1- The little girl scolded her doll for not drinking her tea at the Tea Party for all her toys.

2- Let's have a Tea Party the day after tomorrow.

3- She gave a Tea Party with the intention of introducing her daughter to her friends.

4- But that doesn't mean the establishment"" dodged some kind of Tea Party coup."

5- But the conservative anti-spending Tea Party turned that into a negative for Republicans.

6- During the race, Tea Party favorite Buck was pounded for statements that angered some gays and women.

7- He knows he's in a tough spot as a 'Tea Party darling.'

8- Nearly four in ten Tea Party members said they would definitely not support him for the GOP nod.

9- Randy, San Francisco Tea Party sore losers should stop pointing fingers at minorities who voted in the primary.

10- The Real Tom Paine The Tea Party is taking notes, I'm sure.

11- 'They're obsessed with the Tea Party tag but their caricature of Toomey wasn't true in 2010 and it's not true now.

12- ' Gohmert is a Tea Party congressman from Texas who got a relative handful of votes in challenging the speaker.

13- ' Learn more about this aspect of the Tea Party Debt Commission's recommendations by visiting FreedomWorks.

14- A similar letter signed by the Tea Party Patriots and other groups says Obama "has seized power time and again."

15- A Tea Party gun owner buys and sells to whomever they want, when they want.

16- And anyway, it's your extreme Tea Party pandering that won't even let us agree on a new Speaker of the House.'

17- And regardless of the outcome of the primary contests, Amy Kremer says the Tea Party is already victorious.

18- And the Tea Party is dogging longtime Republican lawmakers.

19- Both parties blame the gridlock on the Tea Party or the Libertarian Party.

20- Brat and his supporters in the ranks of the Tea Party were triumphant.

21- But DesJarlais' Tea Party base appeared willing to overlook his past personal problems.

22- But he lost to a second-tier Tea Party challenger.

23- But it also might be an instance in which a fit of Tea Party pique actually winds up helping everyday American workers.

24- But it was touted by Tea Party officials as a long-awaited victory against the Washington establishment.

25- But now the Tea Party Republican has White House ambitions.

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