1- Garbage removal takes place every Wednesday morning.

2- renderEarly on Wednesday morning, players at last tweeted photos of a plow starting to clear the road.

3- Our future in this world is dependent on God,"" worshiper Gavriel Cohen said Wednesday morning."

4- The earliest a decision is expected on that motion is Wednesday morning, her attorney tells CBS News.

5- 'Hopefully it'll turn up someway somehow,' Gilligham of Gillingham Construction said Wednesday morning.

6- 'It feels like somebody is shoving a knife in your side,'' Lindstrom said at his locker Wednesday morning.

7- 'The Wildrose Party will soldier on,' said Dave Yager, who spoke with CBC's Edmonton AM on Wednesday morning.

8- 5 hours News An alligator showed up at Beck Junior High on Wednesday morning.

9- A bay door was blown in at the Edgard fire station across the Mississippi River Wednesday morning.

10- A blizzard warning remains in effect in some parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts through early Wednesday morning.

11- A Marysville police spokesman said the 18-year-old men were caught Wednesday morning as they were stealing electronics.

12- A news conference is scheduled for late Wednesday morning to detail the future of the plant.

13- A news conference with Peterson was scheduled for Wednesday morning.

14- A reporter and a cameraman were fatally shot during a live interview outside a shopping mall Wednesday morning.

15- A sixth pedestrian was struck Wednesday morning.

16- A two-day release of 10.5 cubic feet per second will be started Monday morning and continue through Wednesday morning.

17- AAA Michigan got at least 1,100 calls for service Wednesday morning.

18- About a dozen fires were first detected on Wednesday morning along a one-kilometre section of the Hastings Creek trail.

19- Air raid sirens wailed in southern Israeli cities Wednesday morning warning of incoming rockets from Gaza.

20- Al Roker takes forecast to Slidell Wednesday morning for..

21- An Indian police official said the woman boarded a flight home Wednesday morning.

22- An update on his condition wasn't immediately available Wednesday morning.

23- And some of the increases will be even more, according a list of examples released on Wednesday morning.

24- And Wednesday morning Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the floor of the chamber to criticize Cheney.

25- Around 40 flights due to land in Frankfurt or Munich on Wednesday morning (02.04.2014) had to be cancelled.

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