1- Genetic engineering May someday allow scientists to isolate and treat specific genes responsible for a variety of illnesses.

2- He May have missed the last train.

3- He is over $5,000 in debt, and May have to declare bankruptcy.

4- As a language learner, you May sometimes need to supplement the work done in the classroom with material you have gathered which is relevant to your specific language goals.

5- The magnitude of the damage is unknown at this time, but experts fear it May cost in the millions of pounds.

6- There is a growing movement to try to draft the popular Mayor to run for governor.

7- He May change his mind later.

8- You May have a slight fever.

9- In May 2005, a Sherpa guide broke his own record and scaled Mount Everest for the fifteenth time.

10- scanH.

11- L.

12- Mencken once said that our conscience is the inner voice which warns us that someone May be looking.

13- Police fear more casualties May be found when firemen are able to get into the rest of the burning building.

14- The police are asking for help from anyone who has evidence which May be material to the murder investigation.

15- mathematicsPunishment May be considered an effective technique for suppressing undesirable behavior in principle.

16- Scientists say an AIDS vaccine May be ready within the next few years.

17- The Mayor will compromise to a certain extent.

18- Whenever she May come, I am ready to welcome her.

19- I like this coat.

20- May I try it on?

21- Morris Bergman once suggested that the current collapse of industrial society May well be the planet's way of avoiding a larger death.

22- Tanks and planes May defeat the troops but they cannot conquer the people.

23- The very graphic violence in the film May be disturbing to some viewers.

24- May all my dreams come true.

25- In May of 1990, Renoir's painting "At the Moulin de la Gallette" sold for $78.

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