1- Should World War III come about, there would be no winners at all.

2- The teacher said that World War II broke out in .

3- He was a hero of the African campaign in World War II.

4- She made references to World War II in her speech.

5- It has been almost years since World War II ended.

6- Father told me that World War II ended in .

7- Many soldiers were killed in World War II.

8- During World War I, the American President's wife grazed sheep on the front lawn of the White House.

9- The next year, World War I broke out.

10- The German army under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel achieved remarkable victories in the African campaign during World War II.

11- We became Americanized after World War II.

12- I am writing a thesis about international disputes after World War II.

13- When did World War II break out?

14- British fighter pilot Johnnie Johnson flew more than 1,000 missions during World War II and shot down 38 enemy aircraft.

15- Tamori was born in , that is, when World War II ended.

16- World War II ended in .

17- During World War II, Germany launched over 1,100 V-2 missiles against Great Britain, causing terrible damage.

18- World War II came to an end in the th year of the Showa era.

19- My grandfather was killed in World War II.

20- In April of 1922, a conference began to discuss the reconstruction of Europe after World War I.

21- recoverWorld War II was carried on until .

22- They had been in the States until the end of World War II.

23- After World War II, the couple moved their young family to help displaced people in Europe.

24- Before World War I, many people thought that there would never again be war in Europe."

25- Boeckwitz native Willi Schuette was 13 when the town was first divided after World War II.

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