1- The people of Quebec have twice rejected independence for their province in referendums.

2- Quebec refused to ratify the Constitution of Canada, saying the document did not recognize the province's unique status within confederation.

3- In Quebec City, we could buy olives that were packed in oil instead of in salt water.

4- The political situation in Quebec is quite complicated and difficult to understand.

5- The province of Quebec has elected a separatist government which hopes to lead the province out of Canada.

6- At the Carnaval du Quebec, people sculpt different shapes and forms out of snow and ice.

7- Concern for French-language protection and promotion is widespread in the province of Quebec.

8- In May of 1980, the province of Quebec voted against a proposal to negotiate independence from Canada.

9- The Parti Quebecois is a nationalist organization which is working to achieve independence for Quebec.

10- Joanna was unmotivated, so she didn't learn much French while she lived in Quebec.

11- The cultivation of tobacco is an important source of income for many farms in Quebec and Ontario.

12- Quebec City is one of the most alluring cities to visit in North America.

13- People in Quebec are known for voting tactically for the candidate that they expect to win the election.

14- Quebec is the world's principal maple syrup producing region.

15- The city of Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608.

16- We decided to bypass Montreal and go straight to Quebec City.

17- Baked beans are a popular dish in the province of Quebec.

18- My parents consented to let me go to Quebec on a class trip with my French class.

19- A large number of people living in the province of Quebec would like to separate from Canada, and form their own country.

20- A lot of people in Quebec wear heavy fur coats during the cold winters there.

21- The Liberal party in Canada has had a tough job selling the idea of federalism in Quebec.

22- There is a big music festival in Quebec City each summer.

23- The skin on my father-in-law's face is quite tough and coarse from his years of working outside during the cold winters and hot summers of Quebec.

24- Hydro-Quebec sells electricity generated by a series of hydroelectric dams that harness the power of the La Grande River in northern Quebec and Ontario.

25- My first impression of Quebec City was that it is a city that loves to party.

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