1- In Japan, up until recently, marriages were customarily arranged by a special matchmaker.

2- We would like to report about the latest trends in Japan.

3- There are no easy answers to the land problem in Japan.

4- Which is larger, Japan or Britain?

5- We don't have polygamy in Japan, dear.

6- The President of the United States is now in Japan.

7- About percent of the firms in Japan have acknowledged the necessity of giving their workers longer holidays, and think summer holidays are needed to give their workers both mental and physical refreshment.

8- In Japan, school starts in April.

9- The people who live in Japan must act according to the Japanese country constitution.

10- The port of Onomichi, Japan opened in 1168 and served as a rice shipment center for over 500 years.

11- Where did you go to in Japan?

12- Japan's problem has been that she has continued to view international relations as an extension of her hierarchical interpersonal relations at home.

13- There are holidays in Japan to honor children who are three, five, and seven years old.

14- Japan will need more labor to cope with its declining birthrate.

15- In Japan, company aims come before personal goals.

16- EldadApproximately 1,000 new soft drinks are launched in Japan every year, of which only a small number survive.

17- He arrived in Japan yesterday.

18- As far housing goes, it is very poor in Japan.

19- Thailand was allied with Japan during World War Two, but became a U.

20- S.

21- ally following the conflict.

22- It is difficult to catch up with Japan in the production of cars.

23- Japan consists of four major islands and over , small islands, and is about equal to California in area.

24- Japan's foreign direct investment reached $ billion last year.

25- There was a devastating earthquake in Kobe, Japan a few years ago.

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