.”

I hear it’s going to be a long, long golf course.”

I look like I’m running around the golf course – literally last Sunday.”

I hit the golf ball well and I putted a lot worse.”

I’m really comfortable with the golf course.

I’m by far playing the best golf of my life,”” Day said.”

I played really clean golf,”” McDowell said of his rallying effort.”

I played with Graeme in the last round last year, and he likes this golf course.”

I said to him on 18 that was the greatest round of golf I’ve ever watched,”” Swatton told The Seattle Times.”

It’s a shame that he’s stepping down,”” Rose told AFP at Sheshan International Golf Club.”

It’s a great golf course and is in amazing shape.”

It’s really a wonderful golf course,”” he said.”

Kaymer is giving golf a face in Germany Sebastian Kienle celebrated a special win this year.

Michelle and I offer our condolences on the passing of golf legend Charlie Sifford,”” Obama said in a statement.”

Nor is that all golf’s fault or unique among sports.

Now he looks like the best player in golf.

Now, the golf world is speaking out.

The play area also has a Mini golf attraction.

Rob Hodgetts, BBC golf writer Winner: Justin Rose.

Russia, surely, is an untapped market in golf.”

The councillor also said the plan was always to add the extra nine holes of disc golf proved to be popular.

The golf ball-gobbling tree won’t be missed, says many of the golfers.

The golf companies would love to have his hip-hop look in the trophy pictures.

The golf competition is scheduled for July 16-19, 2015.

The golf course has a limited number of cars, so call ahead to reserve one.

The golf course is so pure that putts will go in and you’ll have some opportunities with wedges.”””

“The golf course was in great shape, and it’s an experience I will never forget.”

The golf ground and many other parts of the island were submerged.

The house, in the exclusive Avila Golf and Country Club, continued to smolder Wednesday afternoon.

The implication was that if you are a regular on the golf course, then work may not be your first priority.”””

The program covers tuition and housing for former golf caddies.

The reason provided by Vogelzang for the golf was simply, “Corp.

The win gives Thomas the early lead in the FedEx Cup race, but with a plenty of golf left to play.

They were playing unbelievable golf so we just had to take it and wait until it turned.”

“This golf course gives us tremendous flexibility on how we set it up on a daily basis,” he said.

This golf course is playing tough.”

This is pathetic professional golf.”

Tiger Woods wrote an essay last November lashing out at a Golf Digest columnist who had mocked him.

We are trying to show that golf courses can be a sustainable habitat for wildlife,”” Carter says.”

We’re bringing a kind of hip, fun way to view golf and hope that it brings in a younger demographic.

We still have a lot of golf left.”

When I think of playing golf in Australia, it’s not the kind of day I expected.”””

@correct I love that little golf course in canby!

@SenRandPaul when asked about playing golf with potus.

‘‘I love three things – I love my kids, fishing and golf.

’ The way Tiger Woods stalked a golf course in his prime was one thing.

’ Welch, a marketer from Golf, is no stranger to bowling.

“A big key to this golf course is driving the ball well.

“As I passed I heard the loud metallic sound of the golf club hitting the metal stop sign post,” she wrote.

“I definitely was more swing-oriented than playing golf.

“It covers an awful lot of things not only out here at the golf course but in life as well.”

“It is very similar to playing golf but requires a lot less money, and no one is hampered by weather restrictions.”

“It’s great news for golf and great news for the Tour.

“Some patients play nine holes of golf and they want to play 18, and knee replacement can help with that.”

“The best way to describe the technique is as a good golf swing,” he said.

“They are about trucking people in, trucking people out, and keeping them on the golf course.”

“We are going to use this facility to introduce new golfers, both young and old, to the game of golf.”

“Well, we miss Tiger, as does the entire golf world,” Masters chairman Billy Payne said.

“You need a lot of patience on this golf course.

“You’ve got a local golf course that owes over $420,000 in unpaid water bills.

• Limiting temporary fencing on a closed golf course to a one-year permit, with three renewals of up to 36 months.

1864 The North Devon Golf Club is founded at Westward Ho!

31. Golf Digest ranks Bush fifth among presidential golfers, and he has a reputation for playing fast.

A bucket of Callaway golf balls sits in the clubhouse for golfers going to the driving range.

A Golf Tournament featuring a four-person, scramble format tees off Friday at 12:30 p.m. at Indian Springs Golf Club.

A reward was offered to anyone who could spot a golf ball.

A runaway ostrich-like bird hiding near an English golf course has caused quite a stir.

A sponsor of China’s national golf team is the apparel chain Biemlfdlkk.

A unique program in Saline County is helping teach children how to play golf and learn other skills on the course.

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After their memorable duel at Chambers Bay, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth are going for a repeat at the home of golf.

Alister MacKenzie’s road to Augusta Latest scores: Masters leaderboard “Well, of course, the golf course itself.

Also, the tennis and golf state championships will be moved up a week.

Analysis: Iain Carter, BBC Sport golf correspondent “This was one of the great final days in major championship golf.

And he couldn’t even postpone his golf game for a short time to allow the couple to get married there?

And I know the golf courses are very tough.

And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

And it’s been the venue for six Amateur championships, the most prestigious tournament in amateur golf.

And know that underneath it all are some of the trickiest green configurations in golf.

And playing good golf puts last week even further in the past.

And the richest single-day payoff in the history of women’s golf.

And then the waste areas and some of the green surrounds are similar to Sand Belt golf.

And then there was the day that Ted Carousso hit his golf ball off to the left of a Spanish Wells fairway.

And to go with the shafts, Kurt is in the process of mass producing new biodegradable golf tees.

Another person was struck by lightning on a golf course on Catalina Island off the Californian coast.

Anything we can do to make golf more attractive and compelling is something we should be looking at.”

AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson contributed to this report.

AP Victory No. 50: 2006 Buick Open atWarwick Hills Golf and Country Clubin Grand Blanc, Mich. Aug. 3-6, 2006.

As a result, he earned his first exemptions into the Masters and World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational.

Asked if he likes to play golf, he grinned, and said “yes.”

At Augusta, I felt like I really played such good golf.

At golf tournaments, he would “borrow” the contact lists for hospitality tent occupants.

At least I think that’s what we saw I was at work on Thursday and I work on the same road as the golf course.

At Pebble Beach, the annual pro-am golf tournament was suspended because of rain.

At this time, we have no recourse but to disqualify him under the Rules of Golf and specifically Rule 34-1b.”

Australian Jason Day, a Masters and US Open runner-up added: “It’s fantastic to see him back on the golf course.

Before Hurricane Katrina, the four golf courses brought in 40 percent of City Park’s revenue.

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