1- Tennessee Williams once said, "We're all of us guinea pigs in the laboratory of God, and Humanity is just a work in progress.

2- "In March of 1925, the state of Tennessee banned the teaching of evolution in schools.

3- Tennessee Ernie Ford once remarked, "Do you want to be successful? Nurture your talent.

4- "In 1925, John T.

5- Scopes was convicted and fined for teaching evolution in a public school in Tennessee.

6- He replaced Griffin early in a September game against Tennessee when Griffin suffered an ankle injury.

7- I had a great time in Tennessee (as always), though now I'm in the market for some slightly larger pants.

8- In 1796, Tennessee joined the United States as the 16th state.

9- In 2011, Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt shared the award with Duke men's coach Mike Krzyzewski.

10- In Kentucky and Tennessee, forecasters warned of possible flooding as rain fell on frozen ground.

11- In Linden, Tennessee, Tony Goodwin ducked into a storm shelter with seven others as the storm passed.

12- King was shot to death standing on a balcony of the Memphis, Tennessee, motel on April 4, 1968.

13- Like Pennsylvania, deer in Tennessee give birth in mid to late spring, so this doe looks right on schedule.

14- US 641 Tennessee State Line KY 348 Benton.

15- Rob Kinnan, USA TODAY Sports IN: Donnie Tyndall to replace Cuonzo Martin at Tennessee.

16- She was an approved 55 ALIVE (AARP) instructor and served as a Trainer for West Tennessee new instructors.

17- The induction will take place later this year at the museum's annual medallion ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.

18- The line will go from southeast of Guymon to Tennessee.

19- 11. Tennessee Should consider trading up for: Khalil Mack.

20- 12 photos: Deadly shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee An officer patrols the parking lot of the recruitment center.

21- 2. The Mississippi Delta's unofficial capital is in Tennessee.

22- A general view of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee February 14, 2014.

23- A photo released by the Knox County Sheriff's office is the booking photo of Tennessee linebacker A.J. Johnson.

24- After all, they are both blond singer-songwriters from East Tennessee who grew up on gospel and mountain music.

25- After playing at Tennessee two straight seasons, the Lady Vols are scheduled to play in South Bend again next year.

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