grain in a sentence

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Coastal Bermuda grass, sorghum for forage and grain, and corn remained in good condition.

Hoffman’s piece also detoured into a surprise attack on a well-established minority owned Grain Management.

I am the gentle showers of rain; I am the fields of ripening grain.

It’s hard to even find a mill to properly grind the seeds (it’s technically a seed, not a grain).

Once that’s done, the grain is separated and discarded, and the brewing process continues.

Remember that grain fiber has different nutritional benefits than fruits and vegetables, so you need both.

That’s because of a choked railway system that isn’t moving grain to port soon enough.

These services amounted to a government subsidy to grain companies, Hermanson said.

They estimate that 20 percent of the annual grain crop is lost to hungry rats.

“Everybody’s coming out with grain-free now,” said Bolbach, who owns Pet Connection in St. Louis.

“Everyone’s super understanding,” Frye says of Dram & Grain’s policy.

“Rye is a somewhat under-utilized grain for distilling.

“So we are taking every statement that is made with a grain of salt.”

A Greek yogurt with fruit, eggs with whole wheat toast, or whole grain toast and peanut butter are some good choices.

According to the United Nations, 2013 was the year of quinoa, a highly nutritious, centuries-old grain.

Adults who met the whole grain recommendations were 76 times more likely to get the most fiber.

Alfalfa, corn, and grain were Llano’s staple crops.

All these sandwiches can be made with a choice of seven grain bread, sunflower rye bread or a butter croissant.

Along with the rain came some high winds that damaged corn and grain sorghum in some areas.

Also, a rumored dick pic has surfaced, which you can feel free to take with a grain of salt and/or not look at.

Any promises that VA officials make about accountability in the future need to be taken with a grain of salt.”

Apply the abrasive material to the cloth, not directly onto the wood, and rub in the direction of the grain.

As its fighters swept through Iraq’s north in June, they seized control of silos and grain stockpiles.

As Richard’s lawyer excellently deadpans: “I used to take a tampon soaked in grain alcohol and put it in my rectum.

Bill to speed grain shipment won’t fix current backlogs, say critics Federal grain action welcome news, Sask. Ag.

But a few years later, I learned to drive a truck and a grain cart, making harvest a lot more interesting.

But as more of a libertarian, Paul may prefer to be a bit against the grain, and his hair is no exception, he added.

But there are a lot of people who take it with less than a grain of salt.”

Certain starters also acidify the grain mixture.

Cloth, silk and grain were used as money along with coins.

Consumers may think of potato chips as a salty snack, so a low-sodium option may be more appealing than whole grain.

Cotton yields in Jim Wells County were good; grain sorghum yields there averaged about 3,500 pounds per acre.

Cupich has been described as a moderate, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to go against the grain with church dogma.

Damage to community facilities such as health posts, water supply and grain mills affect women more than men.

Droughts in key European agricultural areas have also reduced grain, fruit and vegetable harvests this year.

Early contract offers from the grain handlers would have taken away some perks and grievance procedures.

Early grain sorghum was harvested, with the late-planted crop expected to be ready in a couple of weeks.

Early planted grain fields looked good, while later-planted fields had considerable weed and insect pressure.

Economy Historic grain elevators at the Brda river bank.

Essentially, it would require them to dry and repackage spent grain before shipping it off to farmers.

Even then, we have to take some of what they tell the “Public” with a grain of salt.

Food security became a hot topic after record high grain prices in 2008 marked the start of a period of volatility.

For ages 3-6: The picture book asks rhetorical questions about beginnings: “Does a cake remember it was once grain?

From the image Crisafulli was able to match the grain on the bat to the one he had at his auction house.

Gil Aegerter / NBC News Grain bins outside Hoxie, Kansas.

Graduating students from Donggang’s Datan Elementary School harvested the grain that they had helped plant.

Grain elevators were full, as was all farm storage.

Grain export has grown 4.7 times, chocolate 2 times, confectionery goods 1.2 times and alcohol almost 6 times.

Grain is the main rail transported commodity.

Grain sorghum and corn are used for rotation.

Grain sorghum continued to mature, but there were reports of headworm infestations.

Grain sorghum was doing well with most fields in the midst of blooming or finished.

Grain stored in this way can remain edible for five years.

Grain-A power station was closed in 2012, and Kingsnorth a year later because it did not meet EU standards on pollution.

Halifax Grain Elevator Limited bought 20 per cent of the Scotia Atlantic Biomass in 2014, with a $1 million investment.

Harvest begins next month, and the grain shipments must be resumed.

He is also trying to set up talks between farmers, grain handlers and railways to find solutions.

He might prefer to grow grain and not raise animals.

He said grain farmers in the west had huge crops last year and he has heard there is still a lot of grain in storage.

He said he may now have to hold off selling his grain until he can get a better price.

However, specific kinds of food are in demand – allergy-free, gluten-free, grain-free or calorie-free.

I take these scare tactics with a grain of salt (!

If it hits hard, it could ruin grain crops – and the world is ill-prepared, says Israeli scientist Hendrik Bruins.

If this sounds like an elitist nightmare, Dram and Grain is not your kind of bar.

If we would have had a normal grain-drying season, it would be tight, but it wouldn’t be like it is now.

If you can’t manage to finish the last grain of rice and salty pearl of roe, don’t worry.

In 1611 this room had five arks for storing meal and grain.

In addition to the high beef prices, a decline in grain and fuel prices is adding to the profitability of the sector.

In most clichés, of course, there’s a grain of truth.

In turn, that stopped grain shipments from the facility.

Instead, he began to sink in quicksand-like grain.

Is the nature of political polling such that American voters should take their own poll with a grain of salt in 2016?

ISIS then proceeded to sell the grain to the Iraqi government through third-parties in order to raise further funds.

It is also used of grain which (molders and) flies away.

It seemed as if he’d had that “grain of sand” anecdote bottled up for a long time.

It’s like a shooting a rice grain into your abdomen,” Wolford said.

It’s quinoa, a highly nutritious, centuries-old grain, at least according to the United Nations.

Japan Airline suites feature wood grain interiors and air-weave pillows.

Let’s look beyond the tents and grain sacks.

Likewise grain was shipped to Celle for milling.

Making Cannabis Oil or RSO is very dangerous and flammable as isopropyl alcohol or 190 proof grain alcohol is used.

MARCUS YAM / The Seattle Times Nikolaj Lasbo inspects mashed grain as dad Povl looks on.

Most cotton, grain and soybean fields looked good.

Mujjo’s new Leather Wallet case is thin and sturdy, and the leather has a nice low-profile grain.

None of the grain of corn is without life.

People don’t like it when you go against the grain.”

Russia shocked grain markets with a one-year export ban in 2010 when drought ravaged that year’s harvest.

Second, you can swap regular pasta for whole grain pasta to add some fiber.

She speaks her mind and goes against the grain.

Since the bags are not ventilated, there is no way to circulate air to prevent moisture buildup in the grain.

Sleep-boosting foods include many vegetables and fruits, nuts, beans, whole grain, dairy and lean protein.

Slice against the grain and garnish with herbs and scallions.

Small potatoes, stand up and become a staple to ensure the country’s grain security, urges a banner outside the museum.

So grain of salt, etc. But hey, screw it, let’s try our own (completely unscientific!

So take these numbers with a grain of salt, please.

So, fans of the healthier, more environmentally friendly burgers may have to settle for grain-fed beef soon.

Some insect pressure was observed in grain sorghum fields, primarily stinkbugs and head worms, as well as some aphids.

Some land is rented to fruit growers, grain operators or large-scale farming businesses.

Stewart said at the time that he thought the banks would recognize there’s a lot of value in the grain in those bins.

Swisher County producers continued to harvest haygrazer and grain sorghum.

The amount of grain is weighed by a sensor on the harvester, he says.

The amulet was written on the back of a receipt that seems to be for payment of a grain tax.

The building also housed a kiln for drying the grain.

The change does not apply to any other Cheerios flavors, such as Apple Cinnamon Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios.

The government is helping fund the development of ‘sushi quinoa’, a stickier, fluffier variety of the ancient grain.

The grain may be bonded to the casing, or not.

The grain sorghum harvest neared completion.

The grain sorghum harvest was mostly completed, with a few late-planted sorghum fields remaining.

The grain sorghum harvest was wrapping up with average yields reported.

The harvesting of cotton, grain and corn will likely continue until December.

The ice cover in the Great Lakes is backing up shipments of everything from Canadian grain to U.S. iron and steel.

The interface uses wood grain and vintage colors to set the mood, and some apropos photo effects seal the deal.

The market takes what they say with a grain of salt.

The New Edge (1993) and Against The Grain (1994) followed.

The PicoBrew Zymatic is claimed to be the world’s first fully automatic “all-grain beer brewing appliance.”

The RSPB believes the damage to the environment could be the undoing of the £15bn Grain airport.

The same area that had to deal with grain drying then had to deal with the extreme cold.”

The silage and corn harvests continued, as well as the grain sorghum harvest in some counties.

These are types of bacteria that often hitch a ride into breweries aboard grain.

They can ignite fires in fields, farm equipment, grain trucks and wagons.

This is especially true for tables — these wood grain Formica end tables are just begging for a new home.

Three new models, top two have larger grain tanks too.

To attack the oil refineries, to attack the grain silos, is not working in the coalition’s favor, Shaikh said.

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