1- Monday flee market 6am to 6pm.

2- Monday saw two male workers shot dead .

3- Baghdad airport is shut down until Monday .

4- The port has been closed since Monday .

5- The punishment was announced Monday without disclosing details .

6- Monday began with yet another blaze of sunshine.

7- Monday nights were open house at our home.

8- Monday night used to be games night.

9- Monday started off slow but finished up much better.

10- Monday night hundreds gathered to share their camp memories .

11- Monday morning it was still swollen and shut.

12- Shares jumped 3 percent before the opening bell Monday .

13- Her column usually appears on alternate Mondays .

14- I found half priced grocery stores on Monday .

15- Her seven days begin on Monday night.

16- Report cards are going home on Monday .

17- Monday morning I put together a resume.

18- But Monday had been different in several ways.

19- The group meets weekly on Monday evenings.

20- There were signs of rising hostilities Monday evening.

21- A second team worked Monday mornings to assemble 650 boxes.

22- The weekly release is posted on Monday .

23- The rain had subsided by Monday evening.

24- Monday 16 December 1918 was polling day.

25- The bill was made final later that Monday morning.

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