grade in a sentence

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About half of those kids were not engaged in school and more than one-fifth repeated a grade.

And I said I will not move you your 12th grade year – I got fired.

And grade point averages to maintain.

And then we just grade our sub-base for the new road.”””

Basically, it started off with the Children’s Own in grade one at Sts Peter and Paul (Preparatory School).”

Before this season, the last time Tucker played quarterback was ninth grade on the Airport B-Team.

Officers must maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

By that measure, how would you grade him?

Currently, the vaccine is provided for free for girls in Grade 6 while it costs $300 to $400 for boys.

Even when he was young, the fifth grade had always wanted to fly.

Fifth grade students from the Bethlehem Elementary School helped tag and load the trees for shipping.

For example, first grade classes have been reduced by an average of five kids per class.

Gas prices currently average about $3.48 a gallon for regular grade gas.

GCY reaches around 50 village schools where students range mainly from first through fifth grade.

His first review as an artist came when his second grade teacher asked his class to draw their breakfasts.

If you had to give a grade to the current state of US-German relations what grade would it be and why?

I’m not sure what school grade that occurs now days.

In fifth-grade math, the passing rate was a perfect 100 percent.

Initiative 1351 would phase in class size reductions for every grade.

Is that grade 2? (Don’t fry or grill).

Its 10th and 12th grade students score on par with students at state-run schools.

My sister has three sons in grade school, and they are excited about this trip, their first to California.

Only the grade schools and the influential Protestant churches in the settlement fight against child marriage.

Or is this the inspection equivalent of grade inflation?

Saidu left his village school at fifth grade, the highest level offered, and says he regrets it.

She has been my best friend since the first grade, but now everything is gone.

She is employed as a fifth grade teacher with the Holcomb R-III School District.

The Berrendo staff directory lists John Masterson as an eighth-grade social studies teacher.

The data is not yet in on the Grade 3 immersion point,”” he said.”

The hike is about 5 miles on a flat and moderate grade up to a ridge and back.

The kidnapping of kids in the 11th grade is the height of moral depravity reached by a terror group.”

Then, I grade each destination on each of those factors, on a sliding scale from “awful” to “ideal.”

There are waiting lists for each grade in Penn Alexander.

These kids have cell phones in second grade.

The senior class of Lady Tigers won district titles every year since the seventh grade.

This Grade 8 class talked with CBC host Don Connolly and Jonathan Sheppard.

Tim Thompson was also a member of the Silverback Society, a mentoring organization for eighth-grade boys.

We went to grade and high school together and were altar boys at St. Theresa’s church in Halifax 50 years ago.

When I was in third grade Park Chan-ho was playing in the Major Leagues,”” said Ryu.”

Shazier started playing linebacker in the ninth grade.

“And now, 10 years later, they’re in Grade Eleven and are coming back tonight to do the same thing,” she said.

“Esther Kinsey Ferris and I met when we went to second grade at the old Maplewood Elementary School,” Valenta said.

“Highly educated countries start algebra in 8th grade.

“I was bullied a lot from sixth grade up to eighth grade year,” Hustad said.

“I was considering Valley Catholic in the eighth grade,” Alfieri said.

“I was like, wow – how could this be him?” said sophomore David Gorbatenko, who’d known Padgett since the third grade.

“I would give us a failing grade,” Ryan said, before adding of the War on Poverty: “It has failed.”

“I’m still very thankful to my sixth-grade teacher for teaching the entire class calligraphy,” Yoshida said.

“In seventh grade, my work ethic just shot up,” O’Hearn said.

“It’s a big step up for him, coming from eighth grade last season, but he’s making huge strides.”

“Regardless of the grade I gave the guy, he is my favorite player in this whole draft,” Brunner said.

“We’re surprised he’s dancing,” says Dante Barnett, his best friend since the fifth grade, “because he can’t dance.”

“While TRF sales may be used to grade employee performance, they should not be the sole factor,” he said.

“Yung Chang imported food-grade and industrial gypsum powder materials from China.

1. On Oct. 30, a curriculum review report of the primary to Grade 12 education system will be tabled.

1:60 scale High Grade EX 1:60 kits from various eras.

5. Qualify in all watch stations for rating and pay grade.

A look at current average U.S. prices vs. year-ago levels: $3.68 vs. $3.51 (regular grade).

A man was shot around 2 a.m. in the area of Harrison Drive and China Grade Loop.

A separate grade-A case involved embryos being contaminated, probably with sperm.

About 100 grade school and junior high students are recommended for the program by the school district.

According to the Toronto District School Board, “healthy living” is part of the grade 9/10 curriculum.

Actually, they need classrooms for ALL grade levels.

After months of work, Murphy made the grade, and started patrolling in the city’s upscale Pearl District.

After undergoing a MRI and being examined by Dr. Edward Khalfayan, Hart was diagnosed with a Grade 2 hamstring sprain.

Alexis Taylor said she has been Marty’s friend since third grade.

All students will be able to wear shorts, an allowance previously made only for students in pre-K through sixth grade.

Almond Brown has been a DJ off and on since the 8th grade.

Along with Balance Sheet 101, and Business Planning 101, we should teach Delegation 101 in 6th grade.

Always trying to protect other people,” said Grade 11 student Lamzar Liverov.

And I first watched that bit in 7th grade.

And in eighth grade it struck Deja Strother how special the bond could be.

And it really helped with high school and grade school,” she added.

And S&P cut Finland’s top-grade AAA rating as well.

And the pricing is what you’d expect for a business-grade tool.

And through one new program, the agency is cultivating students as young as eighth grade.

And, don’t even get me started on grade inflation.

Anthony Peluso (53GP, 2G, 5A) Grade: C He’s one of the toughest guys in the game who also has hands in close.

As did photos of their military-grade weapons trained on unarmed civilians.

As early as the second grade, I knew something was different about me.

As immigrants with a sixth-grade education, they did their best to prepare me for the unknown, Sanchez says.

As such, she has done exceptionally well to reach top grade already.

At Schmitz Park in West Seattle, for example, a first-grade teacher will be reassigned to another school.

At the end of each quarter, a final grade is given.

Aug. 4-8 – Airport High School will host a boys camp for players ages seventh grade through 12th grade.

Authorities say the buses were carrying 3rd- to 5th-grade students from the Woodbridge School District.

Barnes Grade: 25 out of 50 Thankfully, George was up next to get the train back on the tracks.

Before grade school, I didn’t have a babysitter.

Below-grade garages along Elliott Bay are expensive, but they’re certainly done.

Benedikt Dairy is a Grade A organic dairy processing facility in its third year.

Blayne teaches third grade at Central Elementary in Corning.

Bob, however, soon returned to coach the B-Grade team.

Brian Wright has a son in 7th grade who was on the bus.

But that’s nothing compared with nurses (82%) and grade-school teachers (70%).

But this shouldn’t be confused with the food-grade variation of this ingredient.”

By the time she reached 10th grade, “we were only three.”

By third grade Owen was putting them in with no help from his parents.

Camp directors will be Dirkx, Reiter and ninth grade coach Tana Houschen.

Cape Central’s junior varsity won 52-12 while the ninth grade defeated Sikeston 32-19.

Carine Rabay was a Grade 8 student at Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School.

Chatham Charter School is a grade K-8 public school.

China’s earthquake agency upgraded its emergency response to Grade I, the highest level, on Monday.

Christopher is 10 years old and in the 5th grade.

Clubs tend to carry the higher Choice grade, while supermarkets’ typical option is one grade lower — Select.

Cote said the woman’s twin eight-year-old boys were in Grade 2 at St. Gabriel School in Biggar.

Curiously, though, she decided not to tell her second-grade classmates about it.

Davidson recommends buying a higher-grade tire gauge to get a more accurate reading.

DEAR CAROLYN: My second-grader is being bullied by a boy in his class and this has been going on since first grade.

Debbie Crawford has been teaching 29 years, but she’s barely seen her first-grade class at Van Elementary in 2014.

Delaney said Thursday Hagfors has a 4.0 grade-point average and he decided to concentrate on academics instead.

Denise Thommasen’s OMG moment came while watching Oprah when Leyton was in seventh grade.

Dentist, Orthodontist, and Pharmacist all make the grade as well.

Deposits of ferrous metals were small and low grade.

Diaz taught fourth grade at Patterson Elementary.

Diploma exams have counted for 50 per cent of a student’s final grade in Alberta for three decades.

Don’t buy too high a grade at first, it’s not necessary, he says.

Dover-Sherborn Youth Baseball offers six levels of competition ranging from first grade to eighth.

Drinkers say that illegal alcohol can be obtained for less than one-fifth the price of the lowest-grade legal liquor.

Drop-outs have an average 3rd-grade reading level.

Each year her 8th grade students read about forty books each, which is well above the national average.

Elsewhere in Comex metals, March high-grade copper finished 3.1 cents, or 1.4%, lower at $2.109 a pound.

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