heightened in a sentence

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Recent attacks by the rebels have led to a heightened sense of insecurity in the capital.



Apple once observed that the sense of national catastrophe is inevitably heightened in a television age, when the whole country participates in it.

heightened vigilance is being maintained throughout the country, the WHO said.

“That heightened sense of frustration and anxiety finds its way into the game.”

Deadly clashes and a series of stabbings have heightened fears of a new uprising.

The Louvre and Eiffel Tower were closed over the weekend amid heightened security.

A time of heightened angst is not necessarily the optimal environment for nostalgia.

Five recent deaths have heightened suspicions on both side of Ukraine’s ethnic divide.

China’s slowdown and turmoil across emerging markets had heightened worries for months.

The turmoil in Yemen has caused heightened volatility in oil markets this week as well.

In the end I walked out of I Thought the Earth Remembered Me with heightened awareness.

He said that heightened transparency likely influences people’s decisions about running.

Bentley also praises the heightened, dignifying role of musicians in important decisions.

771539 The project has heightened tensions with nearby countries over exclusion zone fears.

As the Erdogan regime attacks Kurdish positions, spillover fears have heightened in Germany.

The latest shootings come amid heightened tensions in the US over the police’s use of force.

The Berlin Conference led to a period of heightened colonial activity by the European powers.

Israeli media reported the military heightened its alert after news of Allan’s condition spread.

700334 The competition was there in a lot of areas that made it for a heightened week of practice.

884843 US police are under heightened scrutiny after the recent police killings of unarmed black men.

The decision to do this now is informed by a generally heightened threat level, Warren told reporters.

Fluid adherence is influenced by a heightened sense of thirst.

Childhood adversity is associated with heightened neuroticism scores during adulthood.