1- BBC wins right to control satellite viewing fees.

2- BBC staff were striking over recently announced job cuts.

3- BBC Radio 1 has provided backstage radio coverage since 2008.

4- The BBC still screens edited highlights each night.

5- BBC commentary is much easier for fans to access.

6- BBC introducing is something we support and respect.

7- BBC did a really stupid move ending the series .

8- BBC really are going from bad to worse.

9- The BBC radio services began in 1922.

10- The BBC needs stronger managing and less governing.

11- Our brainstorming BBC experts solve gardening problems large and small.

12- A BBC sitcom version was spun off in 2002.

13- The BBC retained coverage from 2009 onwards.

14- The BBC television service used the flying spot method until 1935.

15- BBC Parliament often broadcasts its own original programmes.

16- The series has subsequently been repeated on BBC 7.

17- The BBC last night promised a full investigation.

18- An "orthodox" BBC production was televised in 1981.

19- It has since been repeated on BBC 7.

20- The BBC had four national stations and 32 locals.

21- The BBC is a public school boy circle jerk.

22- The BBC very rarely make anything worth watching.

23- Totally legit footage made by BBC themselves .

24- Only 33 % tonight according to BBC .

25- I fully support shutting the BBC down .

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