ill-advised in a sentence

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Or doing something ill-advised that affects their credit negatively.

But we need to admit that using the example of HIV patients to make the point was ill-advised.”

Show me a 20-year-old who hasn’t said something ill-advised when frustrated and I’ll show you a liar.

They believe neutrality in foreign affairs is ill-advised .

The plans were quickly criticised as ill-advised .

Opposition parties claim supermarket chains are ill-advised , unilateral and unwelcome.

Neither are we impressed by evidently ill-advised assertions.

A better translation would be ” ill-advised “.

So have we learned enough to prevent another ill-advised military adventure ?

The common view held that Richard was ill-advised to fight here.

McNamara complained about her ” ill-advised and unfortunate declarations”.

In Maltese folklore, cursing the moon is invariably ill-advised .

Putting this out in public is ill-advised .

This was risky and proved to be an extremely ill-advised tactic.

The second thing to say is that it was very ill-advised .

Less commonly, ill-advised wishes can transform a person after birth.

Lane left the team in 1961, but ill-advised trades continued.

The Penguins have taken ill-advised , unnecessary penalties throughout the season.

I thought there were some ill-advised shots by Rosario .

He was bated into numerous ill-advised shots .

He would have been ill-advised to do otherwise.

He can take ill-advised shots and make some poor decisions .

We should be very ill-advised to build too much on by-election votes.

The plan considers this ill-advised and unlikely to happen for several reasons.

They charge ahead with their ill-advised new brooms.

America’s rampant anti-French attitude is ill-advised .

The results were mixed, with an ill-advised body-hopping storyline.

Historian Rayback comments, “It was an ill-advised attack.

The hit was ill-advised and not approved by Semyon.

It is incautious, ill-advised , is it not?

I was heartbroken at the prospect of an unnecessary and ill-advised war.

A senior lobbyist for the organization later characterized the video as ” ill-advised .

Mobile is something banks would be ill-advised to ignore as numerous reports illustrate.

Many union representatives are ill-trained, ill-advised and of relatively low calibre.

Minxeats on ill-advised : “Brooke doesn’t like boats.

The emperor had made extensive though ill-advised preparations for another invasion of the kingdom.

Yet we would be ill-advised to dismiss any of them.

Halder also thought that an attack into the Caucasus was ill-advised .

The recent spate of ill-advised comments on rape is nothing new in India.

Here is another example of Bradford throwing an ill-advised bomb with a tail.

The marketing campaign can be ill-advised .

Oscillating between wild extremes of behaviour is interesting, but ill-advised and unnecessary.

He ‘s learned to pass up those ill-advised shots and find open teammates instead.