1- On the surface, San Diego seems like a fairly rich city, but actually there are a lot of people here who have a hard time making ends meet.

2- What is the exact distance between San Francisco and San Diego?My brother is living in San Diego.

3- The baggage tag fell off my suitcase, so it didn't get sent to San Diego with me, and actually ended up in Seattle for a few days.

4- Prices for houses in San Diego have been climbing steadily over the past few years.

5- After visiting Los Angeles, we proceeded to San Diego, where we stayed for over a week.

6- The cost of housing in San Diego is appallingly high, I can't imagine ever being able to buy a house.

7- The San Diego freeway in California has the heaviest volume of traffic in the world.

8- A San Diego court commissioner ruled on Thursday he had found no proof the device was operating at the time.

9- Body odor is among 52 criteria that officials at San Diego International Airport use to judge taxi drivers.

10- For a third year Nasrin Mani has received notification of her selection as one of San Diego's Top Doctors.

11- Goodale's extra point trimmed the San Diego State lead in half at 20-10.

12- Harvin scored on a 51-yard touchdown run in a loss to San Diego.

13- He's the story when he is challenged, as San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers did effectively at times.

14- I am very pleased to now be a Unified Port of San Diego-approved artist,' said Souza."

15- If the snake does bite someone, antivenom will be flown in from the San Diego Zoo, Dowling said.

16- I have to prove myself out there, starting on Tuesday,"" said Nuno, who is a native of San Diego."

17- In other cities, such as San Diego, the highways tend to spread out from a central spot, like a palmate More.

18- 'It was an issue a couple of weeks ago, bothered him up in San Diego.

19- Mike Hoffman, who also lives in San Diego, found another unusual application for his Nexia home system.

20- Next year's All-Star Game will be played in San Diego.

21- Officials always have heightened concerns about San Diego because of its large military population.

22- So the American League will bat last in the 2016 game at San Diego and in the 2018 game at Washington.

23- The fire is one of nine fires that broke out in San Diego on Wednesday amid a heat wave and gusty winds.

24- Using these funds, Windermere says, Bennion & Deville opened offices in the San Diego area in early 2011.

25- We're now at 25. We've had San Diego, Las Vegas and now Austin start.

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