horticultural in a sentence

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The Royal horticultural Society (RHS) says it is now receiving three or four reports of infestations a day.

We can’t run horticultural operations in Nova Scotia without somebody to help us,”” Millen says.”

American Joint Committee on horticultural Nomenclature.

Kath Smyth teaches gardening through the Calgary horticultural Society.

My grandmother is a prize-winning horticulturalist and a florist.

Almost 80 percent of Senegalese horticulturalists are located around Mont Rolland.

At best the tradition reflects Roman literary opinion concerning some now obscure horticultural events.

Currently there are no reports of P. rudis reducing earthworm populations or causing horticultural problems.

He was a churchwarden at Romsley from 1930 to 1936. He was a keen gardener with extensive horticultural knowledge.

horticultural crops are grown in an area of 16,300 km² and the annual production is about 9.58 million tons.

horticultural oil and insecticidal soap are another option.

Irrigation and horticultural benefits to the tribe from the explorers follow.

It began in 1935 has Geest horticultural Products by John and Leonard van Geest who imported tulip bulbs to the UK.

Memorial Garden is a horticultural jewel and a tourist attraction in itself.

Only in agricultural or horticultural systems does vegetation ever approach perfect uniformity.

Sampling and advice was performed by the state agricultural and horticultural information service.

Several cultivars with white to purple flowers have been selected for the horticultural trade (Brown and Kirkman 1990).

The film ends with Johnny pushing Penelope on a swing after teaching a horticultural class.

Then last but not least, a growing sector, heavily supported by the local government is the horticultural sector.

Victorian farms range from small horticultural outfits to large-scale livestock and grain productions.