1- After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Drake exposed abuses at the NSA.

2- He left the NSA to work in another company in Japan.

3- I am still working for the NSA right now,"" Snowden announced."

4- On a more personal level, the big NSA leak has also affected his family.

5- The AC360 Later panel debates the impact that NSA spying really has on terrorism.

6- The idea of the NSA having its eyes and hands all over you? 7.06.

7- There is naturally suspicion that the NSA has in fact cracked Tor.

8- There's a real business cost on top of the civil liberties cost' of the NSA data collection.

9- Why didn't they just petition the NSA, they probably already have them somewhere on file there.

10- You don't go to China and Russia about issues with the NSA.

11- 7 hours Tech The National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters building in Fort Meade, Maryland.

12- A former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, was charged with leaking to journalists but received asylum in Russia.

13- A recruitment drive by the CIA, NSA or MI6?

14- A spokeswoman for the NSA declined to comment Tuesday on the NBC report.

15- All attempts to play down the NSA scandal have failed.

16- Although Obama is calling for changes among US spy agencies, he defended the NSA's mass collection of phone records.

17- Among the people he contacted, Snowden said, was the NSA's general counsel office.

18- An NSA spokeswoman declined to comment.

19- And it would have increased transparency around the NSA's requests for user information from technology companies.

20- Apple, complicit with the NSA, added it.

21- As a consultant on how the NSA works he is very useful, he was quoted as saying in Novaya Gazeta.

22- As at the NSA, "normalcy" will be restored.

23- At the end of the day, the average American sees radical Islam as a threat, much greater than the NSA, he said.

24- Biggest losers: Rand Paul and Chris Christie for their bitter clash over NSA surveillance and terrorism.

25- Bloomberg even reported that NSA did know and had been exploiting the mistake in encryption.

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