1- Saturday racing kicked off at 11am.

2- Saturday night has been dead for years.

3- Saturday evening was the best answer possible .

4- Saturday was spent mostly grocery shopping and household stuff.

5- The clinic is held every Saturday morning.

6- My hour is actually 10pm Saturday night here.

7- Her low grade fever persisted intermittently through Saturday .

8- Please note Saturday availability is very limited.

9- This program is being organised regularly every second Saturday every month.

10- The show runs until next Saturday night.

11- A planned Saturday docking has been cancelled.

12- The inland fishing season opener starts next Saturday .

13- Both fires were under control late Saturday .

14- Saturday night was the banquet and family photographs were taken.

15- Saturday afternoon features silly comedy for all ages.

16- Saturdays are kind of a big deal here.

17- Saturday 22nd is our penultimate trading day.

18- Saturdays hours vary based on contests and practice schedules.

19- Saturday was my annual game of disc golf.

20- Saturday had been my busiest day selling bread.

21- Party packages and Saturday rentals are excluded.

22- There was a special feeling Saturday mornings.

23- My local institute also runs Saturday classes.

24- Saturday night a BBQ buffet is served.

25- And the skating bus every Saturday night.

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