1- CNN coverage showed significant tree damage near downtown.

2- CNN reported that one person aboard suffered minor injuries.

3- CNN put its own boats alongside the ship .

4- CNN has an article today about polar bears .

5- CNN usually has nothing meaningful to say .

6- CNN reported the operation is the largest maritime salvage mission ever .

7- CNN cares too much about the facts.

8- CNN does have a skip navigation link.

9- I sometimes watch CNN for breaking news coverage.

10- The forum was broadcast live on CNN .

11- Another promising technology for CNN processors is nanotechnology.

12- Some researchers are developed their own custom analog CNN processors.

13- A similar story was reported by CNN .

14- Weird weather has become a CNN staple .

15- CNN 's entire relevance has been questionable in recent years.

16- In 1990, CNN redefined network news.

17- Other researchers are investigating different, potentially more robust CNN architectures.

18- Kudos to CNN for doing real investigative journalism.

19- There is a CNN clip showing the real ammo.

20- The site crashed when CNN tested it yesterday.

21- The CNN correspondent has been known for occasionally stepping into controversy.

22- I watched the mine rescue operation live on CNN .

23- CNN "Egypt to announce new working constitution.

24- Funding decreased from conservative political organizations following this CNN incident.

25- CNN processors have been proven versatile enough for some control functions.

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