grandmother in a sentence

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And there’s one more to go: Esex’s 85-year-old grandmother, Suckey, whose parents were born in Virginia.

At first, my grandmother needed minimal assistance.

He looked at his grandmother, ruefully.

Hours after Robinson was killed, he prayed with Robinson’s grandmother in the family’s driveway.

I lost my family, my brothers, my grandmother.”

I remember my grandmother s house was out from a 100 plaque by 2 years.

I remember my grandmother speaking about it and being concerned that it was so harsh.”

Johnson’s grandmother was treated at a hospital.

“My grandmother, mother and her two sisters died of cancer.

My grandmother, mother – Joyce Kuniko Hasegawa, and I made this pilgrimage together.

My grandmother passed away in 1998, still hoping her son would show up one day.

My grandmother would poach it in a chicken broth with lots of onions.

My mother gardened, my grandmother gardened, my father loved to garden.

Our condolences are extended to the family on the loss of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

People say Facebook got lame once your grandmother joined.”

She indicates that her grandmother was taken away by a wave, but all she could do was watch.

She’s OK, very traumatized,”” said Diana Turner, the grandmother of the victims.”

She was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who enjoyed spending time with her family.

She was like a grandmother to me.”””

Thiago was home with his grandmother when the tidal wave of ochre mud buried three-quarters of their village.

We have two young girls, Niamh and Siobhan, and they love chatting to their Grandad and Grandmother in Ireland.

“I didn’t have to buy another engagement ring as Cathy is using her grandmother’s – but I still have the 1968 ring.”

“I wouldn’t want any mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, I would never want somebody to physically see that.”

“if I can serve it to my grandmother and she can be happy with it, I’m happy.

“She said, ‘I knew your mother and I took care of your grandmother.’

“She touches base with everyone on the phone,” said Grifo, who escorted her grandmother to the event.

A deal almost too good to be true I am a 66-year-old grandmother, and I have an iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless.

A witness said his grandmother “had called her son to come rescue her, but he didn’t succeed.

A year after my father’s untimely death, my grandmother passed.

After the last beating, he said he crawled to his grandmother’s house, then rushed to the health centre.

Amnesty International has documented strikes that killed a grandmother and a group of laborers in 2012.

An extended family lives in the one-story residence, with cousins and a grandmother.

And her mother and grandmother were there to watch.

And your Grandmother has been contacted in writing about what’s going on hasen’t she?

As my Egyptian grandmother used to say, “If there were seeds for patience, I would have planted fields.”

As my grandmother always said “We only keep what we have by giving it away.”

Asked what she does for a living, McKinnon says in imitation of Clinton’s earnest monotone: “First, I am a grandmother.

Bejvl’s grandmother, Ruvena Bejvl, told NBC News that her 22-year-old grandson was “very friendly” and dependable.

Biden took selfies, and at one point even phoned Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner’s grandmother on a cell phone.

Boom claims it’s for supporting his grandmother.

Brady’s grandmother, Bonnie Schaeffel, was among family members who addressed the court after the verdicts.

Coeur d’Alene Tribal Police and emergency responders were dispatched to the pond after the grandmother called them.

Colby has put out one single called “Free from the Pain” dedicated to his late grandmother Joyce Nargang.

Congratulations to the grandmother who had the courage to do what is right!

Craig’s grandmother, Doris Rose Alston, passed away in 2005.

Daeijah’s grandmother said her spirit lives on.

David lives with his grandmother, a kind but distracted woman, immersed in her Catholic faith.

DeGette says her first car was a 1960 Beetle with a fabric sunroof that she inherited from her grandmother.

Devin never could do no wrong, his grandmother said.

During the show’s run, Burnett’s grandmother died.

Every year, his immigrant grandmother gave him socks that she carefully wrapped in wallpaper remnants.

Folk stories are called grandmother stories in Mithila.

For years Jurmael tried to pay no heed to his grandmother’s opinion, but he now agrees with her.

Grandmother carried me to my first singing.”

Grandmother Minnie Pearl Thomas is also incarcerated under the same charge.

Hanna Madigan thinks of her grandmother as “a woman who looked like she had a lot to say, and wasn’t saying any of it.”

He claimed one grandmother was a “nasty, twisted evil woman” and described a man as “impotent”.

He described her as a demon onstage and a stereotypical Jewish grandmother when she was offstage.

He fired my mom, me and my grandmother.”

He founded G Momma’s in 2009, using his grandmother’s all-natural cookie recipe, in his hometown of Selma, Alabama.

He met my grandmother, she’s belgium. 1 Thing I tell people is that I wouldn’t exist if not for WWII.

He went on to evoke his grandmother’s saying in the face of proposals that were similarly too good to be true.

Hekmati was detained in August 2011 during a visit to see his grandmother.

Her grandmother believed it was still dangerous to identify oneself as a Jew in Poland.

Her grandmother was Alicia Zubasnabar de la Cuadra, the Grandmothers’ first president who died in 2008.

Her grandmother was Jewish, and several years ago Brooks travelled to Europe to see the Nazi concentration camps.

Her grandmother, a full-blooded Lakota, taught her about their culture and the struggles faced by the people.

Her grandmother, Elvira Castillo, was Miss Atlantico 1953 (Colombia) and her grandfather is legendary tenor Gaston Vega.

Her grandmother, Elvira Castillo, was Miss Atlántico 1953 (Colombia) and her grandfather is legendary tenor Gastón Vega.

Her grandson, Andrew Ishulutaq, interpreted, as his grandmother only speaks Inuktitut.

Her great-grandfather, William Costello was the lighthouse keeper and her grandmother was born in the lighthouse.

Her latest work, “Mom & Me & Mom,” about her mother and grandmother and what they taught her, was released last year.

Her mother and grandmother also argued that as a black female cop, Hardy was choosing a dangerous career path.

Her mother had breast cancer and died of ovarian cancer, and her maternal grandmother also had ovarian cancer.

Her wry, progressive grandmother Oleanna Redwyne (Diana Rigg)-the real power behind the House Tyrell.

Hide / Show comments A 65 year old grandmother is first in line.

Hillary Clinton has called the prospect of becoming a grandmother her “most exciting title yet.”

His grandmother owns the shop where Nishino works.

His grandmother, he recalls, died in that house.

His grandmother, whom Bennett helped to sponsor, just turned 100. His mother and father?

His own grandmother was a case in point, Katz says, and she died in her 50s as a consequence.

His parents separated when he was a child and he was raised by his paternal grandmother, Peggy Tatoosh.

However, it is also probably the worst time as everyone and their grandmother is flocking there to see them.

However, Mikayla Capers’s great-grandmother said to the Times, “I want to see this bastard’s face.

Hunter spent three days at the Wilmington hospital and the remainder of June at his grandmother’s house in Durham.

Hutchins lives with his grandmother, who doesn’t smoke.

I am a Grandmother of 2. Estelle, who is 5 and just started kindergarten today, Sept 4, 2014.

I called my grandmother the other day.

I can’t imagine a small child who doesn’t like going to WMT or TGT and picking out a toy with his/her grandmother.

I cannot imagine what Michael Brown’s grandmother must feel like.

I don’t know, because it’s not going to bring her back, said Lillian Campbell, grandmother of Krystle Campbell.

I have a 15-year-old child who was filed for with his dad by his grandmother.

I love her, and she really did do a good job,” said Osmond’s grandmother Joan Power.

I was raised by my grand aunt and my grandmother.

I was raised by my paternal grandmother because my father was a drug dealer and addict.

If it were her family, I don’t believe she would have let him walk,” said the victim’s grandmother, Sarah Turnage.

If this comes to pass, as my grandmother would say, this will almost certainly not be good for the Jews.

I’ll bet he would screw his grandmother and think nothing of it.

I’m a typical German, I was raised like a Prussian by my dear grandmother, she says with a mischievous smile.

I’m glad they’re adjustable, stated Carole, a grandmother of two.

In reality, she’s Sasshi’s paternal grandmother.

In Tampa, Tariq’s aunt, Sanah Abukhdeir, said the boy was visiting his grandmother, who is on her deathbed.

In the background is her biological grandmother.

In this one, her grandmother describes their financial woes after her husband suffered a stroke.

Instead, she was told by her grandmother to wear shorts when going to bed.

It was her grandmother who heard that word.

It’s your grandmother’s home, and she’s going to do anything she can to make you happy and get you fed.”

Jodi Kozma pulled away and began screaming, reaching for her grandmother.

Joss’s grandmother Pat Ducharme wants people to check all trucks.

Kevin Johnson last saw his son Scott wading through rushing floodwater with his 74-year-old grandmother on his back.

Kyrgios is beginning the new season with the number 74, in homage to his grandmother, tattooed on his finger.

Loera says, “The first toys I can remember were a plastic skeleton and winged devil, gifts from my grandmother..

MacCormack said her grandmother was always motivating her to go with her gut when she painted.

Mike told Peyton that his grandmother would have understood.

My family were convinced that William was Rouse’s victim, said Samantha Hall, whose grandmother had confided in her.

My grandmother and I would go to Alton all the time,” Whyte said.

My grandmother explained that she would be uncomfortable were the clerk to use her first name.

My grandmother grew a little impatient with the process.

My grandmother had a personal conviction to make sure that she infused a belief in me that hope of a better day.

My grandmother is a prize-winning horticulturalist and a florist.

My grandmother raised seven children In El Paso, Texas, yet did not live long enough to know most of her grandchildren.

My grandmother used to live in this asylum.

My great grand grandmother was named Angelina Barrow.

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