1- Tuesday nights were available for special events.

2- His fever has stayed under control without medication since Tuesday .

3- On Tuesdays special prayers are being conducted.

4- He has been suspended until next Tuesday .

5- A final vote was expected later Tuesday .

6- The plan approved Tuesday requires parliamentary approval .

7- The world had been sad since Tuesday .

8- Tuesday morning we gathered early for meditation.

9- Tuesday night the wind started picking up.

10- Tuesday is usually burger and chips day.

11- Tuesday 26th was a slightly better day.

12- Tuesdays are dedicated to jobs in education.

13- Tuesday was long a target date for both programs.

14- Tuesday is lucky for soldiers in battle.

15- Tuesday's game was longer and more painful.

16- The robbing incident happened on Tuesday morning.

17- The conference dinner is on Tuesday evening.

18- The letter was made available on Tuesday .

19- The latest release is expected to begin Tuesday .

20- The 3 roses you shipped Tuesday arrived today.

21- Her body was found on Tuesday night.

22- We worked hard again on Tuesday morning.

23- More than 100 were arrested Tuesday night.

24- I knew this moment was coming since last Tuesday .

25- I have been experiencing flu symptoms since Tuesday .

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