in terms of in a sentence

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See life in terms of power.

Don’t see life in terms of money.

He sees all life in terms of money.

He sees everything in terms of money.

He thinks in terms of his own country.

An idea is expressed in terms of action.

He thinks of everything in terms of money.

He thinks of everything in terms of profit.

She thinks of everything in terms of money.

You can’t judge happiness in terms of money.

A woman thinks of everything in terms of money.

My mother thinks of everything in terms of money.

He tends to think of everything in terms of money.

Life has no meaning except in terms of responsibility.

That company is doing very well in terms of total sales.

He and I discussed the waste problem in terms of recycling.

She may well be said to think of everything in terms of money.

The value of a good education cannot be measured in terms of money.

It was wrong to try to judge happiness in terms of worldly success.

People I admire most are those who do not see life in terms of power.

Our consumerist society is very wasteful in terms of using fossil fuels.

One glass of beer is equivalent to a glass of wine, in terms of alcohol content.

The nature of life is understood largely in terms of a series of fundamental properties.

Differences between the two sexes in terms of choice of toys seems to start at a very early age.

The substance that human blood resembles most closely in terms of chemical composition is sea water.

Marxists believe that all of human history can be analyzed in terms of the dominant modes of production.

Portugal has been described as a gentle country, both in terms of its climate, and the mood of its people.

Dishwashers are very wasteful in terms of water and electricity.

It’s better to wash dishes by hand.

The biggest bank in the world in terms of the number of its branches is the Bank of India, with almost 13,000 outlets.

The Student Handbook has guidelines that students must follow in terms of attendance, punctuality and completion of homework.

When the teacher moved into administration, she had to do a paradigm shift in terms of her viewpoint and goals for the program.

Our state has lagged behind the rest of the country in terms of economic development, largely due to this government’s financial policies.

Einstein once asked: “How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?”
In order to master another language, you need to be personally involved in the process, in terms of having a real motivation for learning the language.

Personally, I find that contemporary cinema, though certainly more advanced in terms of technology, nonetheless lacks some of the emotional depth of films of the 1940s.

So it’s necessary, in terms of the human experience, that people eat.”

What’s unclear is what 2015 brings in terms of actual real-world uses.

“What does this mean in terms of actual environmental impact?” he said.

337839 I just really wanted to simplify my life in terms of belongings.

We learned a lot from the Dust Bowl days, in terms of farming practices.

Tap here to see the chart ranking cities in terms of registered patents.

“The ECB delivered more than I was expecting, in terms of size especially.

But in terms of competency and a brilliant mind, I bet she’ll do just fine.

“The meeting yesterday took us a step forward in terms of that relationship.

To have the defensive players, how they work how we work in terms of offense.

So what’s changing in terms of US policy on nationals taken hostage overseas?

So we have a good amount of confidence in terms of this window for next year.

The parade is billed as the second largest in the U.S. in terms of spectators.

“Let a man be a man in terms of respecting his opinion and what he has to say.

But these are men that were critical to who we are in terms of America today.”

“India is a much better team in terms of ability, a much better team mentally.

One option is to think of flavor in terms of chemistry rather than gastronomy.

I think that’s going to be very helpful in terms of the Canadian perspective.”

“There is a bigger story about Canada in terms of debt which is very positive.

It found 41 of them were on a negative trajectory in terms of internet freedom.

Consumers became much more rational in terms of their spending, Milasevic said.

She tries to think about her performance-art works in terms of all five senses.

Overall, the United States is the strongest country in terms of cyber strength.

Other countries, meanwhile, are leading the way in terms of compassionate care.

But in terms of gender equality, Facebook’s new look is making a big statement.

They’re just rolling the dice and taking what they can make in terms of profits.

Overall, the U.S. is second only to China in terms of the size of ivory markets.

Civilization is when one thinks and acts in terms of the otherness of the other.

“We may never know that, but he was certainly targeted in terms of the shooting.

There’s a paradigm with them, in terms of freedom, people playing out of the box.

Mothers Day is the No. 1 day in terms of business for the rose industry, he says.

This is a speed bump in terms of the total return that we expect from this flyby.

Beyond Thomas there are few surprises this week in terms of actives and inactives.

“I call it a battle in terms of the negotiation process and the political process.

It gives us some time to work out some things offensively in terms of consistency.

I think this is really the core thing to keep in mind in terms of work and career.

It’s a very good group in terms of there’s a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge.

The reason we’re seeing that growth is more agnostic in terms of devices,” he said.

“Everybody knows somebody who’s tied to North Korea in terms of family and history.

And that’s the purpose of the review in terms of overall risk assessment,” he said.

918408 We’ve actually had a pretty good fall camp in terms of long-term type stuff.

“But he’s a guy we have to take a look at this week in terms of what he can give us.

“As you know, the Philippines has been performing very well in terms of food safety.

But in terms of how he applies things, I think he’s one of the best in the business.”

“It’s in the shadow of government in terms of D.C. but it’s like a neglected partner.

But it’s always worth looking at these things in terms of power, and access to power.

It just wasn’t their night in terms of moving their feet and getting their hands up.”

Americans by habit think in terms of individual responsibility rather than collective.

When we think of ‘the man’ and ‘the boy’ we tend to think in terms of the perpetrator.

Dolezal said she also related to Jenner’s story in terms of her own sexual preference.

So that was quite a change in terms of the strategies of each of those groups of fish.

But in fact in terms of war in the territory, they are beginning to feel the pressure.”

There are also good prospects for cooperation in terms of military exercises,” he said.

That must be another frightening prospect in terms of the state of the Russian economy.

It’s also offered special deals that have undercut its competitors in terms of pricing.

214052 Even the SoFS role is currently limited in terms of how far you could scale out.

I think our features are better, in terms of what we built with the community, he said.

327051 I found myself in good form with the bat and in a good place in terms of my game.

So, the ESL student has advantages in terms of referencing language to learn a language.

795800 These figures show that the NHS is a real success story in terms of sex equality.

You know very well that I am very healthy in terms of mental and in terms of psychology.

The 12.9-inch (diagonal) screen is brilliant, both in terms of illumination and quality.

Is it true you don’t understand the Maverick software in terms of how it extracts data?”

You want to keep the number very small in terms of who knows about possible extraditions.

“The Chinese stock market is very important if you look at it in terms of aggregate size.

Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil company in terms of crude production and exports.

“We’ll continue to learn from each other and grow in terms of our respect for each other.

Jiayuan’s mobile app also ranked first in terms of brand awareness and downloads in 2014.

He told BBC News: “I guess we got little lucky in terms of being there at the right time.

Which universities provide what they want in terms of course, cost, location and ambience?

Phil is quite like my old man in terms of his strong connection with his immediate family.

“It’s not an argument for keeping something, that’s just where we are in terms of opinion.

“And this law makes California the national leader in terms of the data it is collecting.”

878345 Ultimately this is a decision in terms of ownership that is a board-level decision.

“The slope of the line is up and to the right in terms of our operating margin,” she said.

When we think of the world, we still think mostly in terms of the states that comprise it.

Do your research in terms of weather and temperature so you’re not packing the wrong gear.

This has resulted in council failing to meet expected targets in terms of service delivery.

Second, fiscal policy must be effective in terms of raising the level of economic activity.

Instead, the monk, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero, talks of his Buddhism in terms of race.

It was pretty specific in terms of time and place, university spokesman Jeremy Manier said.

It was a very good day, at least in terms of the running we managed to do, said Hulkenberg.

“So however long that lasts, in terms of the consequences, she is prepared to accept them.”

It’s delivering in its promise in terms of economics, and passengers like it, he tells CNN.

Modern aircraft pilots are assisted by computers in terms of efficient and effective flight.

299688 His great-uncle Daddy C, who lived near Goose Creek, saw everything in terms of race.

Russ is right up there with Brady in terms of global popularity, especially with the ladies.

The people of the channel have suffered for too long in terms of the pollution, the flooding.

651304 Strictly speaking, this is a test for the very existence of the EU in terms of energy.

Of course, a big question right now is how the two services will compare in terms of content.

In the meantime, the government has made some reactionary moves in terms of Internet freedoMs.
California is doing well in terms of resources, despite a pair of massive blazes in the north.

The U.S. ranks 42nd in income inequality and 16th in terms of wealth held by the top 1 percent.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do as a country in terms of sparking that interest,” Courtney said.

“Unfortunately Turkey was left alone by the international community in terms of burden sharing.

“It was hard fought definitely, but in terms of the process I think the matter has moved along.

But in terms of the short game and the chipping, of course it is always surprising to see that.

“Their defense was really good in the first half in terms of limiting our threes,” Redick said.

828264 They did us a favor as well in terms of the league table, but it shows what they can do.”

49154 And in terms of the sector where the majority of emissions come from, it’s transportation.

I don’t think accuracy was the point, it’s more of a blanket policy designed in terms of impact.

Google is a lobbying powerhouse The search company is making inroads in terms of sheer influence.

That will put him near the bottom of the Big Ten in terms of overall football coach compensation.

129142 But it puts us in a far better place in terms of insight and access than we have today.”””

I wouldn’t force this on a church, but in terms of her responsibility I think she has to comply.”

259247 Hasbro’s line was perhaps the most comprehensive in terms of its association with the film.

335330 I have absolutely no reservations in terms of rolling this vaccine out,”” he told Reuters.”

The aboriginal population still are lagging behind the population in terms of turnout, Adams said.

“There’s going to be very minimal increase in terms of allocation or access from outside of Canada.

It could also be a game-changer for Infiniti in terms of volume sales if it is as good as it looks.

We don’t think this will have an impact on unity in terms of inside the negotiating room, she said.

North Dakota rig count drops No. 2 oil producer in the middle of the pack in terms of rig declines.

He said: “It unlocked so many doors for me in terms of going to university and visiting new places.

It’s time to start measuring value in terms of years — or the next decade — not just next quarter.

In every measure, the profession has suspended its faculties in terms of observing ethical practice.

We are really encouraged by the results of that experiment in terms of how it moves the games along.

Africa has really come into its own in terms of filmmaking on an international level,” Onyango said.

“It would have had a big knock-on effect in terms of the attendance had we not re-arranged the date.

They’ve got financial challenges, logistical challenges in terms of education for kids and what not.

“But you can see the thinking behind it, in terms of needing the sixth bowler without Joe Root there.

It would follow that it would put it into a very different feel in terms of operation of the vehicle.

It will take a lot of services, in terms of not just water, sewer, etc, but also people to manage it.

So it’s a case of making the right clothing choice in terms of waterproof, breathable, warm clothing.

DB pensions are valued in terms of a predetermined benefit calculation enshrined in the scheme rules.

But in Canada’s Arctic, prices are rising in terms of bullets, ammunition and Ski-Doos, the equipment.

“We are interested in knowing how the competition was scored in terms of price and risk,” Boeing said.

The Bank was also the sixth in terms of general obligations, which increased by 8.1% to 228.6 bln AMD.

Fifty-nine percent of those internships are unpaid, and 30 percent offer nothing in terms of training.

However, I am confident that Nintendo has an ace up their sleeves as they did with the 3DS to get it back on the right track in terms of sales.

Acquisition of a servitude may also occur, in terms of the Prescription Act, by acquisitive prescription.

They were replies to various postings and appear to have been cast adrift in terms of their meaning.

The official press agency TASS accused Reagan of “thinking only in terms of confrontation and bellicose, lunatic anti-communism”.

Historians can ‘explain’ the wars of pre-capitalist days, in terms of the aggrandisement of monarchs and nations.

Currently visual agnosias are commonly explained in terms of cognitive models of object recognition or identification.

The results of China’s agricultural policies in terms of output have been mixed.

She’s essentially an all-rounder in terms of abilities.