good in a sentence

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About half of white evangelical Republicans see Bush – 51% — and Perry – 49% — as making good presidents.

“A damn good football player,” McCarthy told the Sun-Times.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was trawling the Apple e-book website for some good beach reading.

Actually, we had a pretty good club.

A Democratic senator who opposed the bill, David Bradley, said the test would do nothing to make good citizens.

After being away from the World Cup for a year and a half, this is a good place for me to start.”””

A good chance to meet a lot of different people.

A good choice for minimalist yet practical households.

A good comeback if your manager has this habit is to answer, “Yes, of course.

A good country is a country that contributes more to humanity and to the good of the planet than another.”

A good example of this is the shifting estimates of ISIS’s strength.

A good financial advisor will communicate with you regularly and make recommendations.

A good fresh Cup of OJ What is your favorite TV show?

A good friend of mine, Jen Lee Koss, and her business partner, Kena Taranjape are two of those women.

A good frozen fish can be as good as fresh fish.”

A good idea doesn’t work when it’s poorly implemented.

A good label when you need to convey a sense of violence and danger while hinting at a higher purpose.

A good lawyer dies in the saddle.”

A good line I heard one time is by Bill Parcells,”” Calhoun said.”

A good old fashion enema should do it.

A good online reputation can have a huge impact on a company’s revenue.

A good piece of recent bipartisan legislation from Reps.

A good police officer always has had the power to give someone a talking to.

A good quality 1-carat diamond cost around $11,000 in 2010, according to Rapaport.

A good quality of life for both the farmer and the cow is important at the Oosterhof farm.

A good resource for such information is BabyCheapskate.

A good resource for voters is the non-partisan Wisconsin Election Protection Coalition.

A good ripe fig is tree-ripened, soft enough to squeeze, yet not withered.

A good rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than it really is.

A good rule of thumb is to set aside 10 percent of your wages for retirement.

A good Samaritan ran over and carried the child – now screaming – to safety.

A Good Samaritan saw the weeping child and gave her a front-row position to see Pope Francis.

A good Samaritan stopped to see if Powers was OK.

A good sign that no matter what you should wait to make sure its safe!

A good sommelier will increase the guest’s pleasure,”” Chown says.”

A good web site with exciting content, that’s what I need.

A good young man, law-abiding young man who would never think to do anything wrong.

A good field — they made it really honest.”””

A huge thank you to Sacred Sounds Yoga and to Keila Merino for being such good sports about the photo shoot!

A little ibuprofen and I felt pretty good.

A little merriment would be good for America’s political right, and that would be good for America.

“Allatoona is very good,” Bulldogg coach Heath Webb said.

All the good they did in their short lives will far outweigh what many people do in far longer lives.”””

All the kids are very good in their roles, none of them vying for attention or trying to steal focus.

A lot of Royals are having a really good October.

Although not yet out of stealth yet, we understand the company already has some alpha testers and so far, so good.

And for that reason, it really is a very good Christmas.”””

And Beijing is in a very good negotiating position.

And if that is the reason, whenever that’s happened in the past, it has not been a good sign.”””

And I recognize that, and I know they want to be good, and we’re working toward that.”

And I seem to do a good job with that.”

And good luck explaining this to mom, if she ever visits.

And good luck from the Visit Germany team.

And Jerry Braakman from First American Trusts adds it is good to have a crammed IPO calendar.

And Joe’s Stone Crab mustard sauce is good enough to drink out of a glass.

And like anything else, good service comes at a price.

And nothing that was good, Nadia said.”

And, I think we did a good job of it.”

And sometimes good things come out of second chances, said Insp.”

And the first day of audits proceeded professionally, sending a good tone for the process.”””

And so yeah, it has been a good thing.

And, truth be told, the company has had a relatively good security record.

Any lesson you can learn from it is good.

Anything that moves us toward safer gun ownership is a good things.

Anything under par is a good score.”

Anything that tastes good is not a fad.”

A project we undertook some eight years ago in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam is a good example of how this works.

Araghchi said the talks got off to a very good beginning.”””

Apples are a good, healthy snack for the plane. 1. Request a special meal when you book your flight.

Arie Opps March 24, 2010 3:54 PM This is good for Goodwill.

I think I tell a whopping good story.”

“Aron is more the guy who’s good with ball and does one against one better.”

A return to the good old days seems impossible.

At 32, he could still be a good player for a few more seasons.

At 20 to 30 minutes to read, she said, the book fosters a good wind-down span for kids and parents alike.

At first blush, rent-to-own can sound like a good concept.

“At the end of the day, companies go where the good labor is,” Schaaf said.

“At this point, you’d have to feel good about Palmer’s experience.

At times like this, you really need a friend who can give you a bit of good-natured perspective.

“At training and so forth what he does is really good.

A very good point brought up by smith.

BAD HABITS”” But not all the news is good.”

Ball says it’s ideal for the Yukon climate and it tastes good.

Banks are closed Good Friday but open again on Easter Monday.

Being able to find the right type of underwear in three seconds means you look good and save time.”””

Being a peer, I had the access, I was met with a lot of good will from the get-go.

Being able to talk to the parents and have a good rapport with them has been good, “” she said.”

Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde needs a good win to secure his tenure.

Believe it or not, the polls are not looking good for Jim Prentice and the Alberta PCs Voter apathy?

Brandon: I chose to attend Washington and Lee because it is good school.

Business leaders called the amendment a good first step but said more work needs to be done.

But every once in a while it’s good to look back and celebrate.”

But again every night’s a hard night and we’re not good enough to play a half or three quarters.”

But for a non-lifer, without a silver spoon commisary account, good luck getting ahold of them.

But for me, my focus was on trying to make a good, clean bodycheck and not leave my feet, my elbow tucked.”

But having him back is real good.

But if you’re in a hurry, it’s just as good served once you make it.

But even if you’re in a more populated spot, there’s a good chance you can spot it with a pair of binoculars.

“But I’m trusting the SPCA will take good care.”

But for some tenants, that option just isn’t good enough.

But good governance kills terrorism.”

But I think in saying that I also want to respect the good that is happening.

“But I think the message is a good one.

But it’s early in the run, and the show is good enough to hope that depth will follow.

But it’s good enough to be useful.

But its good news, it means there’s no tendon damage.”

But it’s not all good news for the fish.

’’ But it soon became clear how good an athlete Ryan was.

But it’s tough for them as well because we put in a good 90-plus minutes – a hard-working performance.”

But I’m just weaving it in, wishing good thoughts for that person,”” said Cerasaro, of Middletown, New Jersey.”

But I’m not real good at being programmed.

But perhaps it’s good news for regular San Franciscans, too.

But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

But that’s not always a good idea.

But that’s one of the things that makes him really good at what he does.”

But the chances are not good, according to various calculations of teams’ playoff odds.

But the fact that we’ve got several options is what makes us a good team.”

But the most personal is that we’ve lost such a good man, and the family is in such pain.”””

But there’s some good news: So far, no World War III!

But the West will demand that Russia leave eastern Ukraine for good, and many in Russia will not accept that.

But the win that really put the Panthers in a good spot was Saturday’s 35-33 squeaker over Oceanside.

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